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Feeling better

by kirayasha

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Sesshomaru is sick and little Rin-chan knowsexactly what'll make him feel better. (Gift fic for Pixie)

Feeling better
By kira

For Pixie cuz she’s not feeling good right now... *huggles*


Rin put a cool little hand on his forehead and frowned. “You’re very hot, Sesshomaru-sama.”


The taiyoukai looked at her, briefly nodding. His head was pounding and he felt miserable. Since he felt too weak to do anything other than sit there, he let the eight year old fuss over him. He was horrified by the thought of not only being laid low by a simple human illness, but he was reduced to having a child look after him.

“Rin-chan knows what’ll fix it!”
He quirked his eyebrow at her.
“This!” She hugged him.
Oddly enough, he did feel better.

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