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Rich Boy, Poor girl

by magicalgirlsakura

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Basically this is what I have so far for this story



One very rich boy lives with his stubborn jackass father who hates socilising with the not so rich.
One very poor girl lives with her mother and father attends school with rich poor and some how the two end up as friends.
They finds this really odd book in rich boys house that talks about acient magic back in the old days and how a evil sorcerer was locked up in some well and the magic that stopped him was locked up in a locket.
rich boys father doesn't like his new friend and basically tells her to get lost one day, boy gets angry at father and punchs him and goes find girl, shes in forest at the ruins of some old well. boy is out looking for her in town and walks past a store with a locket in the window. It looks like the one from the book he buys it.
Finds her at the well and they sit and talk and muse over locket when they open it a breeze picks up and they go home.


Rich Boy - Axel

Poor Girl - Sabrina

Another morning another day. Sabrina pulled herself from her bed and got ready for school. Her father was already at work in town and her mother already busy baking for the market. Smells of fresh bread and savoury goods filled the house making Sabrina's tummy rumble in protest. Outside the fog lay thick over the city of Sage.

Downstairs Sabrina helped herself to yesterdays left over bread and smeared some jam on it. She picked up her books and yelled out to her mother,

“I'm off to school now, bye.”

No response so she headed out into the cool air and walked off up the road.

“Axel you'll be late time to get up.” Said a man pulling open the curtains

“Just a little longer butler James.” Moaned a boy from under a duvet.

Butler James pulled the covers off young Axel and feeling the cold he had to get up and get dressed.

“Breakfast young master.” Said Butler James uncovering food on a trolley then he left.

Axel ate his toast and starred out his window down at the fog cover city of Sage.

Yet another boring uneventful day ahead he thought picking up his books and bag and heading downstairs to the dining room.

“Morning father.” He said

“Good morning son, pleasant sleep I hope.” Said a man sitting at a very long table

“Yes father.” Said Axel “I'm off now.”

“Have a good day.”

The school yard bustled with students. Sabrina made her way inside to her locker.

“Look it's the poor girl, her cloths look worse than ever.” Stated Claire the school bitch.

She picked on everyone and everything but her main target was always Sabrina.

“Patches everywhere, messy hair. I'm surprised her parents can even afford to put her through school.”

No one else ever really found her comments laughable but a lot of students were afraid of her so they faked laugh to avoid being her next target. But there was one person in the school she never picked on because she had a mega crush on him. His name was,

“Axel you're here at last.”

Claire swooped down on him too fast for him to get away. The annoying girl clung to his arm and just about pulled him to the ground.

“When are we going on our date?” She whined

“Never I hope.” He muttered loud enough for the girl by the lockers to hear as they walked away.

Sabrina had to stifle a laugh. For the richest boy in school at least he had taste. She followed after them as they made their way to the morning classes.

The morning flew by, classes were normal, so boring. Despite this Sabrina did her best to learn. Axel on the other hand was so bored he was starring out the window the whole time. Afternoon classes of English took place in the library where they were split off into pairs.

“For this terms report you will be working in pairs. You must write a report together on something from our history, something that fascinates you and your partner.” The teacher could see everyone silently picking their partner.

“You will not be choosing your own partners. Instead they will be randomly drawn from this hat.” She pulled out a hat and everyone groaned.

The teacher began pulling names out.

“Marry and Lidia. Thomas and Lily.” And so on and so forth.

By the end only two students remained sitting in front of the teacher.

“And Axel and Sabrina you are the last pair.”

Sabrina looked at Axel and Axel looked at Sabrina. Neither had ever spoken a word to the other so this project was going to be interesting. Their teacher set them to work by telling them to look through the books in the Library.

“So where do you want to start?” Asked Sabrina

“Where ever.” Said Axel

Taking his attitude of not caring Sabrina walked off to look for books. She wanted to write something about ancient magic that use to be used all over the land years and years ago. She went through the books she could find but none of them really seemed to explain much about ancient magic.

