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ShadowKnil's Soul

by ShadowKnil

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Chapter 1, Sorrow

Days pass, and still my mind drifts back to you and me,
No longer can my body stand it. It has to see you once more.
Deciphering my thoughts, always hiding them. But its you I see,
Newfound lives sometimes come from old, but mostly from sores.
Buckling only to your face, needing to be with you,
Calling for you, understanding that I was wrong. You are missed.
Breaking my heart, I try to cope, knowing all to well I won't do,
Creating a rift in my mind, because I'm always trying to be kissed.
Allowing myself some new life, but never allowing it to move on,
Openly thinking of our lives, seeing how perfect it really was.
Appauling is the way that I tried to hide the fact you're gone,
Obscuring the fact that I did it all just because.
Lightly, I tried to move your memories, realizing that I'm lost,
Plaguing my mind is the guild. Regreting that I did it.
Letting myself take the blame, I now truly see the cost,
Prying my thoughts, trying to remember every little bit.
Forgetting all of the happy times in that one single second,
Sentencing myself to a life with out you who isn't a bother.
Fully understanding what a soulmate was, I have begun to beckon,
Saying then what I didn't mean. Telling you that we don't love each other.
Everyday I hate myself for that stupid decision,
Understanding how true love really works. Its so complex.
Eluding the lies that I try to believe. It was all my condition,
Uplifting my spirits seeing your face. Love's all in context.
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