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by WepopuARK

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Idol is a charming deity that governs death and maddness on Earth. Growing bored with killing humans Idol enlists the help of lovers to aid in thier holy mission to kill.

Night fell over Norfolk and the plantations nearby. The sky was lit by stars and the moon, more elegantly than on the 4There is a deity more beautiful then any Earth bound fool. Its grace moves your soul in ways we thought only love could or would. The deity’s long and lustrous dark brown hair falls a ways below its shoulders. It has taken a humanoid form, but at last its darken wings that stretch far above its most ancient body mark it as something far more extraordinary. The pale skin that cloaks the celestial being’s inner is some of the most illustrious skin. This deity carries on with its sacred purpose, the purpose it was crafted by the hand of the creator to fulfill with the upmost commitment. In Norfolk, Virginia, there was a most hapless lover who made his living amongst the trees. Jim Lobrow had never been married. He never had spawn of his own to run amuck around town. Jim Lobrow was kissed twice in his life, and once he was kissing his dog. Alone in a small cabin, he lived out his life as a recluse.

Jim stated as he walked to his fishing spot ,"One more day, I shall toil away by casting my rod into the great blue pond. I can only hope to reel in a bride this time." It was early in the morning when Jim Lobrow set out to his familiar fishing post.

"Well if this ain’t the gosh darnest mess I ever did see! Why, that storm was uh huffing and uh puffing last night. It just picked up that tree and planted it smack right in the middle of my trail!" Jim a little irate at this point, with a heavy sign, and a clustered look express upon his face, he marched his way into the surrounding woodlands.

"Gosh darn storm, got me walking in the woodlands that ain’t got no made path!" Jim continued to rant as he tore tree limbs from his way. Jim ranted and walked till he got himself lost.

"Has this lake filled with the clearest of aqua always been here? For 20 years, ever since I was a ten year old boy. I ain’t ever seen this lake of awe before."

Jim stepped to the water’s edge. He pierced the surface with his right hand. The water was icy on his hand. Pain shot up through the entire length of his arm. His left hand crest resting his right, he gazed out to view the sparkling pristine water. "I reckon I must be lost," he muttered under his breath with just a little of sadness.

"You are not lost my dear. It was the divine winds that blew you here."

A strange voice Jim heard coming from behind him. It’s a strange voice because the voice felt just as icy on Jim’s neck, as the clear water had been on his hand. A bewildered Jim turned only to stare into the deep gaze of what had just spoken to him. The pair of eyes that stared back where eyes of the lightest blue. The lightest blue eyes, even though in the shade they glistened.

"Who are you?" Jim was both scared and amazed. His butt tightened up, and butterflies in his stomach fluttered violently. When the strange being stepped in the morning sun, its true beauty was revealed. Its skin was soft, hair swaying gently in the breeze.

"I am the one who thinks you are handsome." The look of fear once expressed on Jim’s face quickly became a wide grin.


"Oh but of course. Now what happens to be the name of the marvelous creature that stands before me?"

The being moved in on Jim and held him tightly in a hug. Due to the being’s tall height, when it was embracing Jim, Jim’s head fell on its breast.

"Muh,…my…my name is Jim Lobrow." Jim was so nervous to a point, and his legs started to shake.

"Jim Lobrow… such a fantastic name that you are blessed with." The being’s voice was low, but yet still soft. With each word you were drawn into it. The being bent its head down as Jim rose his own head up. Their lips formed a grand theater in which their tongues danced in perfect harmony. When the dancing tongues slid off one another, the being requested one thing of Jim. "You shall do me a favor Jim."

"Anything I shall do for you!" was Jim’s answer.

"Bring me a young deer as a gift."

"I will gladly fetch you a deer. May I know your name?"

With sounds unlike anything Jim has ever heard, with sounds that planted fear and wonder in your bones, the being answered Jim’s question. "You will refer to me as Idol."

Over the next few weeks, Jim visited his new lover. Each time they shared hours together. They would kiss, and lastly Jim offered some woodland critters to Idol as they seem to get the most praise. Light of the morning sun had just begun to pierce the sky when Jim Lobrow met Idol one morning. "Idol, my love, today I have brought 10 birds as tribute to you," Jim said with much zeal in his voice.

"Wonderful my dear, now I have a most pressing issue that you must address." Idol’s face became as cold as its breath, and all emotions seem to have left it. Idol’s lightest of blue sparkling eyes seemed that morning to burn a deep, passionate red. "There is a family near our meeting place here. They desire an ill will of me. You shall kill them. Slay everyone on the plantation; you will not be merciful."

Jim was taken back by such an order and a little confused. "You want me to kill everyone on the Baker plantation? Why?"

"The Bakers do not want me here."

"But, my master, there is over a 100 folks over yonder including ‘em slaves!"

"If you love me, then you shall do it. When you do, we shall marry."


  th. Mother Nature’s hands craft with a more stable hand than man. A dagger-wielding Jim crept on to the Baker plantation. He dare not make a sound as he did his dark mission. Jim couldn’t control the thoughts running through his head. An anxious heart was pounding feverously inside his chest. Breathing was quicken and deeper as he approached the slave cabins.

"A married man-I’m going to be a married man! Idol is very beautiful, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever did see. I ain’t killed no one before, but for my love I will. I love Idol. She is just…someone is coming!" Jim’s thoughts were frantic as the first victim neared.

