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Star Trek Evolution

by ToriJ

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In the 25th Century a new ship called the USS. Millennium have been created with a brand new crew. Their mission was to explore a new part of space but their plans are changed once an unknown alien ship attacks and destroys the Klingon homeworld.

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Chapter 1, A New Chapter


Chapter One

A New Chapter!


For years people have had a desire to reach for the stars and explore the rest of the universe to answer the age-old question, "Are we truly alone in the universe?". This dream and desire reached a new level on April 5th 2063 after the invention of warp drive, an invention that allows you to go faster than light, in which the first ship on earth to have this warp speed was ‘the Phoenix’. After that fateful day the human race made contact with the Vulcans and from there leading into the 2100s new starships were built with warp drive into their designs. Later in the 2100s the 'United Federation of Planets' was founded and leading into the 23rd and 24th century man has gone where no man has gone before. Now into the 25th Century another crew will be going where no one else has ever gone before, led by a Captain who had dreamed of being in command of her own Starship for many years now, a female who appeared to be in her late twenties with long blond that goes down to her waist, usually tied up in a pony tail with a black ribbon. Her eyes are a sapphire blue color, her nose, ears and mouth small, her face shaped like an oval and she stands at a height of five feet, seven inches. She was sitting down in a shuttlecraft her eyes closed and asleep while the shutter was on a course for her new ship. The blond was wearing a standard starfleet command uniform that was a long sleeve black shirt and black pants but around the shoulders were three thick stripes colored gold. Around the end of the arm and leg sleeves were smaller stripes of the same color with black boots that goes just below her knees. On her shirt's collar was six small gray round buttons that were the rank of 'Captain' Sitting next to her piloting the shuttlecraft was a woman with short black hair just a bit pass the back of her neck and brown eyes. The color of her skin was green and she was a part of the Orion race. The Orion was a couple inches shorter than the captain and wore the same exact uniform as the blond, only she had two buttons on her collar instead of six. This stood for the rank 'Lieutenant junior grade'. The Orion looked over to the sleeping captain and smacked her lightly on the arm to wake her up.


"Hey! Get up. We’re here!"


The captain's eyes slowly opened as she looked out through the screen in the shuttlecraft to see a large black Starship at the dock of the space station before her. The sight of the ship took her breath away while the shuttlecraft made it way into the shuttlebay of the starship and landed. Awaiting them was man standing at six feet two inches, with gray hair that went down to the middle of his back, a white beard on his chin. He appeared to be in his late sixties, average built and in a white version of their uniform but with black stripes instead. His hazel eyes looked down to his watch before looking up to see the two women coming out of the shutter.


"You're exactly two point two seconds late, ladies."


The Orion raised her eyebrow while the blond just let out a chuckle.


"Every second count in this line of work. You'd do well to remember that."


"Oh my, I am so sorry for being late," said The Orion sarcastically before making her leave.

The old man watched her off before looking back to the blond and saying, "Sarcasm... Like somebody else I know."




The blond smiled and shook his hand, he smiled back and wrapped an arm around her back as he led her out of the shuttlebay and into the navy blue hallway.


"Welcome to the USS. Millennium, Yalea. You know it seems like yesterday you became my number one ranking officer. Where does the time go my friend?"


"I'm convinced at a steady course in warp eight, sir."


"Please call me Siro. Did you get a chance to look over your new crew?"


"Um not yet. I'll do it after I check out the bridge."


"The bridge, of course."


They made their way to the elevator at the end of the hall and up to the bridge on deck one. When the elevator door opened Yalea saw a circle shape bridge colored black. On the right side of the elevator was the station of operations, to the left the station of tactical and in the center of the room was two chairs, one belonging to the captain and the other to the commander of the bridge. Further down from there were two chairs for the main and secondary pilot and in front of all of that was a big screen that would see space and used when hailing other ships. Yale stepped out onto the bridge and slowly took a walk around, taking in the sights. This was her bridge, this was her ship and she still couldn't believe it. Siro stepped onto the bridge after her, watching the excitement running through the young woman before she looked over to the chair in the center, the one on the left.


My chair?”


Your chair.”


