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The Works of My Imagination

by Artemis19

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Just random drabble. Might include these excerpts in later stories >.>


Vampire: I lurk in the shadows...watching...waiting for the moment to strike. The memory of my past...the taste of blood...what I do to live...the parasitic ways of my life haunts me for eternity. I wish in vain for death, but alas, I am truly immortal, for my only death is deprivation of blood, feeding, but my dark half, the thirst, will never allow that, it always takes over...

Existence without life: I feel the pain surging, my eyes widen in fear I wish for it all to end, yet I know it is futile, you can not take away something you never had: a life. I remember the days when I aged, when I lived, breathed, needed sustenance. I loathe those days of past weakness. Despite the pain, I love my true immortality; the only way I can be destroyed is if someone destroys every last thread of my existence, which no one has been able to do before. I grow stronger with each passing moment, this strength would normally destroy any living creature, but alas I am not living. I still exist in humanoid form, the only form in which my kind can walk on the mortal plane and be considered intelligent enough for the human race to keep alive with all their might. I scoff their truly primitive ways, what is considered inhumane is very much humane because only humans do those things! As the surge of pain passes, I roam the world once again in my quest to eradicate my two weaknesses: the pain of not having life and the pain brought on from being in the presence of life, the latter so that my friends do not feel guilty from paining me, as is the first law of alchemy, to obtain you must first sacrifice something of equal value. But this not alchemy, this is reality and I see no reason why I should be punished for my parents' folly of cursing me...

Author's Comments

These are just two descriptions of what I think it would be like to be these races. The vampire is just my opinion, but the existence-without-life is something I made up.

An existence-without-life is someone who has died and had a strong enough will and powerful magic to hold their threads of existence together on the mortal plane. As with this theory, everyone's physical form is made up of threads that you need to walk to on the mortal plane, and each lifetime you have is dream your spirit is having. If you just use the threads then the knot where they come together gives you great pain as it is under extreme stress, so you need life to save you from the pain. Life, in this theory, is your heart, which has the knot inside and it strengthens the knot. The heart itself is very weak which leaves you weaker than you should be, in trying to sustain it. The heart loses strength with age and you lose your ability to maintain it, so you die. But if your will is strong enough and your magic is strong enough, then you can hold your threads of existence together on the mortal plane despite the incredible pain that signifies your death. It takes great strength to ignore the call to lands of the dead, and to ignore the pain of badly placed threads rubbing together, causing perpetual pain, but if you manage to do this, than you are truly immortal and can access much more powerful magic and spells without fear of dying.

If you have any questions about all that, which I'm sure you do now, leave a comment on this page and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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