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by WepopuARK

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When she walks by me and her enchanting scent trips me up so i fall in love.


            A sensation of euphoria hijacks my mind, and takes it to a realm of utter bliss, which ensnares my soul trapping it in a cesspool of joy.  I become drunk losing any and all my senses.  Drunk I am on her scent as she passes by.  Outlandish is the perfume which she adorns.  Her scent causes my nose to dance with glee, and my worries to be put down.  During that fleeting moment it was her and I.  I had no worries and no woes.  My eys locked onto her elegant visage as my ol factory cells begged for more of her drug.  My spirit is given wings.  My mood lets loose of its worrisome cage.  Her beauty is all the more perfect as she excites not only my undeserving eyes, or my fast beating heart.  Her beauty is made all the more perfect as I am swallowed whole as her beauty pleases both my eyes and my nose.  A dancing tongue waits behind my lips for her.  In this blissful state of mind I can only think of her.   She is more than a sweet smelling rose, more than beautiful, more than wonderful; she truly is God’s greatest creation. 


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