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Epsies Dine Out

by Kharthina

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Epsilons have an appetite for xenomorphs. Cyrnoh has a taste for royalty. Written for a friend, who is the creator of the Epsilons, part of the Aliens universe, hence the fan fiction tag.

--Notes: The Epsilons are mutated adult forms of xenomorphs. Credit for their design, attributes, and creation belong to their respective creator. Cyrnoh is credit to both he and I, as she is a collaborative character. Yes, she is insane. Most of them are.--


Slurp. Sluuuuurp.
A long tongue darted at the flower-petal opening of the egg, the petals still tightly closed against the invader, or at least were attempting to stay that way.
The appendage, as prehensile as the creature's worming tail, writhed against the slit in the crown of the egg, muscle bulging with the effort before being awarded its goal, tongue slipping in to taste at it's contents. A sweet royal egg, thickly laden with mucous and a tinge of royal jelly, such a treat. Something stirred deep inside the large egg, lashing violently, helpless against the strange intrusion. Annoyed with the rebuttal, the creature frowned some around her open mouth, her clawed fingers digging at the crease of the egg's crown as she delved further, making almost playful attempts at spearing the spider-like creature within, barbs flaring out to injure.
Feisty thing, she mused, her teeth baring in a grin as it squealed in pain, it's own brand of blood spurting from a wound, mixing in a deadly cocktail with the loose tissue and fluids surrounding it as it continued to thrash.
A simply delicious cocktail.
Would have made an equally delicious member of the royal caste, but alas, no such luck for this one.
Giggling softly, she stabbed at the writhing facehugger repeatedly until there was no more movement from the squirming, desperate, creature.
Audibly continuing her prized meal, she seated herself comfortably and pulled the egg into her lap, tail coiling and whirling with a mind of its own as her slender fingers pried the egg completely open. The outer shell made an organic squish as she folded the petals back gingerly, her mischievous, hungry eyes narrowing with glee. The scent of acid, royal jelly, and something strangely akin to semen wafted from the violated egg, permeating her delicate senses and bringing warm saliva to her grinning, toothy maw in anticipation. Again, her tongue slipped languidly from between her rows of razor-tipped teeth as she huddled over her prize, nearly letting a soft moan in the sheer ecstasy of the taste while she slowly savored this rare meal, tongue writhing and gently lapping at the mixture of thick fluids, occasionally dragging long strands of tissue neatly into her jaws.
For a moment, she almost wished she had waited to maul the juvenile this time, but shrugged off the second thought, deciding it had been far too much fun to toy with it when it had been so helpless. Besides, it would have been just as tasty either way, she thought with a giggle, reaching her bony hands into what little remained of the vat and pulling free the mangled, curled form of the giant facehugger. What a special creature this one was, she mused with another malicious giggle before holding it daintily above the open egg by it's serpentine tail and giving it a good bouncing as she hummed cheerily to herself.
"Little queen, tasty queen, mmmhmm, food for me." Her voice traveled almost nowhere, merely on her breath as she continued her sing-song nonsensically, playing with the carcass and obviously amused, a grin plastered to her thin lips and her lithe form swaying carelessly.
Another of her unsettling giggles before she tossed the stiff body into the air and caught it again, her grasp rough as she abruptly tore into the more fleshy underside of the creature with her jaws, growling tenaciously. Ripping a large mouthful from the carcass, the sound was almost like tearing cloth, and with the quick wrench of her neck, just as effortless. What should have burned her did not: extremely acidic blood spewing from the large gash onto her and the egg still stationed lovingly in her lap, but all she did was manage a faint, debatably sincere pout at the mess as she barely bothered chewing, simply swallowing the mouthful whole with another slurp.

"Mmn, yummy, yes, very." She muttered and nodded to no one, swishing her tail merrily as she went for another bite, this time chomping into the hard chitin with impossibly hardy teeth. "Like...candy, yes. Hard candy..." her soft voice trailed, muffled by the mastication of chitin as she chewed with an open mouth.

Suddenly stopping for a moment, she sat upright, her head tilted as though alert and listening for something, the rest of her form falling still as well, half chewed mouthful bulging from her cheek. A scrabbling. Very faint, almost too faint for even her senses to know. Unmistakably the sound of claws against metal, also a sound she would not afford sticking around to make certain of the source. Regretfully, it also meant she would not finish her meal. Dropping what was left of the facehugger unceremoniously and tossing the egg from her lap, she darted into inky shadows, clinging to the darkness as she scrambled away.


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