Meanwhile Axel sat at a table doodling in his book when their teacher approached him.

“I suggest Axel that you do well on this report unless you wish to repeat the year because that is where you are heading.”

A little worried Axel grabbed his things and went to find Sabrina. She was sitting by a book case reading a book about ancient magic. Axel read over her shoulder.

“You like magic?” He asked

Sabrina jumped and turned round.

“Sorry about that.” He said

“It's ok and yes I do like magic. I find it fascinating.” She said

“Really? Me too. There's a book in my father's library that talks all about ancient magic.” Said Axel

“You have your own library.” Stated Sabrina

“Err yes; my father likes to read so he is always buying books.”

Sabrina shouldn't have been surprised Axel's family is the richest in town.

“I thought we could do our report on ancient magic. It's something from our history after all.”

“As long as we pass I don't really care what we do it on.” Said Axel

“Good then start looking through books and finding what you can about ancient magic.” Said Sabrina chucking him a book.

The two spent the rest of the afternoon taking down what little facts they could find but after awhile they started coming across the same facts in different books. The man who first came across magic, the first spells ever used, the first war caused by magic. The dates, the people were all the same but nothing of interest really jumped out. The school bell rang and most pairs had started plotting their essays but Sabrina and Axel were at a blank.

“You said your father had a book about ancient magic. Is it much different to what we've been reading?” Asked Sabrina

“Very. It talks about a powerful locket and there are a few spells and things too, rather interesting book.” He said

“Maybe we could use it.” She suggested.

Axel thought for a moment.

“What are you doing after school?”

“Nothing why?”

“Come to my place we can see if father will let us use the book.”

“Me. Come to your place.” Stated Sabrina looking down at her dirty patched cloths.

“We have to do this report don't we?”

“Well yes.” Said Sabrina

“Well come on then.”

A little unsure Sabrina left the school grounds with Axel and walked with him into the richer part of time. She felt awfully out of place and stayed close to Axel. She knew that some rich folk looked down on the less rich and she could feel their gazes as she walked.

Axel became aware of the gazes when Sabrina accidently bumped into him. She seemed shy and nervous. He went to ask her what was wrong when he noticed a few passer bys starring at them or rather starring at Sabrina.

“Ignore them, they're just self cantered.”

A few minutes later they were walking up a long drive and being greeted at the door by a maid Sabrina knew.

“Welcome home young master.” She said

“You have brought a friend home today.” She studied Sabrina

“Yes this is Sabrina. Is Father home?”

“I know who she is. He is in his study.”

Axel looked at the maid who was smiling at Sabrina who was smiling back quite friendly. Axel tugged on Sabrina's arm and she followed after him.

“You know her?” Asked Axel

“She lives down the road from me.” Explained Sabrina, “I sometimes babysit for her.”

Down some stairs and along a long hallway they stopped outside a door and Axel knocked.

“Come in.” Said the gruff voice

“It's only me father.” Said Axel to the back of man hunched over a desk

“What do you want Axel I'm busy.” The man seemed grumpy and unfriendly

“My friend and I were hoping to use your library we have to do a joint report for English.”

“Yes yes now leave me alone.” The man didn't even turn around

Axel led Sabrina from the room and took her back upstairs to the ground floor. He then led her along another hallway to another door. This door opened into a very big roomed filled with bookshelves filled with books. The library covered two rooms. Axel led her down a few rows of shelves then turned down a certain row. He stopped in front of some books and started looking for something.

“It was around here...somewhere. Ah here it is.”

He pulled out a very old worn looking book and handed it to Sabrina. On the cover it read The Art Of Ancient Magic and had a lock on it that was broken. She turned to the first page and read,

“This book and locket belong to Talen.”

She flipped to the next page which had a very detailed sketch of a locket. The next few pages spoke about the locket.

