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The birth of the Dragon

by MegumiTakani13

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Makai rulers' hidden agenda and a child born of demon parents A Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction I do not own the characters They belong to Mr. Yoshihiro Togashi

The birth of the Dragon

An Uncanny Idea

Hiei  sat by  Kurama's window looking quite upset. 
"Hiei you seems restless" Kurama said without looking at Hiei. Kurama is still putting his things in order. He  is assuming that Hiei could be uncomfortable in his new house. Kurama  just moved in to his new home and it's the first time Hiei had seen the place.

"What's wrong ?" Kurama asked again now turning to face hiei. Hiei remained impassive, it's as if though he does not intend to give any answers. Kurama opened his mouth again to speak when Hiei interrupted him.

" You haven't heard..." Hiei isn't asking a question, rather it is a statement.

 " Heard what?" Kurama asked looking confused

"Enki's declaration" Hiei said
" So, why would a declaration bother you in any case? Kurama asked arching his brows
" Anyway I do not  know about this declaration it's just very unlikely for you to be affected by such puny issue"
Kurama stood beside the window where his best friend is seated.

" So talk..." Kurama said while leaning on the wall.

" I'm sure you don't want to hear it" Hiei shot back.

" Of course I do... That's why you have to start taliking"

Hiei snickered " A youkai child"


" Enki ordered that every youkai should conceive a child"

Kurama's eyes snapped open " I'm listening"

" It doesn't matter if it's an immaculate means or some other ways... what is important is to conceive a child " 

" Why would he order such a thing"

" The youkai population dropped over the past centuries because of famine, wars and of course murder and to save our specie from supposed extinction  we need to produce a generation of strong youkais. " Hiei said thoughtfully.

" Come to think of it there aren't so many inhabitants in Makai, It never occured to me however that Youkais
will be in such danger"

" Unlike your ningen world where all you do is  reproduce... filling the ningenkai with disgusting humans. " Hiei
scowled. Kurama chuckled at Hiei's animosity towards humans.

" You really hate my race don't you?"

" You know I do" Hiei smirked.

" Anyways, why did that worry you again? "

" You're not listening... " Hiei looked at him dimly

" I am " Kurama smiled

" Do you really see ME fathering a child?" Hiei is now growing irate wiith Kurama's naivete.

" Oh that's why... you hate responsibility." Kurama said casually

"Kurama, you are missing the point!
Perhaps I do not want commitment but why the hell would I make a child !?!"

" To conform with the rule I suppose" Kurama said calmly.

" and I suppose you don't realize that you are covered by that rule considering you yourself is a youkai."
Hiei glared at Kurama

" I'll have a child someday... " Kurama said casually.

"With a human? " Hiei asked

" I assume" Kurama said with a sigh.

" A half youkai, half human child is no good. It has to be a full blooded youkai, must possess great
spiritual energy " hiei paused.

"hmm... that will be a complication" Kurama chuckled " So I suppose on your next visit you'll bring your child with you" Kurama teased

" Don't make me slit your throat " Hiei said obviously upset with Kurama's musing.

" Seriously, what are they going to do with the young youkais aside from their initial purpose of saving us from extinction?" Kurama inquired.

" As soon as the child is conceived, the parents or the "parent" in case one should choose immaculate means will have to give the child to the Makai authorities to be raised as warriors with exceptional powers... "

" A hidden agenda" Kurama said looking at Hiei intently

" Precisely" the smaller youkai answered back.

" So are you planning to create a child on your own ? or have you found someone to do it with? After all you do not have to raise it you just needed to conceive it. "

" The makai  will soon turn turn into a land of bastards " Hiei said seriously.


" I have always been an outcast why would my child be any different? " Hiei said deprived of any emotions.

Kurama knew how hiei lived, shunned by his own people. His very clan threw him off the glacial island  hoping that he'll die

however he managed to survive just  live a life of an outcast.

" I didn't live an honorable life as youko... we both lived as outcasts... " Kurama said dryly, perhaps he said it to symphatize with his friend.

Hiei just shrug, he closed his eyes trying to get some sleep, he wants to drop the topic already.

" Say Hiei. Do you want us to create a child together? " Kurama said casually as if he is just asking Hiei the smallest favor.

Hiei almost fell out the window when he heard Kurama's suggestion " What the hell are you saying!"

" We could create the child using our combined energy right?" Kurama sounded rather excited.

"You fool! you think this is a game?" Now hiei is really pissed off.

Kurama walk across the room and sat on his bed " Not at all a game Hiei" Kurama said seriously this time.

" They want a powerful youkai child... we'll give it to them" Kurama said

" If that kid could ransack the entire makai  of it's riches then count me in. " Hiei smirked

" Presumably" Kurama smiled back.

" Do you really think our combined life forces and spiritual energies could create a child?" Hiei asked reluctantly

" If you could make a dragon out of your spirit energy and I could grow plants from it... I see no reason why we cannot

create a child"

" Then the child will be no different from the weapons we're using." said Hiei

Kurama nodded. In a sense they are indeed just creating a weapon. A child who will carry the traits of the two demons. A child with absolute powers, but it is a weapon nonetheless.

Their motives are still unclear. Maybe they want to create the child to see how lethal their combined powers are.

Crazy! Absolutely  a crazy idea! their minds repeatedly screamed but adventurous as they are they decided to

to create a child that will have an unsurpassed powers. And be someday of use to both of them.

" Let us promise that no one will ever learn about this idea" Kurama stood up,  walk over to hiei and held out his

hand for a handshake. Hiei took it. " Believe me I do not intend to let anyone else know that we are going to have

a bastard kid  "

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