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No Power

by r0144

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your trapped no magic and helpless

No Power - Tyron

No Power - Tyron

The orb brought you to a futuristic place , where they were escalators everywhere and every hall seemed to be moving to a different increment of time, a dragon suddenly came from the left of your vision and was about to strike

What spell can you think of maybe a Water spell, a Freezing spell or a Fire ball of your own, or do you escape by teleportimg or just scatter and hope for the best.

You try all types of spells nothing works to make things worst the orb doesn't work its glow is now dull and useless

So you all scattered like rats in a hope no one gets hurt by the blazing fire, when the fireball and the dragon disappears and a man says to you hello, and thank you for not using your primitive powers, anyway your powers re useless here,it neutralized by our science.

welcome to my collection , I have the privilege of collecting you as samples of primitive men. And one of you will be sacrificed and displayed in the courtyard for paying customers to study and view.

Truths and Illusions

So what kind of creatures are you? Oh it doesn't matter we'll do a full analysis, gas is then released in the vents nearby and within minutes you are unconscious and on the floor.

The keeper takes a wift of the stagnant air and sight with a joy then he cries out and androids type robots came to pick your party up, you are put in individual cages and as you are woken up by a mild electric shock you see a woman who looks somewhat human .

You all wake to find one of you are missing, the girl says I'm here to help you, you ask where is your companion?,

She said that he's being prep for autopsy to see what manner a creatures you are. But don't worry, I'll save him before surgery can start just go

As she says this she unlocks the cage holding all of you, you all escape to where you first arrived, she later appears bringing Alex to you still woozy from the drugs he was injected with.

She says use the orb quickly escapes for I may have triggered an alarm rescuing your young friend,

but no magic works here” you all said simultaneously to her

no she says objects with power just need to be charged back to life, which I can do, she touch the orb and attached it to a hole in the wall

as it glows, she becons you to go,come with us” said alex , but she saidno I have to take care of something else, as you use the orb many androids came firing laser particles in the air she deflected them back destroying some of the robot guard, go nowall debts have been repaid in full she says as you vanished into the light.

You are teleported to nine, what you think she meant all debts have been paid in full, all of you shrug

then in the distant a portal opens and a lady bathed in light approaches you she introduce herself as aurora she claims that in the future you triumph and restore everything back to normal, but your quest is still far from over she explains that the original destroyer had a vile of aging potion which she drank that's who the girl was who help you, but why help us, because you help her out of a prison she helped you get out of a prison in turn, it's some form of payback.

but dire truths must be told the destroyer cannot be killed unless drained of her immortality she gained immortality by drinking from the fountain of the gods in the undying lands, she found a way there ands so must you, for in the hand of a warrior is a sword of power which drains people of magic and power he is Tristan the great he found the sacred sword made eons before by the ancients, you must use this against the destroyer then she can be killed a touch only is required by the metal to skin and you are powerless as an infant. you must stop here at the realm jiru where she will do her experiments on the realms people, by mutating people to monsters dumb but strong and will do her bidding if you can't stop her, don't dismay all you need to do is to decontaminate the water supply with the restorative earth you have, when they drink again they will turn back to normal. I give you this another orb for the original will be destroyed by her so you will be trapped and the one from tori of today will be used up to get through the barrier but hide this and when this happens you may use this orb to escape the undying lands from then on you are on your own, for this third orb will burn up and be spent returning you back.

your only way of recourse is to open portals yourself learn this from the library of tori today, but to get back in your own time seek out the tempest in his realm of time for the orbs will be useless as a stone.

to make it to the undying lands you must follow a map which i 'm giving you a direction to you must acquire the map for it will lead you where the barrier is, the orb is not powerful enough for you to make it in you now have two orbs of power find the one in tori of the today so you'll have three it will make a portal strong enough for two trips into the undying lands and back, and by the way you must choose who goes through the portal for one only can travel through a barrier with this much magic.

You follow the instructions to the letter and find the orb's third duplicate at tori from there you decided that since only one can got through the barrier you would pick who it is from there they must complete the rest of the journey on their own

Alex says anyway one year there is merely a day here in living world, according to the book of tomes.

So if you have trouble you can rest and recuperate for as long as you want. You all decide that the one without powers of magic to sit out on the selection, then you all drawn straws

The shortest straw wins the quest who would it be?...

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