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The New Epic of Giglamesh

by MAZZ0Murder

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in the city of Uruk, people were all scattering around in preparation of Gilgamesh's birthday. Gilgamesh himself how ever was not thrilled to be getting any older. He was just walking along a path when he came across a tree that caught his eye. Out of all the trees around, this one only bore one fruit, and an odd one at that. He plucked it from the tree and examined it closer. He couldn't make it out. It looked like a banana, an apple, a orange, and a pear had all been mashed into one odd...fruit? He takes it back to his kingdom where he meets his attendant, Stevek.

"Good walk, your highness?" Gilgamesh could tell by his tone that he was hiding something. Probably a surprise party, but he didn't bother to inquire.

"The views not getting any better with the wall around the city." Gilgamesh replied.

"But, your highness. You ordered that wall to be built." Stevek politely reminded him. Gilgamesh took out the odd fruit he found from earlier.

"Have you ever seen a fruit look so odd?" Stevek looked puzzled at this strange thing. Who would have seen such an odd "fruit" before. Gilgamesh expected no reply. "I didn't think so." after inspecting it once more. "I wonder what it tastes like."

Stevek didn't think this was a good idea. "I don't trust it would be very good. Better to be rid of it, your highness." But it was too late. Gilgamesh took a big bite out of this odd fruit.

"I don't know how to describe the taste. It was delicious!" Gilgamesh took no time before he devoured the rest of it. Stevek was rather shocked.

"Your highness, you have no idea what that could do to you!" Gilgamesh nodded in disagreement.

"What's the worst that could happen?" He said, and what incredible timing too! For as soon as he said it not one, nor two, but six extra arms sprouted out of Gilgamesh!

The news spread like wildfire throughout Uruk and people could see that their King now clearly had eight arms. Gilgamesh had to take a seat. Getting used to eight arms wasn't going to be easy. Stevek tried to enlighten him.

"Well, your highness. Look on the bright side. You've been given a new arm for ever decade you've been alive!"

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