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Lunar Mirror - Prologue

by Yukai

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Romance, Series

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A story about my good friend Hannah and me, Yukai. Considering she is his/my number one 'fan', this is dedicated to her. Will be continued from this in a fully fleshed-out novella.

Lunar Mirror - Prologue

He was later than usual.

Her gaze slowly searched over the barren deck, seats open to any who wished to order a place. A near silence hung as no one walked down the street, and those currently working within the restaurant had nothing better to do. After all, it was nearing the later hours--a time when everyone would want to be inside and away from the troubles of the natural world. So instead she found herself seated alone, waiting for the man of her dreams--someone she had met not too long ago and had already fallen deeply for. He was just so... She didn’t know how to phrase the thought exactly, but he was simply everything she had wanted in a man. And yet here she was, waiting for him, as he had promised to be there almost thirty minutes ago. What was keeping him?

Running a hand through her hair, she gently scratched the base of her sky-blue fox ears. She had always worn a hat to cover them from embarrassment, having been born with them and a tail that matched in color. As a child she had been ridiculed for them and for being different, so she had feared he might choose to do the same. But he had said that there was something important he had to pass on to her, something she... may have never come across before. What he thought would make her choose to greatly dislike him. When he said that to her, she simply laughed and hugged him--admitting that would never occur, that she needed to show him something too.

Nibbling her lower lip, she slipped out of her seat and stepped off the raised platform and into the street. Pulling her jacket tighter around her shoulders, she ducked her head and slipped a cell phone from a side pocket. Having programmed him into her phone, she listened as it rang, slightly impatient.

An ear twitched as she waited, foot gently tapping against the asphalt, noting the strange robins call she could hear coming from a nearby alley. Snapping her cell shut, she turned toward where it was coming from and frowned. If he had been so close by, why didn't he come up to her...? Furrowing a brow, she brushed chocolate brown bangs from her eyes and carefully went toward the alleys opening. "Yukai?" she whispered, a moderate amount of an unknown fear and slight apprehension coloring her voice. Gaining no reply, she clenched her jaw and took another step. "Why are you over here? I was waiting for you at the restaurant."

She knew that, normally, she would have charged straight in and never look back. But this... Shaking her head once again, she took a deep breath, cleared her mind, and walked into the light that came from an overhanging lamp nearby. But what she saw caused her brain to simply stop; the fluorescent lighting suddenly seeming too bright and burning her eyes. She recognized the hair, the lithe and feminine body, but everything about him was different. And there was something trickling down his chest and into his clothing--something black.

Stifling a gasp, she rushed forward, heralding no concern for the sudden development in appearance. On his back, feathery wings sat crookedly and broken, bone jutting out. The liquid she had noticed turned out to be blood, causing her heart to clench and her stomach to briefly lurch. "Oh god, oh god..." Reaching out, she gently pressed her palm against his cheek; tearing off part of her skirt with the other. Finding his flesh to still be warm to the touch and a gentle, but fading pulse, she worked to wrap the fabric around the major points of bleeding.

"H-hannah...?" She heard him suddenly croak, voice hoarse as tears began to stream from pure white eyes. Blue fingers briefly brushed against hers as he reached to clasp her hand, the one attempting to staunch the wounds. Pausing, she entwined her fingers with his and he smiled; eyelids drooping as he held on. "You're... so kind," he murmured, wetting his lips.

"Please, don't talk," she whispered, leaning closer to gently kiss him on the lips. "Don't waste your breath. I'm... I'm going to call for the ambulance, alright?"

"N-no!" He nearly shouted, a sudden strength taking hold. But as it came, it loosened its hold; causing him to visibly droop. "I beg you, don't. The Gods only know... what they would do with me from there." If pain could register within eyes such as his, she easily imagined it settling there; tearing him apart as he tried to convey that he must not be handed over to them. She had heard about what they did to freaks--people who were different. But would they honestly?

Curling her fingers, she bit her lower lip as tears threatened. Instead, she burrowed her face into his shoulders; her own shaking with the sheer emotion that begged to be released. "You'll be alright, yeah?" She sniffed, an ear folding when he didn't say anything for a moment.

"Truly? I... I'm sorry," he said, only causing worry to further bring acid into her throat. "You'll find someone--someone... perfect for you," he smiled, a harsh fit of coughing racking his body. Once he settled and her arms were firmly locked around him, he continued. "I know you will. The gods... the gods ordained that you would."

Pressing his lips softly against her forehead, he leaned back and away; leaning against the wall. Crying silently, she removed her face from his shoulder long enough to look him over again. A slight smile curved the corners of his lips, reaching his eyes, making him look truly happy. Removing an arm and gently touching the corner of his mouth, she swallowed as he sighed; then breathed no more.

Hands clenching, she burrowed again and sobbed; a pitiful howl emitting from the midst of her chest. She tried to let go, to leave him there and return to bury him... but she simply couldn't. Her body wouldn't let her, her heart refused to unclench, and her mind. It warred with itself, trying to come to terms with his sudden death. They had known each other for such a short time, yet it seemed like they had been together since the beginning of time. He was perfect for her... why was he being taken away!?

Drawing back, she let off another cry of anguish; listening to its echo. She would always love him...

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