A bright smile appeared on her face before slowly sitting down in the captain seat. It felt so good to her, like it was her destiny to be the captain of a federation starship! Yalea closed her eyes to take in the moment while Siro stepped closer to the chair next to her.


Feel good doesn't it?”




You know this reminds me of when I first took command of the USS. Aventinus-!”


Oh, you're going to tell a story?”

Yes, now sit back and relax!” he replied before sitting down next to her, “The year was 2432, we had just set off until we come across an unknown wormhole that we discovered led to an unknown part of the universe, of course the USS. Aventinus was way too big to fit so I led a shuttlecraft through the wormhole to the other side. Once there we were greeted by an alien life no one have ever seen before, a woman of a new alien race. She was beautiful, long white hair that she had tied up in a ponytail, kind of like yours, crimson eyes and pale skin. I'll never forget her. When we went back through the wormhole someone on the other side shot it just enough to cause the wormhole to collapse on itself and we had no way to get back there. But even then, it was exciting to make first contact with a new alien race. It's something you can't explain you just have to feel it! Now I wasted enough time with the chit chat. I do have business to intend to with you. Can we speak in the meeting room?”


Of course.”


The two sat up from their chairs and went over to the right of the room through a set of double silver automatic doors into a meeting room with blue carpets and silver walls, the long table in the room with a total of at least ten chairs next to it was in the center of the room. On the right side of the room was a computer. Yalea took a seat on the chair at the right side of the table, closest to the computer while Siro went over there and started pushing buttons.


At 0900 hours yesterday we received a distress call from a Klingon War Ship.”


He pressed another button and the message played, “We need assistance! They are destroying everything! Ship origin, unknown! We can't stop them! They destroyed our-!”


The message then cut off at the same time you could hear an explosion.


It was near the planet Qo'noS. When our people got there, everything was destroyed. All the Klingon ships that were there and the planet Qo'noS was wiped off the face of the galaxy!”


Yalea's eyes widen in shock at the news as she stood up to stand next to Siro.


It's... gone?”


Siro pressed another button and a picture of where Qo'noS once was now showed nothing but empty space. Yalea still couldn't believe what she was hearing.


The Klingons in the Federation are furious, as they should be. Whoever did this is now an enemy of both the Klingons and the Federation. If there is a ship out there strong enough to destroy an entire planet then it must be stopped. This is why your five-year mission to explore an unknown sector of the universe will have to be put on hold, I'm afraid.”


I don't suppose you have any leads?”


No. We have no idea what we're dealing with. You have new orders. You’re to arrive at Ty'Gokor to help the Klingon defense there. It's safe to assume they won't stop at one planet belonging to the Klingons. You're to be there by 1700 hours but it wouldn't hurt to arrive there early. Understood?”




Good luck Captain, you're going to need it. Remember, every second counts.”


Thanks Siro.”


Siro took his leave, leaving Yalea to stare at the image of empty space in the room for a while before she made her way to the deck two engine room. The floors and walls were black, in the center of the engine room was the warp core, the heart of the USS. Millennium. All around it were crew members working, dressed in starfleet uniform with red stripes instead of gold ones. There was one floor above the current one where you could only climb up to by ladder. Yalea looked over to her right to see a male with medium size brown hair climbing down the ladder from the second floor. He turned around, his brown eyes looking over to the captain as he let out a small smile on his face. He was six feet tall and average built, walking closer to the shorter Yalea.


Hello there beautiful, how are you?” he said in a French ascent.


Yalea chuckled, amused at his words and he obviously didn't know she was the captain, yet.


I'm good, how about you?”


Never been better dear. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rene Champney. Chief Engineer of this here ship.”


Pleasure to meet you Rene. I'm Yalea, Yalea Emris... your captain.”


Rene froze for a moment and then jumped back as he saw the six little buttons on her collar that represented the captain rank.


Oh! Oh! I am sorry. I had no idea.”


Yalea let out a giggle before speaking, “Don't be. I was flattered. I thought I would come here and check the heart of the beauty myself, everything seem to be in order. As I should come to expect, I read a lot of great things about you Mister Champney.”


I'm sure Captain. You’ll get nothing less but the best from my Engine Room!”


