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In Plain Sight

by DoodlesanDaydreams

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Aurora and her adopted brother Tobias are more than a little odd, but in the year 2225, where mutations are common and the bad times barely over, it's easy to blend in with the crowd. But when the unscrupulous Warren P. Slake blows their cover and sends them into hiding, they find that they weren't the only strange things hiding in plain sight.

Chapter 1, Chapter 1:

In Plain Sight
“See Kevin, that's a frog

“See Kevin, that's a frog.” Aurora called over her shoulder to Kevin as she lifted her wriggling prize out of the creek and turned to show it to the others. Kevin was from New-New York and he'd never seen a frog before, but the Ash blonde boy wouldn't come close enough to the creek to catch his own.

“Oh come on Kevin” called Auroras best friend, Monica from the middle if the water. “It's only knee deep and Auri promised there weren't any germs.”

In reality Kevin wasn't as much afraid of germs as he was afraid of Monica. When Kevin had first met the mocha colored girl in pink party dress, he'd thought she was pretty. Then he'd seen her tail and realized that she wasn't normal. Kevin's Dad had always told him that mutants were bad, a perversion of nature, whatever that meant. So he'd done his best to keep his distance whenever possible. Why did Aurora have to hang out with so many bad people?

“Auri doesn't know if there's germs or not, besides there's bugs in there.” Kevin called for lack of a better excuse.

“That's the bestest part!” called Jessie, ankle deep in mud from the shore.

“You're weird,” sulked Kevin “I'm gonna go play were it's so gross.” Without looking back, he crossed the wooden bridge and climbed the far bank out of sight.

“Don't go there!' Auri shouted splashing across the creek “Mommy says that side of the creeks not ours.” Aurora's mother had also said that was the edge of the protection spell daddy had lain to keep the property safe to play in, but Aurora wasn't supposed to talk about that.

Both Aurora's parents were of, unique lineage. Her father's side of the family had Black Forest sorcerer blood in them all the way from the time of the Vikings. Her mother's family included in their genealogy, two shamans, a Tibetan monk, three Celtic guardians and over sixty witches, and that was only in the last three hundred years. Family reunions generally had much more going for them than good potato salad. Some people if they knew the truth would have been perfectly fine with witches for neighbors, but others would label them abominations, or worse see them as a way to power. But at five years old, all Aurora knew was that almost all her family was special, and that when she was older, she would be special too.

Of course, Auri wasn't thinking any of this as she sloshed out of the creek and dashed up the hill to bring back Kevin. She was thinking it was almost time to head back to the house for lunch.

On the other side of the hill Auri caught sight of Kevin at the edge of a fallow field, looking out at something she couldn't see from her angle.

“Kevin, We're not supposed to be out here!” called Aurora through cupped hands, but Kevin didn't look around or even answer her call. She found out why when she got close enough to see what was in front of him.

Kevin stood stock-still; afraid to move a muscle for fear the dog would come any closer. At least, he thought it was a dog. It was big and beefy, with long brindle fur, a square muzzle, and three eyes.

“So cool!” Auri breathed gazing at the beast before them; a whimper from Kevin reminded her how serious this was. Reigning in her enthusiasm, Aurora calmed her mind and reached out like her mother had taught her. Gently, her aura stroked the surface of the dog's spirit, feeling for the soul within and finding. . .

“Puppy!” Aurora called at the dog with a grin. The dog, sharing her enthusiasm, happily trotted over, tongue lolling.

“Aren't you a good puppy.” Aurora crooned, stroking it behind the ears. Noticing Kevin's hesitancy she called over her shoulder,” It's all right Kevin, she's a nice puppy. You can come and pet her.”

But it's wasn't all right! Kevin thought franticly. Kevin's dad had reminded him time and again that most mutants had psychological problems and couldn't be trusted. Now his best friend, the person who stuck up for him when everyone else teased him, was calmly standing within reach of one of the scariest creatures he'd ever seen. He had to save her.