Jim fled behind a cabin back wall. "It is just a slave and the first offering to Idol tonight. I will do anything for my love." Jim whispered to himself. A groggy slave lumbered forward. Still half asleep lurching in under the moonlight, he was unaware of who or what was around him. All he knew was that he had to expel some bad "lemonade." The slave was only just starting to awake when a hand turned his head up, by grabbing the chin. He did not even speak a word for his eyes just widened, now awake. The sharp steel ran through his throat, and in doing so it was as if the flood gates had been opened, for hot, bright blood flowed out generously from the deep cut. His assailant had vanished when his lifeless corpse hit the ground in quiet.

Jim’s heart was racing now. Scared he was no more. Fear was replaced with excitement, and dread over doing this dark deed was replaced by utter joy. Jim could feel a mystical energy fill his soul, tainting it. Jim felt young once more. He showed no mercy to those he beheaded and butchered. Jim cut his victim down only to move on to a new victim once the last one had just expired. Covered in blood, and wearing a crooked smile, he made his way to the master bedroom. There he found old Mr. Baker and his wife lying sound asleep. The bloodletting was arcane to them. Jim, standing over the bed, dripping blood on the sheets, was brimming with excitement. This night was close to a finish. Jim savored every moment right up until Mrs. Baker’s head rolled across the floor symbolizing the completion of his ominous mission.

Jim felt a surge in the sinister energy coursing throughout his whole body. He gazed out the window and up at the moon. The moon was only but a backdrop to the winged silhouette. Jim was reminded of his strong love for Idol. "Idol, I do this for you because I love you. I have never known love until now. You make me happy indeed you do. What is insanity compared to love?"

I would be insane not to do what your love calls me to do." Jim stepped to other window, and bathed in the glory of the moon. He opened the window’s two panels and enjoyed the midnight breeze. From the very depths of his tainted soul, he yelled, "I love you, Idol!"

"Come to me." The response caught Jim off guard. He stared at the winged silhouette painted atop of the moon. He was a little bewildered because the voice was soft, and smooth, as if it was spoken straight into his ear. The silhouette was quite some ways out. Jim became over zealous about the silhouette being Idol. He believed only Idol could speak to someone that far away, and make it seem as if they were but inches apart. It was with a leap of faith that Jim Lobrow fell 3 stories to his death. Jim’s blood spread across the house; his body sunk into the Earth where it laid without life.

Up from the heavens, a cool most charming voice spoke. It was still as soft as it had been earlier that night. "What a truly wonderful show. I do greatly enjoy my line of work."


Words would fail to detail the exact horror that fell over Norfolk. Bodies were found without heads or so much of them missing they could not be recognized as human. Not a living soul remained on the Baker plantation. The town was at a total loss for what would compel Jim Lobrow to commit such a gross sin. A deep-seated sense of gloom came over the people of Norfolk, Virginia. A young Shara Newhart, in fact only 19 years a woman, had been meandering in the woodlands since the discovery of the mass murder. Shara’s brother was on the Baker plantation last night. He was a highly skilled physician who was treating ill slaves. Shara’s brother was the only man she had ever truly loved. Not in the nasty kissing cousins way, she loved him as a brother. Her mother and father left for New York when she became of one year of age.

She planned on living with her brother until she and a noble youth chose to tie the knot, or that was what she had promised her now dead brother. Now alone amongst the tress of the forest, sitting on a very lonely stump, she cried. "Dry your tears, my lady. There is no need to cry any longer." The words sent an icy chill down her neck. Shara had been so distraught just a moment ago, but now it was as if the strange voice had calmed her.

When Shara raised her head to see this being who wiped her face with a feather duster, she thought to herself, "Who would wipe up tears with a feather duster?" Shara took in the sight of the perplexing being she finds herself with.

To her its skin was so wonderful. Shara could not imagine skin being so smooth, or having color so even and shining as did it.

"You shall call me Idol." Idol spoke with a slightly firm voice, but it stilled carried a calming aspect with it. Idol looked Shara in her huge hazel eyes, gave a wide enough smile that it started to show 2 pointed fangs.

"If I may be so bold as to ask you about your name Idol?" Shara asked. A current ran down her spine for she had just notice the feathers that wiped her tears came from Idol’s wings!

Idol was quick to answer her. "I never said Idol was my name. I have only spoken that you are to call me Idol. My fair lady, what is it you call yourself?"

Shara stood up straight and looked Idol in the eyes. "I’m Shara Newhart." Her voice is without a single drop of pain or grief, but her face tells a different story.

"That is a rather lovely name my dear." Idol took a few steps towards Shara and gave her what can only be called a bear hug. Immediately, Shara commenced to weep in Idol’s breast. Like a great river, the tears rolled down her high cheeks.

In an effort to comfort her, Idol wrapped its grey wings around them. When Idol spread its wings out again, the gust created blew right through Shara’s bones.

It was a blissful feeling. "I am going to show you something." Idol was still wearing its beaming smile when Shara looked into its as her own face was showing an expression of hesitation.

"You have no reason to fear me," Idol said. Somehow Idol’s icy voice cooled her down and erased her fears yet again.

