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Thank You to My Chemical Romance

by DragonAceSg7

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This is a short poem I wrote wanting to thank the band My Chemical Romance. Most of this was written before the concert I went to in April but it holds even more true after going. This band and their message saved my life and keep me going. After a bad thing recently I thought I should get this typed up and submitted somewhere. This work is all mine for a change, so copyright me. I do NOT own the band My Chem or am implying anything as such, I'm just trying to say thank you the only way I know how.

Thank You to My Chemical Romance

sometimes I feel so lost and out of time

words and thoughts are lost

but then I think how yours are mine

it is not that I take them and claim my own

just this and nothing more

your words have granted me safe home

and all things are found again


somewhere deep inside my frazzled mind

behind the broken and the cluttered thoughts

the true gem of life I find

that who I am is who I am

and nothing out there should stop me

I am not alone

I am not evil

I am not stupid

I am who I am

and you've showed me how to find me


I cannot show my thanks with colors bright

because the gift God gave was for me to write

So with bleary eyes and a body fresh from sleep

I scribble down these words so deep

there is more for me to say

but really, I should end this anyway

so I'll leave off with the best I can

thank you, My Chem, the world's greatest band

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