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by NegativeZero

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A little Halloween poem.... enjoy!!!! Buuwaahhahahaha!!!!

Haunted castles and shadow mists,
Demon's guard the devil's pits,
Hallows Eve has come at last,
As we hide ourselves underneath a mask,
Witches roam free on Hallows nyte,
While werewolves howl to take a bite,
Ghouls and goblins prepare to feast,
Roasting children for them to eat,
Vampires blend within the crowd,
As they stroll on in to town,
No one knows but they are there,
Waiting, watching for whom to scare,
Careful kids or you'll be next,
"Missing Child" will be your news context,
And when you awaken you'll know its true,
Monsters exist like me and you,
And when you scream no ears will hear,
Cuz Halloween comes only once each year.

© 2004 TimZ

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