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Cruel Arrangements

by Azuppon

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OnePiece/SanOC. The crew meet a woman due to be married to a man she doesn't know. They end up playing her game for freedome. Pre-thriller bark, post water7. Mature later on.


Peines ou Traitements Cruels Arrangements


It was a nice day.

Well, it seemed nice at least. From inside of her bedroom, staring out of the window, she couldn't see anything but the sun in the bright blue curtain of sky. She sighed, putting the brush down from her blonde locks and running a hand over them.

Azu scrunched her nose up; she hated her hair being long. But, she'd been forced to grow it. It wasn't 'proper' for a woman to cut her hair, especially as short as she wanted it. She sighed, dropping her hands into her lap and lent her head against the large window of her room. Her silver eyes lingered on the outside, before she scrunched her nose up and stood up straight.

She glanced around her room and huffed somewhat childishly. It was huge; her bed could have fit seven people, if not more. God knows what she was supposed to do with all the space! She had no friends; she was far to controlled to even be allowed outside.

Her room was white and very vast, also very boring in her eyes. In the centre of the room sat her bed, and there was a desk opposite from her. She smiled sadly. It had never been used; she wasn't allowed to read. It wasn't right for a woman to be educated like that. There was a large closet where she kept all her dresses; she hated them. Perhaps, had she not been brought up in them, she would have loved to wear such elegant things. However, she preferred to wear the shorts and a loose fitting blouse she kept hidden under her bed.

And she wanted to avoid the closet.

Her wedding dress was in there. Her eyes fell to the floor and she sighed. It was beautiful, even she could see that; but it wouldn't suit her. It was too big, too fancy and too fussy. Not to mention she didn't even want to get married in the first place. She didn't even know the man well... His name was Edward or something like that. Could have even been Jack... Or William.

Azu huffed to herself and plopped herself down onto her soft bed. She didn't care what his name was; she wouldn't marry him. He didn't love her, heck, he didn't know her. They were only marrying because of her late mother. Something to do with an old family promise or something.

The blonde sighed and rooted around under the bed for a few pieces of material until she grinned; pulling them out.

Maybe a small trip outside would do her some good.

It was a nice day.

That was for sure; at least, to the blonde. Sanji's grin grew as he nodded, yelling various answers to the navigator as she listed off what they needed from the island. The swordsman off to the side barked at him to keep his mouth shut, but the cooks' mood was far too good to even call him 'marimo'.

The captain beside him stuck his finger up his nose. He didn't want to go shopping, that was boring! He wanted to go find adventure or something, but this time, with their newly acquired bounties, Nami had insisted that he was to be accompanied at all times while on this island.

Of course, Sanji had been the first to volunteer. Anything for his angel.

Zoro scoffed; rolling his eyes as Nami yelled at the cook for not really listening to what she was saying. Really, didn't the man have any pride? Taking orders from a woman so easily. Not to mention he'd run his own foot over if Nami commanded it.

The swordsman may have disliked saying no to the navigator, mainly because he didn't want his ear yanked or his cheek pinched, but even he had his limits. And his dignity; unlike the blonde who was now sprawled out on the deck, yelling about how 'Nami-swans punches were heavenly' or something of the sort.

Luffy was just laughing at the cook, and grinned as Nami huffed and stormed off. It was pretty much a normal day for them, but the captain could almost tell there was something un-normal brewing where they couldn't see. It felt like a storm; the air felt different, and even if no one acted differently or said anything, they were all tense. Whatever it was, was going to blow through like a hurricane and devastate everything it its path.

By the time the cook had straightened himself out and was ready to leave, Luffy was harassing some of the people who populated the docks for places he could get food. Sanji groaned and yanked the rubber-mans ear before dragging him off towards the town.

It was only small, and it looked rather wholesome. The type of place you'd like to grow up in. Sanji smiled gently; biting on the end of his cigarette as he looked around the market. Luffy was already complaining he was hungry; despite being surrounded by a ton of various cooking ingredients. "Quit your complaining, shitty rubber-boy."

Luffy huffed and puffed his cheeks out. "Respect your captain!"

The blonde rolled his eyes and picked up a bulb of Garlic from a stall. He frowned as he stared it over; it wasn't really good produce. He put it down and picked up an onion that set next to it. His frown grew; it was in the same state as the garlic.

Sighing, he was about to put it back down- or shove it into Luffy's mouth if he didn't shut up, but he was suddenly knocked over. The whole place seemed to go quiet as he groaned. He'd hit his head on the ground, as whatever had knocked him over lay on top of him. They weren't heavy, that was for sure.

He moved to look up at the person, but they'd moved at the same time and they ended up banging heads. Both of them yelled and groaned as the other person recoiled and rubbed their head. It was only then that the cook noticed that it was a woman.

