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Learning To Feel

by NegativeZero

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A boy who loses all his feelings realizes that emotions dont have a price when this gurl teaches him how to feel again...

Todai I bought a feeling,
That I pay for everyday,
But todai couldn't pay it,
So the feeling went away,
I was lost with no emotion,
No smile upon mai face,
No tear would ever fall,
Cuz no feelings are in place,
Then I met this gurl,
Full of laughter and joy,
She stopped to see me staring,
Wondering who was this emotionless boy ,
She smiled and sat right down,
Staring in mai eyes,
Then I saw I her crying,
And I was wondering why,
She said, " I will teach you how to feel.
To love, to cry for loss."
And then I got mai first emotion,
And it was free of cost,
I learned to smile and laugh again,
To cry and frown and feel,
And without her I wouldn't be alive,
I knew her love was real,
But through all of the endeavors,
It was her time to leave,
Then I learn the worst feeling of all,
And then I couldn't breathe,
I learned to smile to laugh again,
And now she'll never know,
With her I had just one feeling,
That I loved her so.

© 2004 TimZ

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