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Nobody Intro And Chapter 1

by meiteni-vina-zaudeja

Libraries: Action, Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Philosophical, Series

Published on / 1 Chapter(s) / 1 Review(s)

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>> well uh i wrote it a while ago alwl

It started with the war; The Amcan's invaded the Middle East under the leadership of W

It started with the war; The Amcan's invaded the Middle East under the leadership of W. Bush. His hair grey, His voice that of a true bigget, and his IQ that of a toddlers.

It's typical for foreigner's to seem strange, unjust, unintelegent, or unworthy of their power, but this man was beyond the average foreigner.

This man...

This man...

In 2003 this man invaded my hometown. This man killed my parents, merchants working in a street market.

This man destroyed my home

My live was destroyed my this man.

Nobody Chapter 1

Moric "peace, harmony, solace. These things don't exist here najada."

Najada "Then I suppose I'll be leaving." (Turning away)

Moric (raised voice) "And go where! Do you think its different anywhere else? Look around you kid this world is made of hellish people and unfair rules. So go find another town, another country, another continent, but unless you go to another world you'll find nothing but misery."

Najada"why so morbid, there are plenty of nice things out there if you just try and find them..."

Moric"just shut up, there's no arguing with you anyway"

Najada"shall we go fetch Ren?"

(Change in scenery)

Moric"mornin' Ren."

Ren"And what do you want?"

Moric"Its time to come OUT Ren."

ren walks up to moric
R"thats for keeping me locked up so long"
ren turns to najada
R"who the hell are you?"
N"well she seems nice" -pissed-
M" ren, this is Najada. Love her hate her i dont rly give a fuck just dont kill her"
N"can we go now?"
M"come with us ren"
-dark room-photos of middle east
R"w-what is this?"
N"This is what happens when power is placed in the wrong hands. This WAS my home town."
R"i see..., and what exactly do you expect me to do about this? I mean even if cut the person who did this down it wont bring back your home town"
-lights turn on-
M"no,no, this all is part of some underlying goal. we want you to find out what that goal is."
hours later-
N"whoa whats that?"
R"this is the us data base, i hacked into it by ....."
ren rambels on while najada watches her with a confused face
moric walks in
R"pfft, what do YOU want"
M *points to ooghna (Una)*
R" geez another girl? why the fuck does it always have to be girls?"
U-*ignoreing ren* "My name is ooghna(una) its very nice to meet you both"
N-"nice to meet yo- OOH WHATS THAT?" *turns back to ren*
R*sigh* U(to moric) "well now that ive met everyone, how cani help?"
M"well i was hopeing you couls keep things neutral around here but also, i need you to keep things neat and secret."
U"It would be an honor mr.moric"
M"just call me Moric"
M*sigh* "oh boy"

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