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Proof Of My Existance

by soojinyeh

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If I were to die now, I'd want some sort of record of my being more than anything else. A collection of songs I wrote from ages 13-17, in order. Well, the ones I found decent enough to publish.

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Chapter 1, Dear God

Dear God

Dear God, are you there?
I have a lot of doubts
Questions I have about you but
One thing I know for sure
I don’t wanna go to hell when I die
I gotta be a soldier
Wiper the tears from my eyes
Cause you can’t make yourself
Believe something that don’t make sense to you

Are you there, God?
It’s Soojin again
Sometimes I’m mad at you
And I don’t know what to do
Are you there, God?
It’s Soojin again
Sometimes I have hard days
But all I want is to turn out okay

Dear God, can you hear?
One thing that I fear is that
Some people aren’t in a place
Where they can hear about Jesus
They can never see is face or hear his name
And for them it’s not the same
Is it fair that they should go to hell
Cause no one told them about Jesus?


I feel like Christianity
People believe it only
Cause they’re scared to go to hell
Can you hear me?


A/N: The first song I ever wrote...brings back memories.

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