A very beautiful woman.

"Ah- I'm so sorry!" He said frantically, sitting up in such a way that it wouldn't push her from where she was still sprawled on him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt a woman.

She shook her head, her red lips turning up into a small smile as she removed her hand from her head. "My fault," she said briefly; pushing herself up. She frowned, almost as if forgetting something, but shook her head. "I wasn't looking where I was going."

Of course, the blonde wasn't having any of this. "No. No it was my fault."

Azu chuckled and offered a hand to help him up. He paused, before giving her a charming smile and taking her hand. Her eyes widened a little and she paused as she gulped. His hand felt so strange in hers, and it tingled her skin. She shook her head, pulling him up and quickly removing her hand. She was tempted to wipe it on her shorts to stop the tingling, but she... kind of liked it.

They were silent for a while; both staring like idiots at the ground. He was never usually shy around girls, but he felt so inferior to her. She was almost as tall as him, and her skin looked soft and like snow. He almost wanted to reach out and touch it, but he managed to control himself and not do it. She was skinny- far too skinny for his liking. She was smaller than Nami, and even he had to admit she could do with some more meat on her. However, her chest... He almost had a nose bleed and he averted his gaze to her beautiful, shining silver eyes.

He gulped as she raised an eyebrow and narrowed her eyes. She didn't like his scrutiny, but then again, she was returning it with her own. She smirked slightly as she looked him up and down. She wished she could see both his blue eyes, but she thought he'd look a little strange if he didn't have the bit of blonde hair covering his eye.

Azu shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other and cleared her throat. "It was rude of me, I'm Azu..."

The cook smiled as her voice sung through his head; Azu. Sounded like some tropical bird or something. "Sanji."

Luffy stared between them utterly confused. Usually the cook would spurt out random compliments, try and kiss her and usually get slapped in the face. However, now he seemed almost shy.

The captain blinked; appearing in front of Azu and sticking his face right up to hers. His forehead pressed against hers and he blinked a few times; wondering what was so different about this woman. Azu blushed lightly, but didn't flinch from the closeness, she just raised an eyebrow.

Behind the rubber-man, Sanji growled dangerously. How dare he...! Though, he wasn't sure if he was angrier that he was blocking the view of the wondrous angel, or whether it was due to the closeness. He didn't like it and rage boiled in his blood; rage and jealousy. He couldn't help it! She had private space and he was intruding into it.

Though secretly he wished he was the one intruding into her space.

The cook growled and grabbed the back of Luffy's shirt, yanking him away from the woman. Both Luffy and Azu were surprised; especially Azu, when Sanji started to kick the captain over the head. "Don't. Invade. People's. Personal. Space!"

Azu laughed nervously. "Um, no, it's okay really..." she mumbled, waving her hand a little. Sanji looked up at her and blinked a few times while Luffy let out a sigh of relief that the onslaught was over. He was about to relax, when the blonde male kicked him once more for good measures. "Are you sailors, or something?" She blinked. "On holiday?" She cocked her head to the side. It was true she didn't really get out much, but she knew enough to know they weren't locals.

Luffy grinned and jumped up- though remembering to stay as far away from Sanji as possible. "Nope! We're pirates!"

The pair watched as Azu's eyes grew steadily wider. They were both almost sure she'd run away, screaming for a marine or something, but instead her lips turned up into a grin. "Really now?"

Luffy narrowed his eyes. Her tone sounded much like the one Nami used whenever she wanted something. He knew well enough to be cautious, Sanji, however... Well... If she commanded him to jump off a cliff, the captain doubted Sanji would have any trouble saying no.

Azu's eyes narrowed when a pair of women walked past. They were both deep in conversation, and she felt slightly... inadequate to them. She was far too skinny and she hated it. She barely ever got to eat the things she wanted in the amounts she wanted, and while the two women weren't exactly large, they were still more filled out than her.

They both paused, feeling eyes on them, and Azu was sure for a moment she'd been caught out. Her eyes widened when they smiled shyly at the blonde, and they giggled. So that was it. She snapped her attention towards the blonde, a light frown upon her face. He was blushing quite furiously and grinning stupidly at them as they giggled again, and carried on walking. `So he's a ladies' man,' she thought dryly; folding her arms over her chest.

She knew the type; one who'd flirt shamelessly with any woman who'd listen- and even those who didn't. The love 'em and leave 'em type of person. It made her sick. Love was a commitment, not a onetime thing. She muttered a few colourful words a woman of her stature shouldn't have known, and huffed lightly. Most of the time, they weren't even fairly good looking; however, this one... She couldn't deny he was nice on the eyes. No doubt women queued up to him.