That's what I like to hear! Um Champney, do you know what deck Sickbay is in?”


You feeling a little under the weather, Captain?”

No I'm fine, just thought I would check there before we're ready to head out. I'm still unfamiliar with this ship, it's really different from the Aventinus I served under.”


Oh! You was on the USS. Aventinus!?”


Yes. I was Siro’s First Officer.”


I always been a huge fan of Admiral Siro! What was it like serving under him?”


Quite the experience... I would love to stay and chat but, duty calls. The answer to my question, Champney?”


Deck four!”


Thanks. See you around.”


Later Captain.”


Yalea returned to the elevator and went down to deck four, she walked down the halls until she found what she believed to be Sickbay. The floors, walls and ceiling were all silver. There were beds on the left and right of the room with an operation table in the middle of the room. In the back was a small lab where Yalea saw a woman at five foot four, with short black hair that went just above her neck looking through a telescope. The woman's starfleet uniform had blue stripes instead of red or gold. The woman heard the captain come in and without looking away from her telescope asked, “Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”


You sound like a hologram, doctor.”


The woman looked away from her telescope, blue eyes now looking the captain up and down, a faceless expression could be seen on the doctor's face before speaking, “Captain Yalea Emris I presume?”


That's me.”


Don't tell me you're sick already...”


Not quite. I'm just checking a few things, and Sickbay is one of them. I wanted to make sure everything is running smoothly.”


I can assure you I run a tight ship, no pun intended.”


Your name doctor?”


Luna Mansion.”


Mansion? That's a strange last name...”


You can take it up with my father. Is there anything else you need, Captain?”


Nope, looks like you have everything under control here. Keep up the good work.”


Yalea Emris left Sickbay and made her way down the halls before a female voice saying, “Captain?” made her stop. The blond turned around to see a woman nearly six feet tall in the same uniform with gold stripes as her standing before her. The woman had shoulder length curly black hair with bangs that covered her forehead and just about covered her thin, narrow eyebrows. One look at the ears and you could tell she was a Vulcan woman. The Vulcan held up her right hand and did the signature Vulcan hand sign that put together the index and middle finger together but with a space between the ring finger and the pinky with the thumb stretched out. The blond tried doing the same thing in return but found it hard, so she took the index finger from her other hand and slid it through the index and ring finger to create that space so she could do it properly. The Vulcan had no reaction before putting her hand down.


My name is T'Leia, your First Officer.”


T'Leia, of course... Welcome aboard!”


Thank you Captain. The Millennium is all ready to head out, it just needs her captain.”


Thanks, T'Leia. Report to the bridge I'll be up there in a moment.”


Yes Captain.”


The two women set off in different direction and when the blond was about to come around the corner a male fell down onto his hands and knees in front of her path. He had short blond hair and was in the same uniform as the doctor was with the blue stripes.


Are you all right?”


Stupid floor! Huh? Oh, I'm fine! I'm fine!”


The boy got up, looking no older than eighteen, his emerald green eyes looking at the captain as he suddenly became stiff, and not because she was the captain.


H-Hello there, Miss...!”


Is something the matter?”


N-No! Not at all, I'm quite all right. N-Nice to meet you I'm Ensign I-Isaias Breunig!”


Captain Yalea Emris.”



Isaias then gave the captain a salute as the blond just chuckled at his reaction. He must not have known who his captain was yet.


At ease Ensign. Are you part of the medical or science division?”


S-Science division, madam!”


I would prefer it if you call me Captain.”


Yes Captain! No problem Captain!”


Um... thanks. Continue with what you were doing.”


Yes Captain!”


The boy ran off to report to his station, the captain saw him off with a small smile on her face. Yalea once again came to the elevator doors, opening upon her arrival and when she entered another man came up to the elevator. He was dressed in a science division uniform, had short brown hair and brown eyes with a beard on his chin. The ridged forehead was a signature trademark of the Klingon race and he was above six feet tall with a muscular built.


Deck eleven,” he said before noticing the captain, “Ah Captain Yalea Emris, is it?”




I'm Councilor Abaran, glad to be aboard, Captain.”


You're a, councilor?”