"I’d be happy to go with someone as comely as you, Idol." Shara’s tears dried up partly, and her voice was close to normal. With her mood improved and now wearing a beaming smile herself, Shara allowed Idol to lead her through the woodlands. She knew not were she was heading off to.

"You’re a marvel, Idol. What are you?" As soon as Shara spoke her last word of the question, she would have swore that Idol’s sparking blue eyes had flickered to a deep and dark red.

"We are here, my fair lady." Idol move aside and took a bow.

When Shara walked forward, her lower jaw dropped in amazement at the sight before her. A lake, with the clearest water she had ever seen sat in front of her. Its edges were guarded by row after row of red ranunculeus flowers. All the flowers were in full bloom, sharing their glamour with the world. Shara figured there had to be millions of them.

"I take it you like my garden?" Idol said when walked up to Shara’s side.

Shara could not dare hide the truth. She loved the garden. "It’s all oh so wonderful! You have the clearest lake I have ever seen! And it is the middle of a large clearing. Then you have all the pretty red ranunculeus flowers all over! I love it!" Shara was completely enthralled by it all.

"When Shara is running through this garden, she looks blissful," Idol thought to itself. "Look into the middle of the lake, Shara." Turning around she saw rising up for the water was something beyond all belief. For ascending into heavens, a 60 foot replica of Shara. This replica was formed with the pure waters of the lake itself!

The sun shining above it allowed the replica to stand erect with a gold aura emitting from it. "Well, you like my work?" Idol’s voice was calm, and still just as sweet.

It did not betray its emotions. For Idol was rather pleased with itself.

"I love it! It’s the most awe-inspiring thing I’ve ever seen!" Shara was thrilled by the sight of a 60 foot shrine to her.

"You know Shara, this is nothing when compared to whom it has been molded after." Idol’s voice could not have sounded more innocent.

Shara was so delighted that her joy was transmitted through her kind voice. "That is so sweet, Idol. You have been so kind to me."

Idol had been caught off guard when Shara hugged it. So much so the replica fell back into the lake. The resulting splash caused it to rain overhead. Idol shielded Shara with its wings spread over them. They stood there staring engrossingly in each other’s eyes. In shading provided by the grey wings up top, and the soft rhythmical beating of falling raindrops around, they kissed.

When their tongues slid across one another, Shara felt as though she was the one with wings. The kiss lasted for what seems like hours. Shara Newhart’s soul was burning. She felt alive. Idol’s soft lips carefully bit down on Shara’s bottom lip. Then Idol slowly slid its lips from Shara’s mouth. The rain gave way to a rising sun. Sun rays shined brightly across Idol’s face, illuminating it.

"I never realized how truly amazing your face really is Idol." Shara’s voice was quiet and humble when she spoke. Oddly enough, when the perfect Idol smiled upon Shara, she felt a burning sensation coursing through her spine.

"You do love me, do you not my beloved Shara?" Words like magic had a strange energy tickling Shara’s insides.

"Of course I do! I love you!" Shara shouted back.

"Then you shall prove it to me." Idol’s voice grew darker and felt icier on her skin than normal, even though it remained leveled as it spoke.

Shara yelled, "Anything for you, Idol!" From the depths of Idol’s right wing, Idol’s clawed hand plucked a Mercury-colored feather. As Idol held the feather it transformed into a sliver dragger.

The dragger was sharp with a deep red hue along the blade. The handle was the same shade of grey as Idol’s wings, dark and metallic.

"If you truly do love me… then you shall take this dagger and strike it through the beating heart of a much loved mother." Thus Idol placed the dagger in Shara’s soft pale palm.

The stinging cold of the dagger forced Shara to let out a scream of agony. The sharp dagger stabbed the Earth of which it was lodged into upright.

"It’s freezing, I can’t wield it!" Shara had a few tears race down to her cheeks.

Idol placed Shara’s hand in its left claw, and with its right index claw, Idol slashed an S with an X through its center into her hand. Blood started to flow endless from the wounds. The red liquid flowed down the sides of her arms, where it took turns dripping from her elbows. With her own blood still profusely covering her hand, she reached down and grabbed the dagger as if by instinct.

"Amazing-the dagger is so warm now. Now it even feels good resting against my fingers." Shara’s face lit up like a toddler’s on Christmas morning.

"You will go now and prove your love, Shara Newhart." Idol’s voice was deeper than it had ever been before and yet more forceful as well.

Shara began her journey towards home and gave one last glance back. What she thought she saw was Idol’s eyes burning passionately red, but she quickly dismissed such notions as she knew Idol’s eyes were a pretty blue.

It had been two hours since the advent of noon when Miss Newhart strolled backed into Norfolk. The streets were near empty. Only a few poor fishermen who could not afford to take a day off remained on the streets.

Shara’s face was beaming with utter bliss. She was walking with pep in her step that would carry her home. This brand of bliss, this kind of joy that had befallen Shara was of a most affluent kind.

For Shara was in love with a perfect being. Her love for Idol filled her soul with such a fantastic feeling of ecstasy. A small group of ladies all covered in veils were headed towards Shara. There are three of them. A large fat lady in her early 50’s kept the center of the group. She wore a black dress that was obviously made for back in her heyday, since which many decades has long passed. The black dress tightly hugged each of her eight flaps of fat rolling down her sides. The short sleeves of the black dress looked as if they would rip if stretched out any more. There was a much younger lady on each side of the fat lady wearing matching black long dresses.