“Stand Back Auri” Kevin shrilled, his voice breaking as he scooped up a pebble from the ground and hurled it at the dog. The pebble bounced harmlessly short of its goal, but it did turn the dog's attention away from Aurora, to him!

“Kevin, stop, you're making her angry!” Auri shrieked as a deep growl rumbled forth from the beast's chest and she took a step towards Kevin. Still shouting and throwing, things, Kevin hurriedly backpedaled up the hill, then spun and sprinted back towards the creek, the dog thundering after him.

`Oh no' Aurora thought watching Kevin run. Mommy always said that running made you prey, and with the head start they there was no way she could get to Kevin in time.

“STOP!” Aurora cried. The air suddenly hummed with magnetism and Aurora's mouth tasted like pennies as her voice boomed impossibly loud from her tiny frame. At the command both boy and dog halted so abruptly that their momentum sent them head over heels down the other side of the hill. Aurora ran after, cresting the hill in time to see both of them land with a splash in the creek, sending the other kids screaming in terror from the water.

Kevin surfaced spitting water, and for a moment didn't know where he was. Then the dog/thing emerged from the shallows ten feet away and he remembered. Whimpering in terror, Kevin scuttled backwards towards the bank hoping the dog would stay were it was. At first it looked like it wanted to continue the chase but one glance behind it showed Aurora coming down the hill at a run and it suddenly became a little more hesitant. Aurora, electricity almost tangible around her, shouted with all her will for it to “Go Home”. It decided now was a good time to leave.

Shocked silence filled the creek as what had happened dawned on the kids. Then with a rush everyone crowded around Aurora, shrieking and giggling with confused excitement. “I have to tell mommy.” Aurora said with glee. She grabbed for Kevin's hand and was shocked as he yanked away and ran for the house. Sharing a confused look with Monica, Aurora took off after him to see what was the matter.

Anne Reimdeln, looked up at the patter of little feet running to see one of Aurora's friends zoom past her and into the house. Sensing the need for intervention, she corralled her daughter as she and the rest of her kindergarten friends thundered onto the deck.

“Auri, honey what's all the hurry?” Anne exclaimed catching Aurora by the shoulder. Without missing a beat Aurora started doing what she did best, talking.

“Mommy we were down in the creek cause Kevin's from the city an he's never seen a real frog before but then there was this dog, one of the mutated ones not the normal kind and but I thought it was cute and I reached out really really carefully just like you told me and she was cool but then Kevin threw a rock at it! Then it got real mad and it was gonna eat Kevin up but I yelled stop real loud and they did but they fell down the hill and I told the dog to go home and it did! But then Kevin got this funny look on his face and he ran back this way and have you seen him? I don't know why but think it's because of me.”

As Aurora stared up at her mother; face a mixture of excitement, confusion, and hurt, the day did not seem quite as sunny as it had before. Her daughter had used her first magic, and already felt the consequences. But what disturbed Anne was Auroras Aura. She absolutely reeked of magnetism, a sure sign that she had been actively using large scale magic. Almost all witches had passive magic, and it wasn't at all unheard of for a child to get a little active magic before puberty. But voice control was not a little magic. Aurora shouldn't be capable of what she had just done until she was older. Some twenty years older.

In the next few months Aurora made real progress in passive magic, but did not perform a repeat act of the active kind. This was an extreme relief to her parents. It was one thing for their little girl to be talented, but commanding another person took an amount of control only adults were supposed to have. And early development in witches was not always a good thing. There was a reason all the ancient tales of powerful witches and shamans starred old people. A witch's power grew like a tree, growing more powerful as the person aged. A witch who grew up and out before they had had time to send out roots was likely to topple or snap in times of stress, usually hurting others in the process. So far Aurora had held steady, not showing any other talents, and unable to repeat her first feat, but when your children have magic one must always keep on ones toes. And that went double-time with Aurora.

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