“This locket was my great great grandmothers. It was handed down to the women in my family and contains great power. It is said that the one who holds the locket holds all the power in the world and can be used to fight for good or to bring great evil on the land. Only the woman who has the locket can choose which path to follow.”

Axel looked over her shoulder at the drawings. The drawings showed the detail on the locket back and front and of the inside. He leaned over and turned the page. On it was a drawing of a girl and it was labled with a T.

“Do you think the T stands for Talen?” He asked

“Most likely.” Said Sabrina studying the image

She flipped the page again and read on,

“Ancient magic has been around for many years and until civilians learnt that they could use it against one another ancient magic was often only used by sage's. But in the 1500's it was learnt that just about anyone could master the technique of ancient magic with just a few simple words and spells.”

Axel looked through his notes from early but nowhere had he written down anything about that. Sabrina read on

“In 1514 my great great grandmother was going about her daily chores that young lady in those days did. She was washing in the well when she noticed something glinting at the bottom. She sent her bucket down and pulled it back up several times before the glinting was scooped up in her bucket. When the bucket surfaced in the bottom was a golden locket with intriguing markings. She showed the locket to her mother who said someone must have lost it down the well. No one ever claimed it so my great great grandmother kept it.”

“On one evening she was walking home and was being followed. She was attacked by 3 men who wanted the locket to sell for money. When she yelled at them to stop and let go of her a force like no other sent the men flying backwards enabling her to runaway. After that night more strange events kept occurring. She found she could do things with water and fire no human should be able to do.”

Sabrina looked up at Axel,

“The locket gave her magical powers?”

“Sounds like. Flip through and see what else there is.”

Sabrina flipped through some more pages. There were more sketches of well known and not so well known sages as well as plants and some animals. On some pages were some random little quotes that made no sense like “In this light make everything bright.” Those kinds of random things puzzled the two. Further along was more writing more about the book. Axel read it out,

“I decided to write this book in my last days a live on this earth. I have not bared a daughter of my own so this locket will be lost for years to come until it finds someone to hold it. Hopefully when the locket is found this book will be with it as it will help to explain the powers behind the locket as well as some useful tips and spells. This book also tells of some of my experience within war and the adventures I went on.”

Axel stopped reading and Sabrina flicked to the back off the book and then again through the pages.

“There was never a locket in it or with it when I first found it.” Claimed Axel

“Wonder what happened to it?” Said Sabrina more to herself then Axel

The two continued to flick through the book intrigued with Talen. They found out that when she died she was about 21 years of age. She had never been in loved and had never had children. She'd been given the locket when she was 10 years old and had learnt to harness the powers within it after her mother died of illness. Her book had numeress sketches and spells and diary entries of battles she had fought in or objects she had to collect. The two probably spent most of the afternoon reading through the book and weren't aware of how late it was until Axel's father came to find them.

“Is your friend staying for dinner?” He asked trying to find the two

“No I should be going it's late.” Came a girl's voice the man went toward the voice.

Sabrina stood and picked up her bag and followed Axel out. The meet his father halfway.

The girl was hidden by Axel and he could not see her properly.

“Axel who is your friend I do not believe I have had the pleasure of meeting this one before.” Trying to get a glimpse

Axel stepped aside,

“This is Sabrina father.”

The girl standing before him wore the school uniform indeed but it was covered in patchs and was dirty.

“Don't your maids wash your clothes.” He stated

Sabrina frowned and replied, “We don't have maids and butlers like you sir, we do things for ourselves.”

Sabrina didn't like this man he was rude and unkind and stuck up looking.

The man looked down at Sabrina She was from a poor family. Without another word the man turned on his heel.

“Perhaps it is a good thing you are not staying for dinner.” He said as he left the room

Axel was very taken aback by his father's words and the way he had spoken to Sabrina. As he walked her to the gate he apologised.

