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The New Kid

by NegativeZero

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Sometimes the people we get to know... eventually we fall in love with them and sometimes is works out and in other cases... this happens...

She was a little girl just starting in her teens,
And then she had a crush on a boy she'd never seen,
He was the new kid who just moved in from outta town,
He had hazel brownish eyes and hair that was streaked brown,
He was in all of her classes and was a school boy to his best,
And he would get all A's on every single test,
He was way too shy to even say hello,
So she got up and moved to him and a smile began to show,
He glanced at her slightly and then pulled his head away,
And she introduced herself to the new kid on that day,
And as days went by she soon became his friend,
They were best friends till forever even after the end,
And then she fell in love with him and he told her with a frown,
Im glad you came to speak to me but I have to let you down,
I have a girl that's waiting and I promised Id come back,
I should have told you on that day but I didn't wanna see you sad,
And then she smiled and turned away and said she understood,
But deep in heart she was crying in pain but lied and said she was good,
And then the boy smiled not knowing she cried but tears just started to fall,
And she said to herself with all of her strength I guess a friend is better than nothing at all.

© 2004 TimZ

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