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Forever Strange

by thedarkestrealms

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A Poem about myself in general. A Gothic Kid, also know as strange, twisted, i am a very weird kid.


Inside the mind of a teenage freak,


Look very carefully, your gonna have to seek,


The things inside that tight fully bind,


The sparks and Wires that are carefully twisted inside.


The masterpiece that was carefully created


The skull and neckline, 


Which was rightfully straightened.


The Eyes aligned left and right,


The Nose and lips were softly painted ever so bright.


The Legs were carefully inserted into the hipbone.


Left there to dry and then tight fully sown.


Stood up to see what was designed,


The creator had seen what had not yet been combined.


The arms where plastered, and forced right in.


What was created will now be living in down right sin.


A photo was taken,


And was ever so deranged.


Deep within the soul


Will be forever strange.

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