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The Persistence Of Loss

by liasonswithlions

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Everyone has seen this girl, or one so similar to her. Only one person knows this girl, and there can be only one person for each of the ones so similar to her.

She has skin like silk



The best of mark leavers


Make the prettiest patterns.





Like a chameleon


You never know just what color she'll shine


But you know she'll shine outright.





A pool as fathomless as the sea


The color of honey in sunlight


If you look just right, you can get lost.





She holds herself a fighter


Talks like a general


Scowls like a dictator.





She hides behind that smile


She hides in her own laughter


Hides from most everyone


Behind a cheery disposition.





Behind that paper thin smile


Behind the shallowest of her laughs


She hides in the darkness





Nurses wounds most couldn't bear


Carries them with her


Won't let them heal.





“The persistence of loss is a teacher.”


“If I let them go away, I'll forget what they taught me.”


“If I stitch them up and stop letting them bleed, I'll die hollow.”





Behind that fighter's stance


Behind her confident words


Behind that face that warns you you're in trouble





She gathers her gloom


To feed her


To drive her


To break her.





But in that darkness


There's always another



Another that learned from the persistence of loss.




Another that's afraid to let wounds heal


For fear of forgetting how they got them.





And that


Is the creature


That can make her


Or break her.

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