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by sapphireinu

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Just a short, random poem


I feel your eyes as they watch me
Sensing your curiosity
The sensation of the slight caress from your energy
I turn my eyes to yours
It’s like a shock through my system
Setting me a flame
Piercing my soul
Milky azure glass glows in the dim, gray light
You smile
My eyes widen
Time stops
You get up from your seat on the bench
Pigeons scatter
I realize my heart skipped it’s fluttery beat
Seeming so far away
Yet so close
I wait for you as you cross the courtyard
Anxious, yet excited
Your strides are long and my heart fast
I find myself looking up
Gazing at the mystery before me
A strong hand reaches out, asking for mine
Caught in the beautiful tirade of emotion
I clutch your hand
And I’m pulled into your strong embrace
Limbs entangle around each other
Warm, smooth lips press to my ear as you whisper my name
Voice husky, yet so velvety and soft
You’re my enigma, my personally puzzle
I press my ear to your chest, soothed by your strong heart
Will I ever tire of it, I do not know
With you, my soul is whole

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