"Why are you so gay? This is a day of mourning. You should not be wearing a smile; your brother just was murdered last night!" the fat lady huffed.

"Well Miss Crone, I’m just too happy about my life. It is not full of regret or shallow visits from Mysterious Johnson as is your life." Shara made her voice sharp when speaking to the fat lady.

The fat lady began to scrunch her face in a bunch as the venom of Shara’s words reached her ears. "You do not dare to insult me in such a vulgar manner!? You foul whore! Causing trouble on a day of mourning you are! I will make sure this town knows of your wicked ways!" The fat lady was immeasurably enraged now and her voice only proved it.

An ominous smirk crawled across young Shara’s glowing face. "To you ladies behind this…charming lady, do you love your mother very much?" Shara’s voice was very jolly in asking that, but it was a kind of dark jolly. The same kind that made people wonder if you had gone insane.

The two found a speechless voice in their throats. A voice held hostage by shock. "Do please answer the question you two idiots."

Shara was growing impatient with the two. Somehow the daughters managed to find enough valor to answer and gave a forceful answer at that! "Of course we love our mother! We love our mother very dearly!" The two daughters said in harmony. They spoke as if they had been taught to say that together.

"And I love my daughters very much as well, whore!" Their mother chimed in.

Shara pushed forward bypassing the group of ladies. She was laughing under her breath and grinning. These last words were given to the group of ladies by Shara as she continued making her way home. "I will be seeing you tonight. Till then, I bid you a good afternoon."

Night fell over the town, just as calm would fall over your soul as you gazed into a bottomless abyss. The air was cool and crisp. There was a gentle breeze that would freeze your spine as it blew by. Black clouds hid the shining glory of the stars with their bulging mass. It was indeed a creepy night to be out alone, but that was exactly what Jhon Mcorder found himself doing. Being drunk as a skunk and sick as a dog, he wandered the alleys of Norfolk. Jhon lumbered toward what direction he thought was his house is in. The Norfolk pub had thrown Jhon out. He ran up a bill of $75, and passed out on a table. This was after Jhon tried to have a brawl with just about every patron in the pub. "My tar harts! I must be drunken mor then I thought. Now I be seein’ angels with big feathery arms." Jhon’s speech was slurred. Most of his words were uttered than spoken.

"I am no angel, my friend." Idol gave a slight chuckle and smiled. "I am the being of your dreams."

"Humph!" scolded Jhon who could not walk in the same direction for more than a few steps, let alone a straight line. His body swayed for the extreme right to the extreme left. "Being of me dreams, huh? Why the being of me dreams could pour me drink…ugh…like now." Had it not been for Idol’s divine powers, those words spewed out by Jhon would not have been understood.

Idol’s right wing moved to hang over its shoulder. Up went Idol’s right claw into the feathery void. "I have in my hand the object of your desire." Idol spoke with its normal icy voice. As cool as it was, it carried with it a great sense of pride.

From its grey wing, Idol produced an unmarked brown glass bottle. The bottle filled nearly to its brim with a dark amber liquid. Idol outstretched its arm towards Jhon. Jhon Macorder lumbered in Idol’s direction.

"What we got here?" Jhon snatched the bottle from Idol’s hand. He popped the cork with his two front teeth-some of the few remaining teeth in his whole mouth by the way. The bottled contained a quart of the dark amber liquid. Tossing his head and raising the bottle high, Jhon downed it in less than minute flat. "Now that’s some good old dr-" Jhon passed out in the alley before he could finish his sentence.

"I am going to have fun with this one." A quiet laugh emitted from that dark alley on that creepy night.

The black heavenly masses loosened their tight grip on the sky, thus parting just enough to allow a full moon to cast its light down on the town. The moonlight falls on the porch of a modest home with eight windows, and an active chimney. We find Shara standing on the porch of this house. The home stood on the end of Green Street. Green street is a rather lonely road, that leads to a not much used field. Shara waited in a long blue dress wearing a white glove on the left hand and a red stained glove on the right hand.

After a few hard knocks on the brown double doors, a small old brown man was there to greet her. "Yes my lady, can I help you this late evening?" His voice was very raspy, and every bit of his age could be heard in it. Shara smiled gracefully, batted her eyelashes, and asked to have an audience with the mistress of the house. Shara looked as innocent as she could.

Her auburn hair was packed neatly in a ponytail that reached down past her shoulders. She followed the brown old man to the living room, where he told her to wait. As the little old brown man retreated up stairs to fetch his master, Shara took noticed of her surroundings. She notices that even though the walls were painted amber, the antique furniture was made of a pink cloth. Also, she took note of the three pink comfort chairs including the one she sat in. A rather large cherry oak table sat in the middle of the room. On it was placed a small figure of a pearl-colored dove with its wings spread opened. Tall cabinets of fine china lined the walls of the room. Thump! Thump! Thump!

