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The Monologue of the Dark Soul

by Nataly Bild

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It seems that dark souls are not always evil.


Saint I am not but still I’m honest
Facing poison sayings of yours
As if I’m one the commonest
“There’s death and evil of yours”
But what’s with it? I haven’t
The warmth of soul which false,
And for the whole world I won’t
Act but not how my soul calls.
And you’re shouting with a smile
That empty, believeless my life is
And killing me on this unfair trial
For words of whom you please.
Come on! I wait! Let’s finish!
It’s not your stormy rage I fear!
But all I ask - please, no rubbish,
I don’t want it to hear!
Reborn as a phoenix from the fire
I’ll leave the ugly world of yours
And in the world of my desire
I’ll become the one who never mourns.

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