Surprised? Yes I suppose you would be. Who would've expected to see a 'Klingon' as a 'councilor'? I mean that's unheard of!” he said hinting sarcasm.


I didn't mean anything by it...”


Oh don't worry about it. I'm used to it by now.”


The elevator doors then opened up as Abaran headed out.




Abaran came to a sudden stop and turned around to face the captain.


Have you heard about Qo'noS?”

It's being talked about among most of the Klingons in Starfleet, so it's hard not to hear about it.”


I'm sorry...”


I never saw the planet. I was born and raised on earth but it's still a tragedy for my people.”


I visited there once, with an old friend from the academy who came from there. Maybe you heard of him, his name was Torak.”


Torak? No I never heard of a Torak. Where is he now?”


...Last I heard, on the planet Qo'noS.”


Silence filled the room as Yalea was looking down to her feet. Abaran could read the worry off of her expression and reaction before speaking up, “Maybe he escaped before the planet was destroyed.”


I was told there was nothing left when a starfleet ship got to the scene... so I doubt that.”


Maybe he wasn't on the planet.”


Thank you for trying to make me feel better...”


No problem. Perhaps you would like to stop by my office later?”


I don't need councilling, doctor.”


Who said anything about councilling?”


Abaran smiled before heading off, leaving the captain alone once again.


Computer, the bridge.”


The elevator door closed and several seconds later they opened up to the bridge. This time when she stepped out of the elevator the bridge was full. Over to the operation station was a male at six feet one in standard black uniform with red stripes. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. Over to the Tactical station was a man with blue skin, short silver hair and two antennae on his head with brown eyes. She saw a male with short blond hair down at the controls for the main pilot of the ship and next to him in the secondary controls panel was The Orion that brought her to the ship.


Captain on the bridge!” T'Leia said.


All eyes were now on the captain, she noticed The Orion waving as she walked up next to The Vulcan in the center of the bridge.

Lieutenant Drake has set a course in for the unknown sector."


There been a change in plans. Lieutenant, set in a course for Ty'Gokor.”


Captain?” Drake replied.


I'll explain later, just do it.”


Drake gave a shrug and set in the new course. Yalea sat back down in her captain seat, enjoying it almost as well as the first time she sat down on it. Closing her eyes for a moment before Drake spoke again, “Course set, Captain.”


Set her to maximum warp Lieutenant.”




Yalea opened her eyes and looked out to the screen showing space. This was it.




The USS. Millennium departed from the dock and slowly began to move through space, and then it powered up activating maximum warp as it took off in a speed faster than light! Yalea's eyes was glued to the screen while the ship continued on its course to the planet Ty'Gokor. The captain noticed her commander out of the corner of her eyes before sitting up to stand next to the taller woman yet again.


T'Leia, round up the other senior officers and have them meet in my meeting room ASAP please.”


Yes Captain.”


Yalea entered the meeting room and sat at her end of the table, nearest to the computer. The flight control, tactical and operations officers came in soon after, taking a seat at the table. Yalea picked up a smaller computer with a list of names of her crew, she wanted to get familiar with everyone while she awaited the others. Looking through she learned the tactical officer name was Shalaz, the operations officer name was Shane Mansion, who must have been related to the Doctor. The door opened up and T'Leia came in with Doctor Luna Mansion, Councilor Abaran and Rene Champney. They quickly took their seats at the same time Yalea stood up.


We're all here then?”


The others merely nodded in response.


Let's get started. The reason we're changing our course is because of this.”


She played the same transmission Siro did for her just a few hours ago and explained the same thing he did to the others and found herself answering the same questions she had to Siro. The captain then took another seat before continuing, “I plan to arrive at Ty'Gokor as early as possible... We have no idea what we are up against so once we are there I want to be on yellow alert at all times. I want the ship's armor and shields to be up once we're in defending position of the planet and security to be at the ready. They could try to board our ship, they could try to take us by surprise by attacking us from the rear or just attack us at the front, I want to be ready for as many possible scenarios as humanly possible.”


Does Starfleet Command expect us to just sit around Ty'Gokor twiddling our thumbs waiting for the unknown to come to us, Captain?” asked Luna.


