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tori revised again

by r0144

Libraries: Adventure, Original Fiction

Published on / 1 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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revision of start to end



The Halfling played many various characters to guide you on your quest to save tori, as you learned of the story of why tori was the only surviving realm when the wave of destruction strike the many realms.

But this quest was just a rouse for the Halfling to discover the three artifacts, unable to do it for himself he created this scenario

He guided you to the original destroyer to let her out for she was a vital part of the play he orchestrated to gain the three artifacts the sword the mirror and the flute, he knew that the destroyer of the future (a descendants of the past destroyer who you freed) wanted immortality like the ancestral matriarch of his family line who gained immortality also known as the great destroyer.

The Halfling used to destroy all the realm by implanting a single idea in this destroyers mind that the mirrors would be strong enough to penetrate the barrier which protected the undying lands where heroes and great people are said to be given a chance to live in a peaceful place for the rest of eternity, this is also the place where the fountain of the gods lie, which gives immortality to anyone who drinks its waters. but the mirror shattered emitting wave after wave energy which came in three phases the first was immediate which slowly degenerated cells in anything alive and slowly killed them the second which came days later was destructive as a hurricane hitting the shores and the third which came a week later destroyed everything in sight by unbinding cells and eradicating it.

The Halfling spared tori by helping warn the high council of the destructive wave of energy being emitted from the mirror, and devising barrier creating a haven where tori lays but not too perfect that the people occupying tori would be contented being safe.

he also gave the orb to the council for them to use as a plan to fix things before dire faith could annihilate their haven

their plan was to send as many as skilled warriors to one year before and maybe gain Intel on what really happened for in this future they had no idea of what cause the destruction and maybe stop it.

during your quest you let free the destroyer of the past the and became an obligation to right your wrong the destroyer of the past was creating , her being immortal having drank from the fountain of the gods , required the sword of power in order to kill the original destroyer .

and in the end where you where u meet the tempest and was instructed how to find the would be prince of tori in the gardens. And get the opportunity to save the kingdom

however the prince impetuous natureblinded his senses, he rushed in to fight with the destroyer, making him an easy prey, and as orchestrated the prince was taken to the land of the dead, what tori people know as corinth, and later was though to be where the presence of the third artifact could be found.

but entering the land of Corinth isn't a simple task you must learn how from someone who has been there before like captain Rochester a sea ferries who is now retired and lives in tori, but wherecould he be? in narn?

Skip ahead to ending >>>>>>>

while restoring the rightful heir to the throne, you gave the artifacts to the vaults of the new kings advisor, he had it to be stored, and while you received parade by the gratefull nation of tori, people lined the street applauding for the heroes of tori, the Halfling breaks in the vault killing the guards and stealing all the artifacts making him supreme ruler for the one to hold all three will gain such immense power, he will be unstoppable.

Look out for the second edition of this book where they have to fight a true god

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