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No Evil

by olivia

Libraries: Alternate Universe, Drama, Fantasy, General, Humor, Original Fiction, Series

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the stories about a girl who finds out everything she knows is a lie

Chapter 1, Prolouge

 We’ve all heard the story about the girl with the green ribbon around her neck, the on who pulls the ribbon and her head falls off. You ever wish you were her? Having the choice to painlessly end your life at any moment in time? I have. It doesn’t surprise me that in the end she pulls the ribbon, because if we all had our own little green ribbons we’d be dead at the first tragedy. I know it’s a depressing train of thought, but if you think about it, it’s also a hopeful one, because I think every death has pain. Whether it’s those few seconds after you’ve jumped off the roof to hit the ground below, or it’s getting cancer, watching all your hair fall out, waiting to be another obituary. Any possibility that we can escape that pain is a little bit of hope.

             Sadly since we don’t all have our own little green ribbons, we try to improvise, find ways around the pain, it is as inevitable as death itself. At least that’s what I though until I found my own little shortcut pass it.     

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