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Blind Date

by HimeNaya

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The morning goes slowly as the train travels to the city. She looks in the mirror again, "I hope he thinks I look pretty." A poem of a Blind Date (true story, lol)

She sat on the train, anxious as hell.
Thinking of him as she picked on her nails.
"What if he doesn't like me? What if I seem strange?
He seemed sweet online, but some people can change."
The morning goes slowly as the train travels to the city.
She looks in the mirror again, "I hope he thinks I look pretty."
When she gets to the city she hears word he'll be late.
She figures she'll walk, still nervous about this blind date.

Her mother always told her online dating was a risk.
She heard it over and over again, like a broken disk.
"Meet in a public area! Make sure you are safe!"
Her mother is a bit protective, that's always the case.
But as a young adult, She felt she was ready.
To start dating guys and maybe "go steady".

Another text comes in, he says he'll be 40 minutes late.
He hit traffic along the way so she knew she would have to wait.
Walking towards the Wharf didn't seem like a bad idea.
She just gazed at all the shops as well as the pizzerias.
"Should I have really worn this outfit? It isn't anything fancy.
Maybe the tight jeans and black boots were a little chancy."
She shakes the thought from her head and focuses on her walk.
Trying to remain positive as she avoided looking at her clock.

"Things will be fine", she said to herself.
"All you can do is make sure you be true to yourself"
He said she was pretty through webcam and her pictures.
A face can be pretty but he hadn't seen her figure.
"What if he thinks I'm chubby? What if he gets on my nerves?
Then again that's doubtful, he said he liked curves."
As time passed by she found herself on a bench.
anxiety was getting to her as she felt her stomach begin to clench.

Her stomach was all knotted yet the excitement was there.
She tried to remain seated, finding it hard to sit still in that chair.
But he had already shown up and was standing at her side.
Flowers in his hands as their lips collide.
Perhaps it was sudden and caught him off guard
but he soon felt relaxed and quickly they both fell hard.
Memories were made and love came so quickly.
They found it hard to be apart, otherwise they would feel sickly.

Sometimes he'll ask "Why did you choose me?"
She just smiles at him and replies with glee.
"You love me unconditionally and treat me like a princess.
You take me as I am and I no longer need to impress.
You've become my companion, let's face it, I'm stuck to you like glue.
Everything in my life is perfect because in the end, my world is you."

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