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Parting with the Cildhood

by Nataly Bild

Libraries: Drama, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Series

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One event influences three lives. The first part - Parting with the Childhood - will tell about the boy who always thought himself supreme. At last he finds a person who is equial to him... But the next moment the person disappears leaving unhealing scars in his soul.

It was my fault. 
No matter how much time has passed I’m still thinking of it. It was MY fault.
I still remember her eyes, wide with fear. And his blood on the steel. And that disgusting sound which made me deaf. So I couldn’t hear his cry. Did he cry? I don’t know. Perhaps. Everyone would cry. Though… it was he. So he might not. 
I remember that day. 
WHY did I call him there? I can’t say why. He annoyed me. I couldn’t understand him and hated. I was mean and shallow. It was my fault.
WHY did she follow us? I don’t know. She loved me so much but I hadn’t deserved it. That was my fault, too.
Why did I can not do that? I know. I got frightened. Quailed. I couldn’t do that. But he could. I’m just a coward. Before that I had never thought what kind of person he was. Much braver than me, in fact. 
That was my fault. 
I must have done it, not him. I must be in his shoes now. And I wish I would.
I’ll always remember that day.

Thinking back of that time I often asked WHY me. Why should THAT happen to ME? I couldn’t see the answer and was getting more and more miserable. I was weak back then constantly complaining and crying.
But finally there appeared a man who answered my question. That all had happened to me for I could become the one I’m now. 
Of course, looking at me one can say: “He’s miserable, ugly” but I don’t think so. No matter what he or she means but I would never feel myself defective again. I don’t claim myself supreme but I’m proud of what I am. If that had not happened I would have been another person now. And I’m not sure I would like that person more than I like the present self.
Everything that happened… That’s Ok. I have overcome that. And will, what haven’t yet.
I will always remember that day.