Not much we can do against the unknown, doctor. The Klingons been our allies for a long time now and we have a responsibility to help them defend against this new threat, and a ship with enough power to destroy an entire planet is more than just a threat to the Klingons, but the entire Federation as well.”


It's not every day a ship comes along and destroys an entire fleet of Klingons and their planet,” Shalaz said, “I don't think I would want to meet the ship that managed that.”


Or ships,” Luna retorted, “I very much doubt a single ship could take out all those Klingons and their planet in one strike!”


On the contrary doctor, it only took one Borg cube in the past to take out forty Starfleet ships in the past,” T'Leia said.


And they still failed before the end.”


All right!” Yalea interrupted, “This back and forth isn't getting us anywhere. You all have your orders, dismissed!”


The crew members got up from their seats and returned to their stations, all except T'Leia and the captain. Shane and Luna Mansion was the last two to leave the room.


I got a bad feeling about this,” Luna said.


Don't worry so much,” he replied reaching his station.


Don't worry? A exploration mission turned into a 'stay here and wait for the enemy' type mission. If the attack happened yesterday why did they wait until the last minute to finally give us our new orders?”


I think you're reading too much into things, sis. You shouldn't be so suspicious.”


The reason I got where I am is because I'm so suspicious, little brother. Now I'm warning you, if I see you in Sickbay with anything more than a couple of bumps and bruises I'm scolding the hell out of you for not being more careful.”


Yes mother.”


The doctor just shook her head before making her way off the bridge. Meanwhile T'Leia was still accessing information off of the computer in the meeting room.


I didn't think we would see battle so soon, T'Leia.”


There's an old human saying, Captain. Expect the unexpected... I believe this fits the situation well.”


What do you think our chances are?”


You are assuming that we will engage in a battle. However, there is no way of knowing if they will attack Ty'Gokor.”


Let say they do, what are our chances?”


The USS. Millennium is the most advanced ship in the Federation at this time, but we may confront a ship strong enough to destroy a planet. I say at the time as we know nothing we have a fifty, fifty chance of winning.”


T'Leia then turned to face the captain who was still sitting down.


You are worried?”


Is it that obvious?”


You're an easy woman to read, Captain. I'll assume I do not have to stretch the importance of not showing this to the crew? It would be very unadvised to be seen as anything less than perfect to them.”


I know, but I'm still entitled to be worried,” she replied before sitting up.


A human emotion I cannot relate to.”


Some times I envy your people, T'Leia.”


Envy? Another human emotion I cannot relate to.”


The two ladies returned to the bridge to sit down in their seats, the USS. Millennium came out of warp now before the planet Ty'Gokor and over thirty Klingon Warships defending the planet.


Captain we are being hailed,” Drake said.


On screen.”


The screen turned on to show a Klingon with long brown hair and a brown mustache, dressed in a black Klingon war suit.


Captain you're early!”


Early bird catches the worm commander. Where do you need us.”


At the front line!”


The screen returned to the view of the planet, Yalea put the ship on yellow alert, then the shields and armor was put up like Yalea ordered earlier. The ship was now on standby and ready for an attempted attack on the planet.


Mister Mansion, I want you to run scans across this entire area for any ships that may be heading our way, do it once every half hour.”


Aye madam!”


Keep an eye out for anything that's unfamiliar... Mister Drake ready all weapons.”


Yes Captain!”


Keep an eye out for anything unfamiliar.”


Then they waited. Five hours passed and there was still no sign of a possible attack. The captain's eyes were still on the screen, looking out to empty space. Down near the controls a small yawn escaped The Orion's lips before she quietly whisper, “I never been so bored in my life.”


Sorry to disappoint you, Mia,” Yalea said to her, “Not being attacked is a good thing you know...”


The Orion bit her tongue after the captain spoke and decided to stay quiet from now on.


Status report?”


Still nothing showing up on long range sensors,” Shane began, “There's nothing out there.”


Right when he finished his sentence, from out of nowhere one of the Klingon Warships were destroyed by a blast coming from space!


Captain! One of the Klingon Warships were just destroyed!” said Shalaz.

By what!?”


I have no idea!”