Something made its way down those stairs. There staring back at Shara was the fat lady she met earlier that day. "Why have you called me from my bed?" The fat lady’s voice was of the rudest tone one can be. It hit Shara like a ton of bricks. An electric feeling had started to course up in her spine. It even began to zap the tips of her fingers. It was an overwhelming experience for Shara. She felt excited, exultant. Her mind raced about what she must do to prove her love. How her love for Idol just grew exponentially in that moment. A thought about how Idol was everything she ever wanted in life darted across all the grey matter in her skull. Another thought she had rush through her brain was how if she married Idol, she could fulfill her promise to her deceased brother.

"Excuse me! I do believe I did ask you why you came to visit me at such a late hour. The fat lady’s voice was more impatient than before. She made her way towards Shara, but only to get to the cherry oak table before Shara rose and met her there.

"I wanted to expiate my sins from early this day." Shara drew forth a grey dragger with a deep red hue about its blade. "Take this expiatory dragger. Please." The red gloved hand extended towards the fat lady with dagger in hand.

"How kind of you to offer up this fine blade. It must be worth at least $150. Surely I can forgive you now." The fat lady was all too delighted to be getting something as rich as that blade. Just as the fat lady gave the widest smile and had a brilliant face, Shara tuned the blade outwards driving it deep into the fat lady’s bowels. The fat lady’s scream tore the ears of Shara, but even so Shara remained strong. Shara turned the dagger sideways inside the fat lady. Then she choke slammed the fat lady on the cherry oak table. The table’s four legs snapped instanteously, as the table broke in two. The two daughters of the fat lady rushed to the living room from upstairs. The sight of their mother clinging for life, lying on top of a destroyed table, with a crazed woman towering above sent them on the warpath. Shara felt a spike in the dark thunder that raged inside her soul.

The sisters became blinded with rage and rushed the now blood-lusting Shara. The eldest sister was slain when the dagger ripped across her pale neck causing her head to roll back onto her shoulders, but not being so completely cut off that it would fall from the rest of the body. Now the eldest sister’s head rested on her body’s back staring at its younger sister. The body had yet to fall down. The youngest sister released a blood curling cry of pure terror.

Before the youngest sister cold turn tail and run, she felt something freezing tearing into her chest. Everything that happened after that felt like a dream to her. Her breaths became quicker, and the pain was more severe with the second strike which tore into her chest and pierced her lungs. The youngest fell back with her life escaping from her fatally injured body. She crawled to one of the pink chairs nearby using it to sit upright on the floor as she leaned up against it.

It was great pain for her to do this, but she desired to see her mother and her mother’s death at the hands of this monster fighting for their lives. As the youngest sister died, having succumbed to the agony, she gave witness to her mother’s breast cut apart and torn open. She watched as blood shot up onto the ceiling. She watched her mother make a vain effort to plead for her fleeting life. There was so much agony written on her mother’s face.

The youngest sister saw the image of her mother’s arms wailing weakly in the air, as she herself coughed forth blood. The youngest sister’s last image ever viewed was of Shara ripping out her mother’s heart barehanded, and though the heart was in Shara’ hand it continued to beat. The blade stabbed the heart spraying blood over the room. The youngest sister shed one tear when she saw Shara lick the blood from the cheek of her dead mother, and then the youngest sister died her own death.

Walking out of the house, Shara was stopped by a voice. "I will gladly clean this mess for you, my lady. You shall have no need to worry. Norfolk won’t miss these folks." The little old brown man gave a resuring smile. It was not because she thought the man spoke the truth that she did not kill him. Shara could feel the dark electric feeling inside her start to fade. Feeling tired she returned home. Shara gave the little old brown man only a glance as she left.

Judging by the blue in the sky, sunrise could not be more than two hours away. The beams from the sun shining through the window had gotten Jhon to awake. Jhon finding himself lying on some floor made of wooden planks; he rose to his feet and took in the horror scene around him. Broken beer bottles lay scattered around the room. Beer and blood flooded the wooden floor. Jhon counted up six corpses of what were once beautiful whores. Their lifeless remains were part of a haunting visage of decapitation, beer, and gore. Jhon started to panic, his breathing grew heavy.

Jhon ran out of the room, and ran down a long corridor that led to the lobby of the second floor. The air there was saturated with the rancor stench of the hard stuff. Racing down the twisting stairs of the brothel, it becomes all to clear that he was alone or at least that what he thought. Jhon brought up his line of sight to the huge oak doors that would open to his escape from the grizzly nightmare.

But as fate would have it, a tall shadowy image blocked the way. "Salutations this fine morning Jhon Mcorder." The moment Jhon felt a cold breeze striking his face; he knew. He took a few steps back, and dropped his jaw to the floor. "Its…You! From last night!...What are you!? What’s going on here!?" Jhon’ words were more of a fumbling out of, than spoken. Panic froze his face in a terror stricken expression. His heart pounded on the inside of his chest as though it wanted to flee far, far away.

Idol’s eyes fell to the dripping that was occurring from between Jhon’s legs. The wet wood floor beneath Jhon was enough to cause Idol to draw a grin across its face. "Now, Jhon, you have nothing here to fear. Allow me to become your salvation by taking my hand."

Jhon looked onward at the outstretched hand. He was reluctant to grasp the claw.

"I shall take you from this forsaken place. Then there is the alternative of you staying here, only to be hanged for your sins that you have committed here." Idol added a smile to his offer, just enough to start showing bits and pieces of its fangs.