Star noticed the boy as soon as they came into the park. He was sitting on a bench with a book in his hands. Star smiled. 
‘Guys, you’ll have some fun now’, he said to his companions not looking at them. The only one he saw now was the boy on the bench.
He also noticed the group of the boys but did not show that. Pretending that he was reading the book he watched them above it. The black-haired one said something to his companions, and they looked in his direction. He pretended reading though he knew that they would come up to him anyway.
When shadows fell on the pages he did not move.
‘Hey’, the leader’s voice shouted near his ear. He did not need see him to learn that – he knew his voice too well.
‘Hey, you, bookworm! I’m talking to you,’ shouted the young man again.
The boy turned the page as if he was not addressed to.
 Star got pissed off. Nobody had ever ignored him. Except for this guy. He was too independent, and that pissed Star off even more. 
‘Let’s look at what he’s reading”, said Clyde Rivers and jerked the book out from the owner’s hands. “The Basis of the Telepathy Abilities”, he read the title. ‘What bullshit!’ The guy threw the book on the ground. It got opened in the air and fell with the cover upward. The others started laughing loudly. 
Left without his disguise the boy raised the head, and at the same moment his eyes met another pair, fair gray and prickly. All that time their owner watched his face not paying attention to anything else.
‘What do you want, Starlight?’ he said in an even voice.
  ‘Oh, your eminence deign to notice us’, said his opponent, and the words were followed by the approving laughter. He had cooled down a little so his voice was sweetly venomous. ‘But have I allowed you to call me Starlight? It’s Mr. Starlight for you, moron!’
He sighed. He had a bad feeling about that. As always.
Perhaps, he was the only one who did not like Starlight and was not afraid to show that. The others at least pretended to like him. He was too handsome, too proud of himself and always behaved as if the whole world had belonged to him.
The boy sniffed and leaned forward to take the book. When he touched it Eugene Drine stepped on his fingers. 
‘What will you do next, Mr. Telepath?’ he asked with an evil grin. He always liked the expression which appeared on his victims’ faces when they cried with pain.
The boy glared up on him angrily. Eugene caught his look and twisted his boot on the boy’s fingers. He didn’t make a sound. They both looked at Star. Eugene’s glance was a little unconfident – the victim had not reacted as it should, and it startled him. But Star did not notice his glance - he was looking into the boy’s eyes.
‘Why… even in such a humiliating situation he stays so cool? He must have steel nerves… and his eyes… they are like steel too’.
Indeed, looking into his eyes Starlight always remembered blades of tammer steel he once saw in the museum. They were dark-gray in colour with almost black lines inside; these lines formed a strange pattern which seen once would be never forgotten. 
Eugene didn’t get an answer from the leader and stepped more heavily on the boy’s fingers.
What happened next was far beyond the boys’ understanding. The silent victim moved his eyes to Eugene, and he, stunned, fell on the ground. His eyes were wide opened, and there was fear inside them. Clyde twitched to help him but the shoe-strings turned out to be entangled so he fell on his friend’s body. 
The boy straightened himself up and looked at the four left. They watched him in a great surprise. The boy waited. The first one to wake up was Josef. No brains, only strength. That was about him.
‘YOU!’ cried Josef and attacked the boy. Wanted to attack, to be more exact. As the next moment he found himself falling back with pain in his chest as if somebody had kicked him with the astonishing strength. The one to blame, though, just stood motionless.
Star watched them silently with his body paralyzed, but not mind. He was not that stupid as seemed. ‘So that tales about telepathy are not just stories… But they are not truth either…’
James and Claude stepped forward but Star’s hands touched their chests. 
‘That’s enough, guys! Hm… Haven’t believed that you really can do that, Steel’, he said with a note of respect in his voice. ‘Meet me at three in the forest… you know where it is. James, Claude, take Eugene and Josef, we’re leaving’. He told that to his companions but it looked like he gave orders to his dogs. He did not look at them, all his attention was absorbed by the boy. Then he turned and went away not waiting for anybody to follow him. He knew they would.
James and Claude glanced at their leader’s back as if they did not understand him and were unsatisfied with his order but they did not say anything against. They just helped the shocked guys to stand up. Clyde who had finally managed to untangle his shoe-strings followed them mumbling something under his nose, from time to time he gave angry looks to the boy who was standing in a loose pose near the bench with the book in his hand. 
At the park gates Star stopped and turned his head to look at him. 
‘See ya!’
Their heads appeared for a moment among the branches of the bushes, and they disappeared from his sight. 
Left alone Steel looked for some time in the direction they left. Then in relief he sat down on the bench and braced his head with the hands.
He had a bad feeling about it.
His abilities for telepathy were discovered long ago when he was about seven. It was too early, and they had to teach him to control his power not to hurt anyone by chance. He had constantly to keep himself back. And he tried. So he held a distance between himself and everybody else. The less people were around, the less hard it was. He did not allow anyone to appear in his life, except for those who already were in. The rest behind the imaginary wall he had surrounded around himself were just shades, the one who would disappear never to return. That always helped him to bear Starlight and his gang. 
They did not matter. They would disappear. They could do nothing to him.
But this time he lost his temper and for the first time used his ability against living beings.
He felt himself almighty when he allowed the power to show up. It was a kind of delight. It was a wonderful and at the same time frightening feeling. He had never though himself to be so violent. 
But the most surprising thing was that Starlight could easily bear his glance. That was not all he could – he partly managed to keep control over himself - but that… That could mean two things – Starlight had either very strong will or some power.
‘So then, really very few are match to him… May it be the reason why he’s always so high and mighty?’
But today for the fist time Steel felt that Starlight’s glance was not so full of superiority as always. As if he had been thinking whether they were equal. Was that really so? Or it was just his imagination?
‘Meet me at three in the forest… you know where it is’, he remembered the guy’s words.
Yeh, he knew where it was. A small glade where guys met to decide things among themselves, where nobody could see or hear them.

