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Of Paper Shredders, Traffic Jams and Organic Produce

by sesshys-jaded-samuri

Libraries: Humor, InuYasha, One Shots

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written for Nobdy's Weekly Challenge on Dokuga. Theme - Late


Disclaimer:   I don't own InuYasha or any character associated with it.  I am making no profit from my use of these characters.
This is for Nobo's Weekly Challenge.
Theme: Late
Word count: 317
Of Paper Shredders, Traffic Jams and Organic Produce
Sesshomaru carefully maneuvered his SUV in and out of traffic, glancing frequently at his watch. 

“Kami, I hate the traffic in this city!” he said to himself.  Banging his fist on the steering wheel, he yelled at the oblivious passengers in the car in front of him, “Can you assholes move any slower!?”


Five minutes later, he was somewhat closer to his destination.  Nevertheless, it was still out of his reach.  With his claws digging into the steering wheel, her bared his fangs and spouted even more obscenities at the unsuspecting people in the surrounding cars.  Traffic moved forward and he forced his way onto the exit ramp, finally opting to take an alternate route.


Sliding silently into the parking lot fifteen minutes later, Sesshomaru ripped the keys from the ignition and made a dash for the front door of the organic grocery store, only to find that it was locked.

“You’re too late,” called the elderly lady from the other side of the glass.  “We closed five minutes ago.” 

“Please,” he tried to convince her, “I only need a bundle of carrots for my pregnant wife.”

The lady shook her head.  “I’m sorry, sir.  The alarm has already been set.  You’ll have to come back in the morning.”  That said, she turned and disappeared into the darkness at the back of the store.

Throwing his head back in frustration, Sesshomaru silently began to devise ways to get even with his brother.  After all, it was his fault that he had been late leaving the office.  Really, what kind of moron leans down THAT close to a paper shredder when you are wearing a tie?

Dejected, Sesshomaru climbed back into his SUV.  As he made toward the exit of the parking lot, he suddenly slammed on the brakes as one thought dominated his mind….

“FUCK!  Late and no carrots… Kagome’s going to kill me."
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