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I Don't Want to Care...

by DemonEmpress666

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I was bummed when I wrote this. I don't think it's good.. poetry isn't my thing, but comments are welcome. It's about friendship, love and whatever is in between.

I don't want to care about missing the world, or care if the world misses me.

I want to lie in my bed all day long and think of how things used to be.
I'll curl up all snug under the covers and dream dreams that were never true.
I say I don't want anything at all, but deep down I really want you.
I'll never confess or profess my feelings, just keep them held up inside.
But all I've been dreaming is you, and that's all thats been keeping me alive.
So here I am lying in my bed while you're out there with who knows who.
I hope your having fun, while I sit here lonely, alone feeling like a complete fool.
We agreed it was impossible, you and I. That's why you're moving on.
So young we are. Such a short time since we met, it hasn't even been long!
Tears take a long stroll down my cheeks, to my chin, down my neck.
Inside my heart still beats somehow. However I can feel it.. It's a complete wreck.
I wait for you to call, I wait for your text. Just so we can talk about nothing.
I'm waiting, and waiting for anything at all, anything... just give me something.
I know how this story goes. I've been here already. We lose touch, you forget how before we were.
Why would I allow myself to do this again? I remember how last time it hurt.
The days will go by, and you'll forget about me. In the back of your mind is where I'll dwell.
But I will always remember the fun times, the exciting times, but mostly the tears that fell.
We weren't in love, not even close. But what we could have been we'll never know.
Not a chance given to us, the young and the hopeless. I lie in my bed with nothing to show.
And so, I don't want to care about missing the world, not even a little bit.
The world did not care about me enough to give me a chance. I guess I'm not fit.
And I know in my heart the world would miss me, but I won't care now.
For I have no hope, no chance, no soul anymore. I'll stay in my bed. That is my vow.


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