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tori revised and unfinished

by r0144

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history of tori from the begging

Back cover

Back cover

In a great library of pathoris, where the seers and prophets of the world

are born you find a great tablet where the first great seer carved in stone his premonition, it is said long ago they were countless gods who ruled the heavens above.

Then a dispute was bore of who ruled and a great war ignited from this came the necessity for mighty weapons to be forged. one of which was the mirror of space and time, which now lies on the hills of the land of tori.

the second, a flute which had the power to suspend time in a great sleep. And lastly, sword made of the tree of life, with a touch of its hilt may drain even a god of all its powers.

The war broke the powers at the time into three factions of gods and due to a marriage, merged what was three to two and yet due to distrust within their ranks the third faction who least seem to win, won the great war gaining possession of all three objects, but alas not all of the first faction were wiped out, one lived but was to exile and hid in a Halflings body.

Eons passed and those with power created animals and later men, who build cities and worshipped the many gods and their many faces.

Until an offspring of a lesser god schemed for power, he grew to the status of a mere seer of the gods and performed the other gods will, until he came to a higher position where he was able to procure the flute and he used it to suspend the other gods in a great sleep

He enforced his own will on the lower beings and as time past became known as the only god in the heavens. He forfeited the lives of creatures known as humans who worshiped many godswiping them out by other humans who worshiped him alone as the one true god, he then created beings more powerful than humans to fulfill his desires which he called arges.

Time passed and the Halfling was reformed many times and grew stronger every time he took a new identity. he then allied himself with some of their higher arges and with time he was able to steal the mirror which he hid where humans dwell and the great sword which he used to bring this so called god down. without power he now rest in the heavens and though he was immortal his powers were stripped, relying on his arges he was able to bring down the Halfling down to a pit lower than the lands, there the Halfling stays. Humans to date were taught that he was evil and to be feared. Because they are now alone, for many of the arges perished in the war with the Halfling.

It is not known where the sword or the flute have gone but it may dwell right here on the lands of mortals, only the Halfling know exactly where the mirror is hidden but where are the rest

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