“I'm sorry for my father's behaviour.” Although he was well to aware of the way his father acted around the not so rich

“Forget it, I'm use to it.” Said Sabrina fogging it off as if it was no big deal

“Did you want to come around tomorrow to work on our report?” Asked Axel

“Tomorrow's Saturday. I have to work in the bakery until dusk.” Said Sabrina standing outside of the gate


“I can come in the afternoon on Sunday.”

“Ok see you then.” Said Axel

Sabrina waved good bye and headed off home.

From the window in the dining room Axel's father watched. He was not happy his son was socialising with a girl with no care for cleanliness and decent attire, let alone someone so...poor.

Over dinner he made it the topic of conversation.

“This girl why was she here today.”

“Her name is Sabrina and she was here because we have to do a report together for English.”

“Is that so. In that case I will have a word with your teacher to see if we can arrange another partner, someone with more standard perhaps.”

“Sabrina is the smartest girl in our class. There's nothing wrong with her.”

“Yes if you say so.”

Axel's father would not listen to anything else he had to say so he finished his dinner and went to his room. Here he picked up the book and read over it some more.

When Sabrina got home both her parents were there. The minute she walked trhough the door they asked where she had been.

“Sorry I was with a friend working on a book report at his house.”

“What friend would this be?” Asked her father

“Umm Axel Fredrickson.”

Her mother nearly fainted and her father spat out his drink. They both starred at her.

“Don't look at me like that our teacher paired us randomly we have to work together on a report.”

“But honey Axel's father is one of the richest people in town and he hates anyone who is beneth financially.” Said her mother

“Well I'm sure for a few weeks he can put up with me if it means his son will pass in school.” Snapped Sabrina grabbing some bread and making a sandwich.

She went up to her room to eat in peace and read over her notes and sketches she had taken down.

Saturday was long at the bakery. But Mrs. Robinsons bakery always bought in lots of customers so Sabrina's pay at the end of the week was fairly nice and helped her parents a great deal. It was the smells of the delicious foods that got to Sabrina. Every Saturday when she got her pay she had to resist the urge to buy something sweet and tasty. And today was no different. She finished cleaning the shop after closing and waited for Mrs. Robinsons to pay her. The old woman came out and handed her an envelope.

“There's a little bonus in there for you for working some extra shifts for me this week dear.” She said ever so kindly

“Thank you ma'am you didn't have to.” Said Sabrina

“Don't be so modest girl, go on you better get home.” Said Mrs. Robinsons unlocking the door.

Sabrina thanked the old woman once more and headed off home.

When she got through the door she kissed her father on the cheek and handed him her pay. When he opened it and went through he was surprised at the little extra there was. He watched as his daughter went about preparing leftovers for their dinner. His daughter was ever so well mannered and helpful she never once complained about the lack of money the family had. He stood up and held the extra out to his daughter.

“Here you deserve.” He said to her

“Don't be silly dad you keep you need it more than me.” Said Sabrina turning away

To kind and modest for her own good he thought. He placed the money away in the safety box and locked it away in his desk.

Earlier that day at the school

“Mr. Fredrickson how can I help?” Asked the English teacher.

“I want you to partner my son with another student.”

“What for are the two not getting on? They seemed to be doing fine the other day in class.”

“I do NOT want my son socialising with the likes of that girl.”

More aware of the situation now the English teacher continued.

“I'm sorry sir but once the names are drawn the students can not be changed.”

Mr. Fredrickson reached for his wallet.

“Money well not change my mind sir and to be fair working with Sabrina will not harm your son in fact it should help him at least gain a passing grade in English.” She said

“What do you mean by that.” Sneered Mr. Fredrickson

Stepping back a little she continued, “Axels grades in English are very bad if he does not get a A in this report he will fail English and the whole academic year and have to repeat it next year.”

A little shocked Mr. Fredrickson left the school and went home.

When he got home he called his son to his study.

“What is this about you failing English?” He asked his son

Unsure how to answer this Axel stood silently,

“I dunno I just am.”