Making slow short steps toward Idol, Jhon muttered, "I need a drink." At that very moment, hand tangled with claw, Idol’s large grey wings folded over the two, encasing them in shrouding darkness. Just for a second Jhon could not breathe. He felt like he was being pulled into two halves and spinning inside a monstrous tornado.

Jhon opened his mouth to scream out in agony, but before he could produce a single sound it was over, and Idol withdrew its wings from over them.

"This is my room…it’s really my room this place!" Jhon was very giddy when he spoke. Idol stood like a stone as Jhon ran throughout his house. He was trying to believe that’s this was all real.

Walking back into the bedroom he asked Idol, "Who are you, and what happened last night?" Whatever fear that had made its bed in Jhon’s voice had left it since. Instead it is replaced by a pure amazement. It was as if Jhon had gotten boldness out of a bottle he found while running around his house.

Moving a few steps closer Idol smiled amicable at Jhon. "I am all that you will ever need for the rest of your life. I am what you crave. I am known as Idol. Last night when you were inebriated, we had some fun with you. You shall not think anymore about it because you had a most pleasurable evening." Idol’s voice was as calm as ever. Jhon found it to be soothing even.

Jhon turned to his bedroom dresser where 23 bottles of the highest proof of the drinks rested. "You shall not dare place your lips on that filth." Idol’s voice carried a sting of scorn in them just then.

A little bewildered Jhon turned towards Idol. "But I need a drink Idol!" From the depths of its wing Idol pulled forth a one liter size bottle of crimson liquid. "Trust me, you have never had better."

Jhon took, and drank the contents of the bottle rather quickly. Jhon found himself quite happy now and with a very warm feeling in his gut. "Now this is some good stuff Idol. You know, Idol? You ain’t half bad. You give me drinks, and you saved from the bloodbath at the brothel. I’m starting to like you."

Jhon’s arms flung themselves around Idol’s torso. Jhon’s tongue danced up Idol’s bosom then continued its wet parade across Idol’s awaiting lips.

The hair of Idol softly brushed the skin of Jhon, as Idol bent low to engage in what can only be called a most passionate kiss. As they were kissing one another, Jhon felt as though he had left the Earth and was hanging in space. His head was spinning with pleasure, and his tongue was on fire. As if it was all not enough for Jhon, Idol moved its claw through Jhon’s cotton pants, and grasped Jhon’s now stiff external organ. Idol’s palm was soft and smooth; he made a small back and forth motion with the claw wielding the stiff external organ. This flooded Jhon with a strange electrical tickling. Pure pleasure shot through out Jhon’s entire being. It was the best emotion and feeling Jhon had experienced in what had become his life.

Idol withdrew from its lover. Jhon still not having come off his new high, stood staring at Idol in awe. "I shall leave you now, Jhon Mcorder only to return to you when you have no less then two butchered children in here waiting on me." Idol spoke of the atrocious sin the same way a common man would have spoken about a hog to be used for bacon. Idol reached deep into his right wing and sat yet another scarlet liquid filled bottled on the dresser.

Then Idol gave a big flap of its wings and it was gone.

Jhon stood in complete silence alone, before he himself broke it. "What is she? I’d do anything to feel like that again."

Shedding bright light onto a lake filled with clear waters, there raised a burning sun bringing morning with it. Shara Newheart was sitting with her legs resting in front of her in the clearing where she first met Idol. "How beautiful is this place. The lake is so pure and clean. The crimson ranunculuses are so perfect. Together they look more splendid. There has to be at least more than at least two million flowers here."

There are just so many crimson ranunculuses, and they are all so perfect of a flower." She thought to herself. "That place is truly a sight behold."

"You are waiting on me." The cool icy breeze that fell on the back of Shara’s neck, made her smile. Shara got to her feet and nearly tackled Idol trying to hug it. Shara’s eyes gazed up to lock with Idol’s. Her face beaming and smiling, she told Idol all about her dealings during the previous night.

"I know what you have accomplished and who my victims were. I am proud of you my dear."

Shara was very excited now, knowing she had pleased the one she loves.

"I am proud of you Shara and I shall show you something as a token of my pride." Idol tightened its embrace of Shara hugging her closer. Idol’s wings turned towards the sky, and suddenly Idol flapped its great sliver wings creating a powerful gust. The gust shot the two lovers right up and at the heavens. The water lake below became the size of a puddle from their view in the sky. Shara found the speed, and grace at which Idol ripped through the blue sky to be awe inspiring.

"I have found it." Idol sounded somewhat pleased with itsself. The two landed on a nearby cloud. Though Shara’s feet were planted firmly on the cloud, she would not relinquish her grip from around Idol.

"I can’t stand on a cloud! I’ll fall right through it!" Her voice was timid and conveyed a sense of fear.

"It is fine my dear. You shall trust the clouds of the heavens as you do the ground of the Earth." Idol’s voice smoothed Shara’s nerves.

Shara took one step, then two steps, and then she was walking around on the white cloud as if she was in her home. She peeked over the edge, only to be taken back by the view before her. What she saw from on top of the world as she sailed the sky on the cloud was people who appeared to be ants, lakes that appeared to be ponds, trees that appeared to be blades of grass, and a world that appeared to be able to fit in her hand.

"You are enjoying the view from up here. I take it.," said Idol.

