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Must have been some kiss.

by b-o-w-a

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He would do anything his Baby Boy asked, without a doubt.

 Okay, this is my first Covenant fic so if I’m out of character go ahead and call me on it. : )

Disclaimer:  Don’t own a thing



I smile as Tyler’s arms come around me, hugging me from behind. He fits so perfectly against my body, like he was made for me.

He leans up, biting my ear gently, whispering “I love you” softly against my ear. He kisses my ear softly, trying to erase the non-existent pain from his bite.

I turn around in his arms, smiling down at him. “Yeah?”

He grins at me, perfect in every way. “Yeah,”

I lean down brushing my lips across his softly. “I love you too.”

His smile is still there when I pull away.

He looks up at me, asking for more.

He’s beautiful, his face is angelic as he begs, but I know he’s anything but an angel.

I laugh as his he suddenly scrunches up his face, opening one eye to look at the sky.

He looks at me. “It’s starting to rain.”

I can’t help but laugh at him, at the face he made, at the way he said it, at everything about him.


He glances back up at the sky before looking back. “You wanna dance?”

I can feel my eyes widen. “What?”

His grin returns, a glint of something hidden deep in his eyes. “I’ve always wanted to dance in the rain, please?”

That wasn’t what I was expecting, but he knows that all he has to do is ask, and I’ll do it. I can’t say no to him.

I nod, moving my arms to wrap around his waist as he moves his to wrap around my neck.

Within seconds the rain is pouring and thunder is sounding. I glance down at him, water blurring my vision. I want to ask him if this is what he wants, but he’s smiling, resting his head against my chest. He’s so beautiful, even as the cold water runs down my neck and back.

We’re not so much as dancing as shifting back in forth in each other’s arms, moving to the sound of nature.

But he’s happy, and so am I.

I can feel the rain soak my clothing, feel every inch of my Baby Boy pressing against me; I can feel him smile into my chest as he moves, burying his face in my chest to keep the rain of his face.

I lean down, brushing my lips across his hair, his beautiful brown hair.

I stand back up, running my hand through his wet strands.

He looks up suddenly, his eyes full of love. His lips attack mine, asking and taking.

I let him; let him take control because he never does. He always lets me take control of our kisses.

His kiss is soft, and exploring. His tongue rubs softly against mine, and I let him in without a second thought.

His tongue searches and my eyes close softly, lost in the feeling of his mouth on mine.

One of his hands moves to caress my check, and I moan at the feeling. It’s like the first time we kissed, he was so shy, afraid to make a wrong move, but I’m not going to help him this time.

His hand moves up to my hair, pulling on it softly, making me moan again.

His lips move, licking their way to my neck. He licks and bites softly at my collar bone, moving layers of clothing to get to that one spot.

My head falls back, and then I realize that it isn’t raining anymore.

I look back down, taking Tyler’s face in my hands. I kiss him, deeply and passionate because I need him to know just how much I love him.

He breaks away, and I open my eyes.

What I see shocks me. “Tyler?”

He shakes his head, knocking my hands away to wipe at his face.

The rain had stopped, but water is falling down his face, tears.


He shakes his head again, looking up at me. “I love you Caleb Danvers, forever.”

I smile at him, concern in my smile. “I love you and I’m so happy that you love me back, okay?”

I brush my lips gently across his. “Happy tears?”

He smiles, a brilliant smile that lights up my world. “Yeah, happy tears.”


Written for R_O_K on lj.  Love them.   Smile

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