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Baby Baby

by Catticus

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A little girl takes her first steps. A blurb-ish piece.

“Honey, get the camera!”

“What is it?!”

“She’s standing, she’s standing! Hurry!”

The little blonde head turns to grin toothily at her mother.

“I’ve got it” Her father crouches down beside her mother. “See if she’ll come!” He hits record.

“Come on baby! Come see Mommy!” She holds out her hands.

“Come on sweetie. Over here Tessa!”

The rest of Tessa’s body turns to meet the head. One hand lies flat, still on the coffee table.

“Gah!” She gurgles and leans forward. Her free hand goes up and her heel rises.

Slowly, she drags her foot to the next position. Her parents cheer her on. Big blue eyes widen under pale brows and Tessa realizes the work needed to continue, and the importance. She smiles again and tries the other foot.

More determined, she lifts it instead of drags. Firmly, she places it ahead of the other foot.

Now her hand. Watching it, she raises her hand toward her curls, but loses courage and puts it down. Too much wiggle.

Try again. Lift, put down. Lift a little higher? No. Now? Yes! She stands on her own, both hands raised n the air. She laughs triumphantly and falls on her bottom.

Startled, she looks at her parents, smile fading.

“It’s ok baby, try again!”

She looks at her mother quizzically, and shakes her head. No more today.

The two gather Tessa into their arms.

“Good girl. Try tomorrow, OK?”

“Let’s get a treat – to celebrate!”

Tessa brightens at the word “treat”. Maybe ice cream?

“You want some ice cream, baby?” Her father nuzzles her nose.

Tessa giggles in agreement.

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