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Twilight: The Day the School Sparkled

by kat716

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Someone told the school paper that Bella likes sparkly guys. What will her would-be suitors do to get her attention?

Chapter 1, Prologue

The Day the School Sparkled


The Day the School Sparkled





Thank God it's Friday.


 The thought went `round and round in Bella's head. This had been one of the worst weeks she had experienced since starting at her new school. She'd had a killer Biology test on Monday, her truck had gotten a flat on the way home Wednesday, and today they'd had a pop quiz in history - complete with essay. She wasn't holding out hope for a good grade on that one.


 “Oh, Be-lla!” Her friend Richard came skipping up beside her. “You're going the wrong way. It's the first Friday of the month. Aren't you going to stop by the cafeteria and get the school paper?”


“No. I don't care.”


“Aha! That's because you've never read it! A Forkful of Fun represents the combined wisdom and culture of the entire high school. How could you possible resist?” He winked at her. “I even contributed a review about that new Stephanie Meyer book. You don't want to hurt my feelings, do you?”


 “Look, I'm in a bad mood, and I think her books are ridiculous so I don't need to read a review.” She rolled her eyes when Richard pouted. “I'll get one on Monday, okay? And I'll make sure to pay special attention to your book review.”


“Great!” After dispensing a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, Richard was off - presumably to fetch his paper - leaving Bella in peace to make her way home.


The parking lot -- usually jam-packed on Fridays -- was nearly empty of students. “You can't tell me they all went to get that darned paper.” She said as she drove past the parked cars. “I mean, really, how many people actually read that thing anyway?” Shaking her head at her fellow students' foibles, she pulled out onto the highway and continued home. “Whatever. It's not like it has anything to do with me anyway.”



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