"I am, Idol." Sara was so delighted to be spending the morning with the one she loves most. A calm wind blew through her hair as they sailed the great blue skies.

Idol walked to the center of the cloud and called out to Shara. "I have a gift for you, my dear. I am sure you shall enjoy it." Idol bent down on its knees and reached into the depths of the cloud. When Idol pulled out its claw, within its grasp was a golden pendent. The pendant was formed in the shape of a heart and had a large smooth pearl embedded in the center. The pendant had a sliver glow that formed an orb around it. Idol placed the golden pendant in the hands of a young Shara Newheart. When she placed the pendent around her neck, it was a perfect fit.

"I love it, Idol." Shara’s voice was filled with glee and joy.

Jumping on Idol once more and spreading her arms around Idol, she showed her love for the giver of the gift. Idol’s lips floated through the crisp cool air of the heavens and towards those lips of Shara. The two sets of lips converged into what is beautiful. Shara’s soul is set ablaze with passion, as they kissed. There it was. Two lovers at the top of the world embracing each other and showing the world what it means to kiss with love. Still holding Shara to its chest, Idol glided them down towards to the Earth.

They landed back at their clearing. "How did we end up back here Idol? We must have gone at least 25 miles west of this place." Shara was most bewildered about how they came back to Norfolk so soon.

Idol’s answer was simple and short. "My powers have no limits when compared to that of a mortal. You shall not worry about how I do what I do in this world."

"Fine, don’t tell, Idol, but as always I’ll love you anyway."

Shara spun around and enjoyed her surroundings. "You are gong back to town now Shara. I will not have people worrying about you my dear." Shara could tell by Idol’s voice there was no way to stay. "Will I see you again today, Idol?"

Idol smirked and gave this cryptic response, "I know the answer to that question." Shara laughed and commented on how Idol likes to be arcane all the time. She kissed it one last time and headed towards Norfolk.

It is high noon and on a very hot day when the folks of Norfolk gathered in town hall. Town hall rested in the center of town. The building was built with tall slabs of wood. It was two stories high with large double doors of a hazel color. Town hall looked as much as a church as it did a government building. There were people hanging over the balcony, and a number of people started to overflow onto the streets just outside due to lack of room inside. Couples had to share seats as they fanned themselves. The town mayor took the podium at the front of the assembly. He was a short stocky man, with no hair. Standing at the podium, he drew out a cotton rag and begun to wipe all the beads of sweat, which migrating down his face. "May I have some quiet please!?" The mayor broadcasted out with a booming voice that could not have fitted in his diminutive stature. His voice reached out over the people in the pews and over the boisterous people upstairs. The mayor’s voice sounded somewhat noble and smooth. It left no wonder about how he became elected to office.

A strange hush fell over the people of Norfolk. "I have called this meeting in relation to the horrible murders that have plagued my town. The massacre at the Baker’s Plantation, the slayings and mutilations which occurred at the brothel have deeply hurt our hearts. Something is loose in this town. I smell the devil’s at work here!" The mayor got the crowd up in uproar when he said that.

There were cries to hang various people from the town for being a puppet of the devil. Some people were shouting that it was the Lord preparing them for the end of days. All the commotion coming from town hall attracted the attention of a drunken Jhon Mcorder who is wandering the empty streets. In his drunken state of mind Jhon thought that there would be at least two children running amuck without any parents nearby.

"Little girls shouldn’t be walking down lonely back streets alone." Jhon starting laughing for no discernable reason when he saw Shara walking towards him.

"I am more than enough for any man. Please don’t ruin my day it has been one of ecstasy thus far." Shara’s voice was sweet and soft. Joy was abundant in her voice.

"My morning felt so so so…good! Who knew ladies with sliver wings could make a man…feel so good. I tell you lady no whore as ever made me feel that good." It was clear that Jhon was out of it. He was laughing uncontrollable, and walked in a swaying manner.

Shara’s face drew sharp lines. Now when she spoke her voice had a tinge of anger and confusion. "A lady with grey wings?" She asked.

"Aye, she had huge grey wings and long flowing hair. Her eyes were so blue and pretty. She is the most prettiest women I’ve ever seen." Shara face flushed with fury. The thought of her lover having an affair sent her to the deepest depths of human insanity. Her heart was broken by betrayal, but held together by disbelief. Shara Newheart snapped.

"That is my love you are talking about! You should die for such blasphemous lies! Idol is my love and my love alone!" Shara’s rage was unleashed at this point. Her anger brought to the surface a strange tingling feeling, a dark sensation, the same dark sensation that led her to commit those brutal murders last night.

"Aye, Idol is her name but-" Jhon’s sentence was cut short as well as his life. Shara had pierced his heart with a sliver dragger. Jhon fell to ground gasping for breath.

"Where were you going!? Were you going to see him!?" Shara pounced on top of him, and demanded to know these things. Jhon thought that if he answered the questions his life would somehow be restored to him, but of course he was drunk and dying, so logic eluded him.

"I was…heading to…*coughs*… I was going to town hall…*coughs*…Idol…What I wouldn’t do…*coughs*…do for a drink." Jhon was barely audible, and had an ever growing weaker voice.

With the mere mention of her lover’s name, a name she felt that only she could say she. Shara stuck the dagger in Jhon’s face, carving into it with her zealous slashes in the process.

