The One That I Miss

by NegativeZero

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Someone you miss can never go away and your memories will alwaise remind you of that person...

Todai I found maiself lying,
On the floor with nothing to do,
And then from inside I was crying,
Because I was missing you,
Then I thought of a world without you,
And more tears began to fall,
Because I knoe I cant live without you,
And without you theres nothing at all,
And then mai heart just stopped,
And I knoe that I had died,
With one single little thought,
That had killed me from inside,
To feel like u weren't coming back,
Had given mai heart pause,
And I guess from strength that I lacked,
Mai love had no purpose or cause,
And without cause or purpose,
Whats the point of being alive,
Im sorrie for making you see this,
But I saw mai love in your eyes,
And for so long I didn't see that love,
And dying was calling it quits,
But even as an angel from above,
You're still the one that I miss.

© 2004 TimZ

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