Not turning to look at his son Mr. Fredrickson thought.

“I do not want you seeing that girl, you will do the report on your own and pass understood.”

“What. But father it's meant to be done in pairs, I'll fail even if the report is good. Besides why can't I work with Sabrina.”

“I will see to it that you pass. As for the girl she is poor and a bad influence now go and work on your report.”



Axel stormed from the room. His father was being unfair and rude. Why could he not work with her, because she was poor. How stupid and arrogant could he be. He was going to do his report with Sabrina weather his father liked it or not.

Sunday morning was the start of a new working week for Sabrina, as odd as it was. Most working weeks ended Sunday and started on Monday. But not for Sabrina. No for some reason hers ended Saturday and began Sunday. But she didn't care as long as she got paid. The morning went quick all she had to do was cook, cook and cook some more. At lunch time Mrs. Robinsons sent her on her way with a bag of donuts for her and her study partner.

Sabrina walked through the town to Axel's house. All the while she was conscious of the looks she was getting. Normally she was ok with them but that was when she was on her territory and not theirs. She got to the house and went up to the front door and knocked.

Mr. Fredrickson was waiting at the door for the girl to arrive and Axel was waiting to. When he heard the door bell ring he headed out from his room but his father was already at the door.

“Can I help you?” He said looking past her.

“I'm here to work with Axel on our report.” Said Sabrina looking past him

“Axel doesn't need you for some report so you can just go back to the box you crawled from.” With this he shut the door on her

Angered Sabrina stormed off down the drive and walked back through town. She didn't go home though she went into the woods instead. She wanted some space.

Axel stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at his father. Anger like no other spread through his body as his father turned and looked up at him and smiled.

“You pig headed jerk.” He yelled and went down the stairs

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. Sabrina is my friend and she's just like any other girl in this town.” He said coming up to his father and standing right in front of him.

“That girl is dirty, underdressed, has no money to her name and lives in a dirty old box. You should not be socialising with someone like that.” Said Mr. Fredrickson in a raised voice

“I'll socialise with whoever I bloody well choose too.” Snapped back Axel

Mr. Fredrickson grabbed his son by the wrist and shook him hard.

“Don't talk rubbish to me.”

“You're hurting me father let go.”

“Not until you say you will never see that girl again.”


Mr. Fredrickson shook harder. Axel's wrist was hurting so he tried to pull free.

“Say you won't see her! SAY IT!”


Without thinking Axel pulled back his free arm and punched his father in the nose. Mr. Fredrickson let go of his son and fell to the ground holding his nose in pain. Axel starred down at his father. The maids and butlers didn't know what to do. Some were trying hard not to laugh. Axel grabbed his bag and went to the door.

“Where are going?” His father stuttered

“To find Sabrina.”

And with that the front door slammed.

Sabrina followed the path through the forest. Who needs some rich man's son to do some stupid English report? She kicked the ground as she walked and came to a fork in the path. She didn't know where either path went so she took the left path and walked deeper into the forest. The path she had chosen wasn't used often by the look of it and eventually it sort of disappeared. Walking along in nearly knee length grass Sabrina could see sunlight filtering through the trees up ahead so she headed that way.

Axel had no idea where Sabrina lived but he did remember her saying she worked at a bakery and there was only one in town so he went to it.

“Hello dear, what can I do for you?” Asked Mrs. Robinsons as the door chime rang

“I'm looking for Sabrina.” Said Axel

“Oh well she left over an hour ago, to work on some English report.”

“I know we're meant to be doing it together but my father sent her away I need to find her.

Where does she live?” Ask Axel

“Oh err 8 Durum lane I think yes that's it.” Said Mrs. Robinsons

“Thank you ma'am.” Said Axel leaving

8 Durum Lane. Where the heck was that? Walking along the street Axel looked at all the road signs he passed but none said Durum lane.

