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Soundtrack of My Life

by ranyday285

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Just a collection of songs and the occasional poem that I've written over the past while.

Chapter 1, The First Set

Score: 2-1, Heather's Winning

I'm wasting away and you're moving onward

betrayal's a beautiful thing

and I'm an addict, you liar


I confuse love and pain

but I'm not keeping score

no pretending anymore



Ignorance is bliss

you'll get the better end of this

I'm far too aware of your trigger

is this the best you could do?

you've got nothing left to prove

this is a collision


And I cannot sleep with the lights on

if only I could hit the switch

I'm wide awake and going crazy

being driven completely insane

my conscience is out of control

I want desperately to stop my breathing

but I know you'd still be leaving




I remember sunny weather

I remember better days

you were my future, my forever

my bad habits and good ways

you know I regret you

you know I'll forget...




I'm losing sleep but you're moving onward

too bad I can't hit the lights

and I'm addicted to your betrayal

you're driving me out of my mind

but I'm an addict

awake and crazy



Ignorance is bliss

you'll get the better end of this

this is a collision

stop my breathing

you keep leaving

you are my collision


I'm addicted


I regret you

I regret you

I'll forget...



I Know Nothing

I close my eyes

count to ten

hold a breath

and try my best

to calm the beating in my chest

and dodge my growing guilt


I can't control

how my thoughts spin

and twirl about

I know I've lost

tripped; you were the cost

now the voices in my head won't stop



Say what I can

it's not enough

don't speak a thing

silence is too much

"write what you know"

I'd write for you all day

and you'd still walk away

just goes to show

what do I know?


I feel them stare

and I can't breathe

try to ignore

you were the best of me

I can't survive, only bleed

until I'm all bled out




If I screamed at the top of my lungs for a thousand days

all of the words that I knew how to say

or I wrote you a letter hundreds of pages long

all about how I was wrong

you'd still walk away

'cause I don't know enough to make you stay

my words fail me now




I know nothing at all

make me feel so small

my words are just not enough

and my silences too much

I must know nothing

no, nothing at all

when words are all I can do

and I still lose you

then I fail me now

I must know nothing at all




I must know nothing at all

I must be nothing at all

I'm nothing at all

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