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by CorystaRose

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KH: Birth By Sleep drabble - they were taking a break from training, so why did they get caught kissing in the kitchen?

"So this is where you ended up," Eraqus said to his two apprentices, having walked into the kitchen and caught them kissing when they were supposed to just go get some water before going back to training. "I was wondering what was taking the two of you so long."

Fourteen-year-old Aqua and fifteen-year-old Terra jerked around and stared at their master, both teens blushing up a storm. "U..uh..sorry Master..." Aqua stammered, spinning around and grabbing her glass before just staring into it absolutely mortified, her blue hair framing her bright red face. Terra stepped over by the fridge and just stared at the wall beside him, trying to get rid of his own blush as he ran a hand through his brown hair.

"Finish your water and get back to training you two," Eraqus said as he turned to leave the kitchen. Once he was gone, Aqua looked aside at Terra, rubbing her face with her free hand to kill the blush.

"Least it wasn't Master Xehanort that caught us," Terra mumbled as he grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge. "Would have been worse."

"True," Aqua said as she drained her glass of water. "Um...come on let's go, we can figure this out later, right?"

Terra nodded and headed back to the training hall, Aqua right behind him.

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