The dark sensation inside her was now burning at the greatest intensity than ever before. Shara’s mind shattered into a million random pieces. Her mind was racing between images of her lover and those of town hall, till they slowly merged into one single thought.

"No! I won’t let them take my love Idol away from me! They’ll all pay for this! You all will suffer for trying to wedge yourselves in my relationship!" With her voice so loud and head tilted as far back as it was, it was though Shara was cursing the sky itself. Shara soon set her sight on a lantern that had been not put out yet. It was with angry hands that she tore the lantern from its post and carried it on her fierce grip.

Shara marched toward the wooden town hall building with burning fury in the gaze. Shara had lost all bits of her humanity but one, her very much human love for Idol. Her steps fell heavy on the soil. Her face scorned the world around her as she drew nearer to her target.

A small boy acting wild came to address Shara. "Hey? You whore, why you got that there lantern in your dirty hands for anyway?" was all he asked in a somewhat innocent voice.

His answer was the bottom end of the lantern smashing into the depths his skull, sending the boy twisting in the air and ending with his lifeless corpse clashing in the soil as it sunk in a pool of crimson blood.

The people standing on the outside of the town hall building gasped with fear. The braver men charged the insane Shara Newheart, but when matched up against her rage and deadly lantern were left as nothing more than broken bodies. "Now all you here shall perish for this! Die for trying to steal my Idol!"

The mass of people rushed inside the already very crowded fleeing the carnage outside. "Lock the door!" someone from the inside cried. Town hall’s doors were locked from the inside using whatever they could find.

"I shall now bring all this to an end!" Shara screamed. Ramming the lantern into the doors, she set them ablaze. Shara ran around the building the igniting the entire building in flames in just a matter of moments. The inferno reached five stories in to the sky. The late morning sky quickly dressed in black as it filled with heavy smoke. The screaming originating from frantic townsfolk curled one’s blood. Mothers pleaded to have their children released from the inferno in vain. For nobody was escaping death this day.

There standing in the distance was figure wearing a rather wide grin. Shara started to laugh uncontrollable as she was so pleased viewing the massacre that occurred by her hand. Rampaging through the woodland, the young Shara sought out Idol. The dark sensation started to leave her body, forced out by anguish and pain. However, her sanity still was not present.

"Idol, I love you! You wouldn’t you couldn’t do this to me! Oh, what is going on around me!? I’ll sacrifice 1,000 people if I must to be with Idol! Idol loves me still. I know he does." Her voice filled the great pain of a cracking heart. She clasped the pendent given to her by Idol. "I will always love you my dear."

Shara stood in the middle of the clearing next to coast of the clear water lake staring deeply into the eyes of her lover.

"Idol, I want to know why some drunk said you were his lady, when you are my lover." Shara’s voice was softer and almost back to normal.

"I am not Jhon’s lover nor am I your lover." Idol’s voice is as cold as its words. Not understanding, Shara began to fall into many pieces.

"I love you Idol!"

"Well you had to in order to play your role well."

"What!" Tears started to fall down her face.

"It would be safe to tell now. I only need just one more flower to make my garden here whole." Idol chuckled and a self absorbed grin covered its face. "I have never loved you Shara. In truth I do not care about you. To me you are a toy that I used to entertain myself as well as one of the very pests that I rid this world of.

I am the deity that reigns over death, despair, and insanity. For all time I have slain humans for the great creator. In the beginning I ripped people hearts outs, or maybe I simply sliced them, and then, my favorite, I sucked the life out them, but more often than not I started great wars or plagues. Now this kind of existence is lonely and after a few millennia of doing this, it can get tedious. To break up the monotony, well I can show you better then I can tell you."

Idol pointed its claw to the clear water lake. Shara was crying hard, and her body is racked with the immense pain from the sound of a breaking heart. But to Idol the sound of a breaking heart is sweet music.

"I collect the tears my victims and store them in lakes that I dig myself." Then it pointed to one of the many crimson ranunculeus. "Now the flowers each represent a single victim of mine, or one victim of my victims. I do this to make the world of the great creator just that much better."

Shara was left almost speechless. Her tears fell like a waterfall as they rushed in large numbers off her face. Her cries were louder than all those inside town hall. "…but why…" is all Shara could muster the strength to say. "…but why..."

"It has not been all made clear to you!" Idol said with its booming voice that carried some distain. "It was your fate to become a puppet of mine. Destiny arranged it so that those who died did die for me. Getting you to love me was just a part of plan; it was nothing more then me wanting to have some fun while I fulfilled the duty I was made to do. This is the order of the world! People shall always die for they are flawed, and I will govern it so that they do so only when we deities see fit, or see a need! You lesser beings need despair to function and I, too provide that! What you all call love, to us deities is only insanity. Do not go crying on me, I was only doing what needs to be done, and what I was created for."

Shara’s heart could not take anymore. She grabbed her chest, and started breathing heavily. A fierce sharp pain began to originate from where Shara’s heart had once been, before it was broken into many fragments by the cold words of Idol. Shara dropped to her knees "…but why..." she said one last time before she fell on her once pretty face. In the space between her thumb and index finger on her limp hand lying on the ground. A green stem shot up taller than other stems nearby and from its tip a crimson ranunculeus blossomed.

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