* * *


Girls were sitting on a mat and chattered. It was a beautiful summer day with the clear and high sky, but it still was not hot. They enjoyed the weather and talk.
That was a kind of light talk happy teenage girls usually had – about dresses, parties and boys. Just several moments ago Ethel, Virginia and Geraldine decided that Stella’s blue dress with white lace was the most beautiful. It perfectly matched her dark like a raven’s wing hair and azure eyes. 
The girls who did not really accept that in fact told the truth. Stella was really astonishingly beautiful. She smiled at her friends with that charming happy smile of a human who had never known bitterness and sorrow. Her eyes sparkled with joy and laughter and checks got rosy outside.
‘What’s the matter, Stella?’ asked Ethel when noticed that her friend gave up the talk. 
‘Oh, that’s nothing’, said the girl absent-mindedly. She looked at her friends and smiled. Though there was a kind of guilt in the smile. ‘I’ll return soon’, she added and run away. The long skirt was swirling around her legs like foam.
The girls looked in surprise at her and only then noticed what Stella had been looking at – two guys slowly walked toward the woods.
‘Oh, that’s her brother!’ exclaimed Ethel.
‘Really?’ the girls leaned forward to look at him. Starlight was about four years older than them and much more interesting that the boys of their age. They idolized him.
‘And who’s with him?’ they asked Ethel.
‘Hm… I don’t know’, she had to confess. She had seen all Star’s friends but could not remember this one. 
Stella followed the guys; though they walked slowly she almost had to run to catch them up. Her heart was beating very fast - when she saw them together she got really surprised and still happy.
‘Gedeon Steel’, she whispered the name she did not dare to say out loud. For a long time she had nothing to do but watch him from the distance; but that brown-haired gay with always thoughtful eyes attracted her very much. However she could not talk to him – they had not been properly introduced to each other.
But now she had a chance. Star – she never liked this nickname and still called him Ray – was the brother she loved most of all (and she had three of them) and even preferred to their sister. So she had a kind of a privilege to spend some time with him and his buddies. And that was one of the reasons why the girls envied her and Ethel especially. 
Raymond Starlight had a talent of attracting people so the heirs of the most influential families united around him. Though he rarely got messed up into their business they always followed him whatever he did.
However for the girls the most important thing was that friendship with Stella allowed them to be invited to a party or just dinner where Star himself or sometimes some of his companions might present; and every one of them was a desired husband-to-be.
And now Stella wanted to use this opportunity – she believed that dear brother would never refuse to his beloved sister and introduce his friend to her.
The boys had not noticed her yet and walked faster; perhaps, they were too much absorbed with the talk. The path went uphill and it grew harder to walk. Soon the girl understood that she should call them otherwise she would not catch up.
‘Ray!’ she called but they did not hear her; some monotonous sound drowned her shout.
She ran.
‘Ray!’ she was crossing the railways when her foot, weak after a long walk, slipped, and she fell. She hurt her knees; that was painful but not serious, and she tried to get up on her feet. The long skirt got caught by something and she fell back.
The sound became louder. 
‘Raymond!’ she cried in panic as loud as she could. 
The other second she heard a sound of a hoot. A train just climbed up the hill, and the engine-driver noticed her but it was too late and the speed was too large for he could stop the train at once. Though he tried to – he panicked.
 The hoot of the train and the echo of her cry at last attracted the boys’ attention and they turned their heads to see a girl sitting on the rails and the moving train. 
Star recognized his sister at once and grew pale. His heart started beating very fast. He opened the mouth but the words would not come out. His legs grew heavy, and he could not move – just watch how the train would smash his sister.
Gedeon understood the danger at once. He was sure he had seen the girl somewhere but there was no time to think about it. His body moved by itself; and the next second he found himself running to her.
The girl cried something but he could not hear it clearly. Though for a moment it seemed to him that she cried out his name. 
He run up to the girl and jerked her by the hand. The caught skirt pulled them back, he jerked again carrying the girl on the safe side, and there came hardly heard the sound of fabric tearing. She got free, and they fell on the ground. Everything was mixed though by some part of his mind he understood that the train was close and it was still dangerous. He pushed the girl father and she started slipping from the fill. In that place it was too steep, and he saw that just then. He held her trying to find a save support for his feet. They slowly slipped down, but at last he got caught by something. They stopped being afraid to move.
The train passes them… Abrupt pain… He managed to draw her closer to himself…
…they rolling down the fill with everything swirling around…
He did not feel sharp stones which hit his body and did not feel pain when they stopped at some woods with a strange cracking sound. All he felt was tearing pain in his leg which messed up his mind. On some reason he felt sick, weak and dizzy. The girl’s face faded in front of his eyes; and everything sank in black.
Stella did not understand what had happened, except for he moved her from the rails. When they stopped rolling she saw for a moment his eyes very close. They were dark, almost blue, with darker lines inside. Like agate. She looked into the eyes which suddenly became black and absorbed her to the darkness full of heavy pain.
The train obstructed them from Star; but he still could not tear his eyes from the place where his sister had been. His legs wobbled, and he fell on his knees. He felt very-very sick. 
The train seemed to stop and some people were jumping out of it. But everything was like in a mist. He could not tear his eyes from that spot and the same picture stopped in his eyes. 
Blood… blood on the rails…. blood on the grass…
 He saw how Gedeon’s leg was cut off by the merciless train. 

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