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Big Band Sound

by gfriend

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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A description of music using color and sound


Big Band Sound

Vibrant redmagentavioletcrimsonorangegold in the bababidibadadumbadum saxeytrumpet.

Soft blueindigoviolet fast in the tatatataptatatatapping snare.

Rich goldenbrownhoneywarmdeepmerlot of the woman's croone.

Dark marroonmidnightchestnuteggplant thrum-thruming cello.

Dancing rainbowbsparkelingbright dodelo-dodelo piano keys.

Metallic brassysharp kakakakrash-sh-shing cymbals.

Smattering charcoallightshadowed applause.

Waving limecitronchartreuselemon quick conducting.

Warm redgolddarkblue lighting.

Smokey mutedgraybrownearthydark atmosphere.

Sudden lightbrightsoftvibrantrichdarkdancingmetallicsmatteringwavingwarmsmokey redmagentavioletcrimsonorangegoldblueindigovioletgoldenwarmhoneydeepmerlotdeepbrownmarroonmidnightchestnuteggplantrainbowsparkelingbrightbrassysharpcharcoallightshadowedlimecitronchartreuselemonredgolddarkbluemutedgraybrown bababidibadadumbadumtatatataptatatatappingcroonethrum-thrummingdodelo-dodelokakakakrash-sh-shingquick of the saxeytrumpetsnarewoman'scroonecellopianokeyscymbalsapplauseconductinglightingatmosphere big band sound.

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