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if i could feel

by tainted shadow

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If I could feel

you always stole the pain from me
holding me still
to see me breath
you liked to steel the fear inside
to start the flames I held inside

I can't believe the way I feel
Slashing the flesh inside my peal
The sorrow
The gilt
Removed by steel

I hope to find what makes me bleed
To release the fear
And hate in me

Why did I try to except your ways?
Blood and pain is within me today
You gave it all
you had to give
The hate
The pain
The fear would slip

You gave me all the twists and turns
The screams
The tears
The scars to heal

And if I could feel the rain today
I'd paint the sky silver to color you out
To black you out
Remove your doubts
Confuse your shouts

I hope we soon meat our end
For to day is new
and begins and ends

If I could feel
Your skin touch mine
The blade pressed firm
Your body in mine

I'd feel every thing I need to feel
The pain
the shame
the need to feel

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