I'm picking nothing on the sensors, Captain! According to the ship there's nothing out there!”


Two more Klingon Warships were then attacked and destroyed in one shot! Another shot from this unknown source hit the Millennium wearing down the power of the shields by half. The impact causing the ship to shake, but only a little.


Our shields are now at fifty percent, they can't take another hit like that,” Shalaz said.


Fire phases into space, don't stop until you hit something!”


The Millennium then open fire with its phasers into random parts of open space. Most of them hit nothing and continued through space before dying out but one hit the shields of an invisible ship.


Fire everything we have in that one spot!”


Yes Captain!”


Everything from phasers to photon torpedoes were fired to that same spot, once again hitting a ship shields but soon the invisible ship became visible and the crew on the bridge saw a dark gray ship shape like a pyramid. The other remaining Klingon Warships began surrounding the now visible enemy ship and launching everything they had to fire at it! The shields suffered no damage and unleashed laser beams across the other Klingon Warships, a large portion of the Klingon fleet were destroyed with the lasers as one of the other laser hit the Millennium and took out the shields and did major damage to the ship's armor. Impact sent the captain and other officers on the bridge out of their chairs! Yalea quickly got up to her feet looking out to the battle going on between the Klingons and the unknown ship, and the Klingons kept losing more and more ships.


Damage report!”


The shields are down, the armor is still holding at two hundred percent!” said Shalaz as he got back up to his station.


Fire all phasers at their shields, take them down!”


The USS. Millennium continued to fire more phasers against the ship, hitting their shields while the remaining Klingon ships did the same thing but the unknown alien ship quickly fire back with powerful plasma energy beams causing more Klingon ships to be destroyed until there were only three remaining and the armor of the Millennium took more damage now holding at thirty percent.

They have suffered no damage to their shields!” said Shalaz.


Captain, there are only three Klingon Warships left and they've taken heavy damage,” said Shane.


Beam the survivors of those ships on board directly to Sickbay!”


Yalea quickly clicked on the badge that served as a way to speak to other crew members near her right breast.


Doctor prepare for some Klingon patients!”


Oh goody,” she replied sarcastically.


Shane succeeded in beaming the surviving Klingons aboard to Sickbay while the alien ship destroyed the remaining Warships right after they were beam aboard. The ship now focused its attention on the human vessel.


Captain we're being scanned!” Shane said.


Good, while they're doing that unleash a wave of photon torpedoes!”


Wait Captain,” T'Leia said, “We are being hailed. Auto frequency only.”


Put them through!”


With a couple of clicks of the buttons they were now on an auto frequency with an unknown race. This would be exciting if first contact with something didn't begin in a battle that cost the lives of so many Klingons already.


We have scanned your ships and have gathered that you are inferior to us. You cannot survive a battle. You have not yet been judged accordingly so you are innocent. Surrender and we will spare your ship and your crew,” said a voice that sounded neither male nor female.


What do you mean 'judge'?”


Do you surrender?”


We're not beat yet!”


I see...”


The aliens cut off communication.


Captain, they're charging their weapons!”


Evasive maneuver, Shalaz!”


The alien ship unleashed the charge plasma blast but the Millennium was successful in dodging the attack and countering with more photon torpedoes aimed at the ship, some getting in a direct hit against the shields!


Their shields are still holding.”


Fire the plasma torpedoes!”


The plasma torpedoes were fired but the enemy ship was able to dodge them, just barely enough to avoid their shields taking more damaged as they unleashed heavy photons against the Millennium lowering the percentage of their armor. The USS Millennium counter with heavy photons of their own but was weak compare to the enemy's version, but still effective. The two ships so far appeared to be evenly matched in speed as they exchanged fire of heavy photons left and right! The alien ship then unleashed a plasma beam strong enough to destroy the remaining percentage of the Millennium's armor now leaving them vulnerable to heavier damage. The Millennium continued to fire different types of torpedoes in hopes to lower their shields but their shields were still able. The enemy ship fired another set of lasers that the Millennium was barely able to evade but then the alien ship took that time to fire another set of heavy photons against the ship's engines and lower areas! The ship was shaking and if it weren't for the belts on the chairs being activated someone would've fell to the floor!


