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With The Rain

by Eternal Enigma

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Series

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"When this world began it's race was made up of two kinds of people, normal humans...and the gifted. " The story of of 3 very different girls trying to find their way through a world of secrets, war, and change. What does a girl who can manipulate fire do in a world where her gift is shunned? Can a woman condemend to evil still have a pure heart? And how will a young officer push on when she realizes her entire life is a lie?

When this world began it's race was made up of two kinds of people, normal humans...and the gifted.

The gifted are people born with the unique ability to control the elements.
However very few posses this gift, for it can only be born it the hearts of those who have experienced great sadness and loss.

Or in rare Cases, those who have a great will to protect someone or something.
For a time normal Humans and the gifted lived in peace, forming partnerships, friendships, and even falling in love...
But as all good things do, this peace came to end, abrupt and bloody.
The first great war broke out, lead by a band of un-dead humanoids known as GHOULS and their leader known only as Monica. Very little was known of these creatures, other than that they craved the gifteds powers and that they would do anything for them.
The battles that ensued to keep the GHOULS away from the villages and cities were bloody and brought in manyCasualties.
It was a time of great sadness and of great pain, no one was spared the loss of a friend or loved one.
And as humans are by nature, they needed something solid and real to blame for their pain, not just the shadowy silhouettes of once live humans.

No they needed something they could touch, something they could hurt to the magnitude they were hurting.
So they looked upon the gifted, for what was it that the GHOULS were after? None other than their powers.
And so the gifteds fault it must be.
So the gifted became the cursed and were revered with a plague like hate.
Gifted mothers were torn from their human daughters, and best friends were enemies in an instant.
Next the military stepped in, claiming the gifted, or rather the cursed, as a threat to human nature and "quarantined" them to concentration camp like reserves. Those who managed to escape confinement were forced to hide far away and start new lives, never again seeing their family or friends.
However no one, human or gifted, could have seen the effect the quarantine would have on the very shape of the world.

Now half a millennia later, the world is in a dying state.
A great percentage of the rivers have dried, taking with them the crops and causing much famine and death.

There are still some green spots, known as oasis’ but they are few and far apart.
Everyday more green leaves the earth and more death appears in it's place.
The world is once again on the verge of war, the GHOULS having recovered from their losses more than five hundred years ago.
There have been many kidnappings that are believed to be the work of the GHOULS.
These kidnappings also confirm that many of the gifted have been able to blend into society and this thought is causing wide spread hysteria, for the name of the gifted has been further be smudged over the decades so that they are thought to be something like a virus.
The military, now run by corrupted high powered officials, strongly enforces this propaganda and still keeps many gifted prisoners in dog like conditions.
But these gifted are starting to rebel and people on the outside, both gifted a human alike, are also recognizing their conditions as un-humane.

These people are known as rebels and are hunted by the military.
One of the best known rebel organizations is Red Hawk, comprised of over 1000 human and gifted rebels who hide their identity well and have staged several protests against the military.

Between the rise of the GHOULS, the threat of war, and the strong willed rebels, the world is in a state of panic.
Only time will tell what is to be it's fate.

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