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Zaruki is the most recent person to escape Orochimaru. And plans to get to the leaf village through any means.

     "Wake up Zaruki," Kidomaru hissed as he shook me awake. "C'mon get your butt up right now Zaruki," he said and I opened one emerald green eye.


     "What Kidomaru," I said sitting up and pushing shoulder length black hair out of my eyes. He handed me my sword.


      "We're going on a mission. This is your time to get out of here and meet up with Naomi at the Hidden leaf village." He said to me. "This may be your only chance so leave as soon as we do."


       "What about Natsu," I asked knowing that if I made a run for it he'd be the one I'd have to go against to get to the hidden leaf. And though he's my best friend he would not hesitate to kill me.


       "You'd better go full out if you don't want to have to fight Natsu," Kidomaru told me. "But if you two do fight then don't let it last long. Do what you have to do." He left. And when they went on the mission I left quickly, running tree to tree and then landing on the ground and slowing to a walk.


        I tilted my head, barely dodging a well placed kunai. Natsu landed and leaped into the air. He was pretty fast and I had to activate my sharingan to keep up with his movements. I arched my upper body forward and leaped into the air after Natsu.


        I slammed him in a tree and he kicked me away but I was up fast and ran to him quickly. He threw shuriken, but I took out my sword and deflected them off it's silver blade and put it back. I kicked and he dodged. Then I ran up the tree and jumped off. My feet smashed into his face and I jumped off of him.


        His fist caught my face and I stammered back but kept on my feet. He took advantage of this and landed a good four body shots. I took the back of his head and bashed it into the tree. Then he took out his sword and thrust it, and I knew it was life or death. It was time to finish this.


        "Fire style: Fire ball jutsu!!" Flames engulfed Natsu, and when they disappeared all that was left was his sword. I picked it up and continued my jorney


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