“I need directions.” He thought

He headed towards a jewellery store and pushed the door open. As he went in a glint of gold caught his attention in the front window. He let the door close and went back outside and starred in the window. There was a golden locket sitting in the window. The design looked oddly familiar, but where had he seen it before?

“Oh I know!” Axel unzipped his bag and pulled out the book on Ancient Magic.

He flipped two a page that had a detailed sketch of the locket Talen talked about. Looking at the sketch carefully and down at the locket Axel could swear that the locket matched the sketch in the book. He put the book away and went inside to the counter.

“Excuse me. Can I have a look at that locket in the front window please?” He asked the man

“Sure.” The man picked up some keys and went over to the window and came back with the locket.

He handed it to Axel. He turned it over in his hands. It looked very old. Some of the gold had chipped or faded but the design was still visible and exactly like the sketch in the book. He tried to open it but it wouldn't open.

“I don't know why but that locket just won't open.” Said the man at the counter

Axel turned it over in his hands. Something about it just drew him to it.

“How much?”

“Well it's very old chipped losing its paint work. Ah let's say 50 gems?” Said the man

Axel pulled out his money and handed over a 50 gem bill. The man at the counter raised his eyebrows.

“Ahh from the rich part of town ay boy.” He cashed the bill and put the locket in a paper bag.

Axel didn't respond instead he took the bag and put it in his and left the store. Once outside he remembered what he had originally gone to do and went back in.

“Where's Durum Lane?”

“Go back up the street and down Ansell Street. Durum Lane is the first street you come to.”


Back outside he went up the road to where Ansell Street was. He turned and could see where the first street was. He read the sign, Durum Lane. He walked along looking at the numbers on the door, 5...6...7 and 8. He stood in front of the door. There was no front yard or gate. The door came straight out onto the road. Axel approached the door and knocked.

Sabrina came out into the sun and had to shield her eyes. As her eyes adjusted she to the light she saw she was surrounded by trees and in the middle was what looked like a stone well. She walked up to it and looked down into it leaning on the stone. Some of the stone grumbled under her weight and she quickly stepped back. Cautiously she approached and looked down again. She couldn't see a bottom and wonder if there was water in it. She picked up a stone that was at her foot and chucked it in. A few seconds then the sound of a stone hitting ground echoed back up from the well.

“Probably dried up years ago.” Thought Sabrina sitting down on the ground and leaning against the well.

She pulled out her sketch pad and started sketching.

“Can I help?” Asked a women

She had stringy brown hair and looked rather young. When the door had opened Axel was hit by delicious smells.

“I umm, am looking for Sabrina.” He said shyly

“Oh she's with a friend working on an English report.” Said the women

“Actually, she's not.”

The women starred at him blankly.

“My name is Axel, I'm Sabrina's work partner.”

“Oh my such a pleasure to met you young man. Your father is very well known in these parts.” Said the women beaming at him

“Yeah I'm sure is. So Sabrina's not here?” Asked Axel

“No sorry she was heading to your place after work. Has something happened?”

“My father might have said some stuff to her to hurt her. Now I can't find her.”

“Ah I see. Well knowing my girl she probably wanted some space and might have gone to the forest.” Said the women thinking

“The forest. Right thanks Mrs...?”

“Oh it's Angus.”

“Right thanks Mrs. Angus.”

Axel turned round and went back the way he came and headed toward the forest.

He had been walking for some time down the main road in the forest. He didn't know if he should call her name or what. How did one find someone in the forest? He soon came to a fork in the road and had to decide which way to go. Right followed the main road and left went...well it went somewhere.

“Think Axel, which way would she go for space?”

Left. Walking along in knee deep grass Axel called out her name.

“Sabrina! Hey Sabrina, you out here.”


Sabrina looked up from her sketch. Someone was calling to her.

“Over here.” She yelled back

The voice came from a head of him from the sunlight breaking through the trees. Axel walked out and shielded his eyes from the sun and saw Sabrina sitting by something. As he got closer to her he saw it was a stone well.

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