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Child Love

by Jereth Nian

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wrote this for a girl in our GSA. She was going to come out to her parents.

Child of Winter,

Child of Winter,

Your heart is a flower,

A rose in the bud,

There are many who would cut it,

So that it would never flower,

But it shall always be your choice,

To let them or to fight,

Remember love shall always find a way,

Child of the soul,

Your future is uncertain,

But it shall always remain,

A distant light,

A beacon of hope,

The paths are yours to choose,

Be strong.

Child of the Hope,

You shall be ours,

In the endless bitter fields,

You shall find safety here,

You shall know warmth here,

The day is long, but when night comes,

You will find a family in us,

We shall forever be with you.

Daughter of Promise,

Your mother is the Earth,

And even as all else passes on,

Remember the world,

Know we are meant to be happy,

We are each of us unique,

And you will never be truly alone,

Know that everyone is your equal.

Daughter of the world,

Happiness comes to few early on,

For we don't truly know what it is,

Till we have lived to our best,

Concern yourself with the earth, not spirits,

For she has shown you true beauty,

Because you are beautiful,

Be happy knowing you are you.

Daughter of love,

Be strong in your belief in yourself,

Know we are all here for you,

The ones who won't accept you don't deserve you,

And even though some will hurt you,

Love shall always find a way,

You are a beautiful person,

Take courage Dear Heart,

For all things worthwhile are built upon it.

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