Damage report!”


Deck fifteen and two has been badly hit!”


Champney, what's going on in engineering?”


We taking a lot of damage Captain but she's still holding! She's taken some good damage now, I'm trying to save what I can!”


Captain they're aiming at the bridge!” said Shalaz.


Evasive maneuver delta-!”


She was interrupted by the attack that hit the bridge hard! The primary flight controllers also exploded as a result, causing Drake to suffer burns in his seat, the Orion screamed and took off her belt to get away from her seat! When the brightness from the blast faded the captain got out of her seat and turned to find Shane body laying down on the ground close to the elevator and then she looked over to Mia trying to wake up Drake. Yalea quickly went over to them both, taking Drake out of his seat belt and carrying him over to the ground to check his pulse, and nothing.


Mia get back to the controls.”


H-He's dead isn't he!?”


We don't have time to mourn, get back to the controls!”


I'll mourn whenever I want!”


Get back to the controls or I'll do your damn job for you!”


Mia just glared at the captain before returning to her station. Yalea looked over to see The Vulcan checking up on Shane.


How is he?”


He's dead, Captain.”


Yalea felt sorrow for the dead comrades, dreading telling the doctor her brother is now dead. She looked over to find Shalaz still alive and at his station.


Take his station, T'Leia!”


T'Leia quickly went over to operations while Yalea stood up to her feet. T'Leia arrived at the station just in time to receive a hailing transmission.


Captain, they are hailing us again.”


...Put them through.”


This is your last chance to surrender. You cannot win.”


There was a pause, Yalea hated to lose but she had no choice. She swallowed her pride for the well being of her crew and replied, “We surrender. What are your terms?”


When scanning your ship we discovered you have over forty Klingons on your vessel. You will give us them and in return you will be allowed to leave and make your repairs.”


What do you intend to do with them?”


That is not your concern. This is not your battle.”


You committed acts of aggression against the United Federation of Planets so this IS our battle!”


You have five minutes to think this over. Your choice will determine if you live or die. Choose wisely.”


They cut off communication once again as the captain looked over to T'Leia before clicking on her badge again, “Champney?”




Can we go to warp?”


We can but it won't last long, Captain.”


Can you give me an estimate?”


Thirty seconds at the least.”


Thanks Champney, Yalea out.”


Captain, we must consider the possibility that the enemy could successfully chase us in warp,” said T'Leia.


I'm ready for suggestions.”


You won't like what I have to suggest.”


Just spit it out.”


I advise we give them what they want, then we can escape and report to Starfleet.”


Have you lost your mind!” barked Mia, “We can't give them the Klingons!”


We have little choice in the matter. It is not logical to put forty people ahead of the rest of the entire crew.”


So we should just send the few to their deaths!? If we leave they'll destroy that planet and million more lives will be lost!”


If we do not give Starfleet an idea of what we are dealing with then more lives even planets may be destroyed. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”


Don't give me that crap!”


Know your place, lieutenant junior grade!" Yalea said.


Captain we're running out of time!”


You two, can't be serious...”


Yalea turned around to face The Orion, a look of anger now on her face.


What would you have me do, Mia? Fight them until we die? Run away and risk being chased and destroyed? We're out gunned, we have no shields and no armor! No one is coming to our aid! We're running lower on power now as we speak and already two lives lost! I have to tell a woman in Sickbay her brother is dead! What would you have me do? If I could I would blow that ship to hell!”


I...I'm sorry.”


Hail the alien ship!”


Shalaz hailed the alien ship and they instantly responded, “I trust you came to a decision?”


How do you want us to send them to you?”


A few of us will transport to your ship. You will take us to them and we will transport back with them personally. Then as soon as we do you are to leave. Understood?”




You're smart after all. We will be transporting to your 'transporter room two'.”


We'll meet you there. T'Leia, come with me. You have the bridge, Shalaz.”


