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Twilight Drabble - Grey

by kat716

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One of the drawbacks to being a vampire.

Drabble: Prompt - Grey (I did this one before I switched prompt lists)


Author's note: Hey, guess what I don't own? Yes, yes, lots of things. But the relevant answer here is Twilight. It's not mine. I just use it for my own entertainment. (And maybe yours)


Drabble: Prompt - Grey




Sure, there were drawbacks to being a vampire, but she didn't mind most of them.


She didn't mind changing her name, or hairstyle.


Okay, so she went to High School over and over, but it was it was a good way to stay modern. She wasn't going to be one of those throwbacks who ran around in period clothing and shunned technology. She liked the internet.


She didn't mind moving every decade. In fact, she liked it. She liked meeting new people and exploring new places.


Her problem was the Sparkling.


Just once, she wished they could move someplace sunny.



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