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That Damn Spoon - Death Note

by saurgristiel

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Light reflects on L. If you squint, it could be Light x L. Mention of a character’s death. Light’s P.O.V. 330 words.


Title: That Damn Spoon

Author: saurgristiel
Spoilers: Ep. 25/26
Rating: G
Pairing: If you squint, it could be Light x L
Summary: Light reflects on L.

Notes: Mention of a character's death. Light's P.O.V. 330 words.


The spoon dropped.

L always loved sugar. That's all he ate: sugary things. He said it was why he was so smart.

But all that came to an end when my plan killed the best sparring partner I had ever had. He was in my way…

That day has haunted me. Like L is still with me…

Maybe he was even my friend... He had said that I was his friend. At the time, I didn't really believe him. But now that I look back on it… I think he was my friend too…

And I wonder, even all these years later, did I pass his test? Of course, as he looked up at me, taking his last breaths, I could tell he had figured it out. Something in his dark orbs said, “I knew it… but…”

But we were friends.

But before that. Before Rem killed Watari. Did he know I was Kira? Did his strange foot massage tell him anything?

Those questions have bothered me these past years. Did he believe I wasn't Kira, and it was a look of, “I should have known… that you'd betray me…” or did he know I was Kira when the notebook came into his “possession”?

He looked so lost on the rooftop in the rain, But was he as good as I am at putting on a fake front? Was he trying to get me to betray myself? Or as he really, truly depressed that things had not gone the way he thought they would?

Maybe it was a relief when he died, that his suspicions had been confirmed… Did he know, somehow, that his days were numbered? Every case he had worked on before had been dangerous; he probably could have been killed by anyone…

Now we'll never know…

But it was me… I had finally found someone as smart and as intelligent as I am… And I killed him…

I think… I think I miss him…

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