Yalea and T'Leia quickly left the bridge and went down to deck five where transporter room two was located. The captain was beginning to feel guilt, and hating the feeling of defeat. Yalea kept trying to tell herself she was doing the right thing, the only thing she could do but deep down she felt like she was doing wrong. They entered the transporter room, a single male with short black hair and the uniform with red stripes stood at the controls on the right of the room. Up ahead was a transport where you step up on a big silver circle while the rest of the room was red. Three people then beamed onto the platform, all three people were the same height, dressed in black robes with silver masks on their faces. They stepped off the platform and the person in the middle looked over to the captain. The unknown person took their hands, covered in black leather gloves, to the hood of its robes and lowered it to unveil long white hair tied up in a ponytail. It then took off the mask to unveil the young attractive features of a young female with crimson eyes and pale skin. Yalea instantly remember Siro words about a woman with long white hair, crimson red eyes and pale skin!


Captain Yalea Emris,” said the woman, her voice cold and without emotion.


How do you know my name?”


I can read you like an open book.”


The woman took a couple of steps closer to the captain, Yalea didn't flinch at her getting close. The crimson eyes woman now stood so close from the captain, even in height, that it looked like she was going to kiss her.


Your father is Danyal Emris, he was a pilot for the USS. Jacobs. That what you was, a pilot for the USS. Aventinus, that was before your promotion to First Officer. Even now you wish to pilot the USS. Millennium, but you know that as 'captain' you cannot. It hurts you, fighting between your new passion and first love. Your mother name was also named Yalea, she was a science officer on board the USS. Jacobs, that how they met. She died giving birth to you, so your father named you after your mother, he said you looked just like her.”




Beautiful just like her. I also see you have a thing for Klingons...”




My apologies, you are the first human mind I ever had the pleasure to read. I got excited. Take us to the Klingons.”


Yalea and T'Leia led them off of this deck and to deck four. Entering the Sickbay full of Klingons. Luna turned around from one of her patients and walked up to the group, her eyes narrowing over the three strangers.


Captain what's going on?”


Stay out of the way, Luna!”


Look at them... They are so weak! I expected so much more from the Klingon filth. Captain, not all of your Klingons are here... Where are the others?”


The Klingons that are members of my crew are not affiliated with these, leave them out of your conflict!”


They are still Klingons. Order them here.”


Yalea just starred into the cold crimson eyes of the woman. Wanting nothing more but to rip her head off and throw it to the ground!


Order them here!”


The captain clench her fist and let out a quiet growl, avoiding the emotionless mask on the silver haired woman as she clicked on her badge once again, “All Klingon officers, report to Sickbay at once!” she click on the badge again to end communication.


I know it's killing you inside, Captain. You hate to lose.”


I hate to see good innocent people have bad things happen to them!”


They are far from innocent, but your pride is still the main issue here. How does it feel to have pride broken? I never felt such a foolish thing.”


None of your concern.”


Have it your way, Yalea.”


In the next moments the Sickbay doors opened and Abaran with three Klingon officers in the red stripes enter Sickbay. Upon seeing the hooded figures of the crimson eyed woman the Klingon in red took out their phasers, but one of the two hooded figures held up their hand and the phasers broke apart in their hand. The other hooded figure used the power of her mind to choke the Klingons just enough to bring the big men to their knees. Yalea forced herself to look away, not standing to see people suffering and being powerless to stop it!


How does it feel? The sorrow, helplessness and the guilt?”


What more do you want from me!?”


The woman finally cracked a grin before bringing her right hand up to her ear, clicking on something that was inside her ear before speaking, “Do you have us locked on? Good... beam us up.”


The woman continued to grin at the captain as she and the others were being beamed back to their ship. Yalea then realized by looking at her hands that she too was being beamed back to their ship, looking over to T'Leia one last time before she found herself in a very large room with a dim red lighting all around the place. She looked around to see the other Klingons, the woman and the two hooded figures still around. More hooded figures stood around them, watching them as Yalea did the first thing that came to her mind. She punched the closest hooded figure to her position in the face as hard as she could to knock the person down! She then moved to kick the woman but she caught her leg and spun her around, the other hooded figure pulling out a staff and hitting her in the head as hard as it could knocking her down to the ground. Before Yalea could pass out she saw the woman leaning down to look her in the eyes.


Welcome aboard, Captain.”


Then everything went black.

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