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by kisara

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A very short one shot of Bulma and Vegeta. Time is short ...

There she lay, sleeping, moonlight shining in through the curtains on her body, exposing parts of her naked skin to the dark eyes of her husband.Her chest rising and falling in a slow hypnotic tempo."By the kai's she looks angelic" her husband thought. He had been watching her sleep for almost an hour. She was exhausted from their lovemaking but not him,he could go on forever if it was with her. Unfortunately faith had not been so generous as to bestow "forever" on them. In death they would be separated. He would burn in hell,be striped of his memories and body for all the evil he had committed whilst she would go to heaven.

Never wil he have enough of her, her flawless skin, soft aqua hair, womanly curves and those big blue eyes that always look at him with love and acceptance. How he had come to earn her love he will never understand. There had always been some sort of passion between them. Yes, even when they were yelling at each other about something futile. Then it became something more, a kiss, a deep kiss, a night of passion in bed. A night he could never forget, the night his son was conceived.

Lost in gazing at her angelic form he did not notice a being forming in the room. A small woman sitting on a crystal ball appeared. She looked at the man, lost with his thoughts, a sad look upon his face. "It is time". Startled by the womans voice the man looked up. "Time" he said to himself. Turning his gaze back, he kisses her, careful not to wake her from peaceful slumber. He looks at the woman sitting on the crystal ball. "Yes it is time" he nods, then they vanish.


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