She had to remind herself that she had a fiancée, and that she was to be married the following day, but still... They were pirates. They were away off the island, away from everything.

Azu opened her mouth to ask them a question, but her eyes grew wide and she snapped her mouth shut when she heard a loud voice behind her. Luffy and Sanji who had now gotten over the two women, both snapped their attention to the yell, then to Azu who was laughing nervously and had gone as rigid as a dead cat or something.


"I-I... damn..." she muttered, pulling a face with a mix of disgust and disappointment. She turned on her feet to face the large, brown haired man. He was panting, and he looked very, very annoyed. "You were slower than usual!" She laughed loudly and backed away from him.

Luffy raised an eyebrow and frowned. He liked this woman, she was funny! If she was scared of this person, he couldn't have been very nice. Beside him, Sanji narrowed his eyes at the way Azu suddenly looked like a small child.

The man growled and grabbed Azu's wrist, before picking her up and easily slinging her over his shoulder. "Sorry about this," he muttered, looking at the two unfamiliar pirates. He rolled his eyes; no doubt they were travellers and she was trying to barter passage off the island. "Azu isn't supposed to be outside."

In a rather immature act, the woman on his shoulder hit his back and blew a raspberry at him. He sighed and rolled his eyes again at her childish ways. "Honestly, oujou-san, you should act more like a lady."

"I don't want to be a lady; I want to be put down!" She poked her tongue out and hit his back more forcefully.

It was safe to say, the two onlookers were very confused. They weren't sure if they should step in or not. If she didn't want to go then he couldn't force her, then again, there might have been a very good reason.

The man huffed, looking at the two again and ignoring Azu. "I'm sorry if she bothered you. She does it to everyone." She blew another raspberry and tried to kick him between the legs. However, he seemed used to this as he easily stopped her legs. He sighed tiredly and rubbed his forehead with his free hand.

"No... She wasn't bothering us at all..." Sanji said slowly, blinking a few times. She was a troublemaker? Luffy just laughed loudly at this; didn't Usopp also have a bad reputation when they met him?

"No, I really am sorry you don't have to defend her." He shifted her so she was easier to hold on his shoulder, and growled when she went limp- dropping her weight, and now playing dead. "Azu! Will you please cooperate, just this once?!"

"No. Can't you see it? By taking me back I... I'm... I'm going to die!"

Luffy laughed even more loudly; she was an even worse liar than Usopp, and not to mention she was just hilarious. Then again to him, a feather blowing in the wind was probably hilarious. The blonde beside him muttered at him to shut up and grabbed his cheek.

"There's a gathering tomorrow at the estate at the edge of the village, as an apology for oujou-san, please take an invitation from me." He smiled gently, and Azu suddenly stopped what she was doing.

A rather devious grin sat on her lips, though of course, no one could see it. They were pirates, and he didn't know! By inviting them to the house- where lots of rather expensive items, which pirates liked, he was pretty much freeing her. She had to bite her lip to keep herself from chuckling. All she had to do now was make sure they caused uproar; then she could escape in the panic, hide in their ship and she'd be free! It sounded like a pretty good plan too.

Luffy's eyes went wide. "Will there be food?"

"As much as you could ever want," the man smiled back, frowning slightly in confusion at Azu's sudden compliance with him.

Without even thinking to talk it through with the rest of the crew, or even thinking for five seconds it could be a marine trap, the captain agreed. With that settled, the man holding Azu smiled politely, bid his goodbye and started to traipse back towards the estate he'd mentioned to them. He was still unaware of the grin on Azu's face, Sanji and Luffy, however, were not.

"Why's she so happy now?"

The cook grinned, hearts practically coming from his eyes as he looked ready to explode. "She's happy that she's going to see me again tomorrow!"

"No. That's not it."

"Shut up!" Sanji roared, kicking the captain again, this time; back most of the way towards the ship. He started off after him but paused and looked behind him to where the man had taken Azu. He frowned lightly, deciding to shake off the strange feeling suddenly overcoming him. She was no one special, a noble woman by the looks of it, and a very skinny one too.

She probably hadn't had a decent meal in her life by the looks of her. He smiled to himself and lit another cigarette while shoving his hands into his pockets. He felt the strangest urge to want to change that, to take her back with him and cook the most amazing meal he'd ever made for her.

Sanji sighed to himself and followed after Luffy. She was far too good for him, not to mention she'd probably never look his way twice, and after tomorrow, he'd likely never see her again. The thought disturbed him more than it probably should have, but he shrugged off the new strange feeling and carried on walking.

Now they just had to convince the others it wasn't a trap. He had to see her one more time... He just had to.

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