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A Blue Moon

by Angelicatt

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unrequited love


It may look like just a blue piece of glass shaped liked a crescent moon
Worn down by endless days and nights of ocean's waves
Wrapped in silver, it hangs on my neck
A constant reminder of my feelings for you

Cobalt in color, strong and bold
Noble and fierce but never cold
I hold it in my hand wishing it could absorb
All the emotions that cloud my heart
Whenever you cross my mind

As days go by, it happens more and more
I dare not remove it, for fear
That it will break open the seal, the control
That keeps me from telling and showing
Just how much I really do love you

When you are near me, I'm flustered and meek
I restrain from sounding defensive
When really it's that I don't know how to talk to you
Away from the hustle of work
Of everything and anything not to do with food

I may never be able to share all of this with you
At least I have my blue heart, held close to my own
Knowing that it will last as long as my love

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