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drabble 30 the embrace

by Kichi

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Drabble for 0-DBZ-Fanfiction@yahoogroups.com. B/V

TITLE: The Embrace
SUMMARY: set before the androids during that three year gap.
WARNINGS: blood.. If that's a problem for someone (wussie)
NOTES: I read a poem that made me want to do this, but the fanfic that followed was just WAY too OOC.
WORDS: 309

She awoke with a start as she heard a door slam. Her eyes were drifting shut again when she head another strange noise. It almost sounded like a moan and then she was out of bed and hurrying down the hall to the stairs. She shivered as cold air from an open window raced over her body. She hadn't even thought to put a robe on and was clad in only panties and tiny white tank top. It didn't matter. She had to find out what was going on-
Vegeta stood at the bottom of the stairs gasping for breath. His left eyebrow was black with blood and two thin rivulets drew stark trails down the side of his face. A similar wound covered one shoulder and the arm that hung uselessly beneath it was covered in blood. Her eyes followed the trail that led to the door of tiny spots of darkness on the carpet; now a bluish grey in the darkness. His eyes were closed and his back was braced against the wall. She could see the blood dripping from between his clenched fingers.
She suddenly felt a wave of pain clench her heart. He was trying so damn hard! Had she ever tried for anything so hard in her life? To sweat and bleed for it countless times? She made her way down to him and touched his face where only sweat covered his skin.
He recoiled in shock and his head hit the wall.
"It's only me." she said softly. His eyes narrowed and he relaxed slightly. Then he sighed and leaned back against the wall, his eyes sliding shut again. He was too exhausted to do much else. He jumped again as she pressed herself to him, her arms winding around his waist.
After a moments hesitation he released the wall and clung to her.

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