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Praxidikae:The Bane of Discord

by mange

Libraries: Action, Fantasy, Original Fiction

Published on / 12 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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Once upon a time, an Angel decided that she would eradicate the world's chaos with her own hands. This is the story of her mission.

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Chapter 1, Prologue

~A note: I wrote this story a couple years ago.  I don't think it's very good by my current standards.  It's mostly unedited, has several incongruities and a plot that's rather unstable.  That being said, I don't want critiques; I'm not planning on editing it any further.  This is just to satiate some boredom. Thank you.~



          In the lives of every person, there is a time when each must finally come to grips with what they’re given with.  There is one moment wherein suddenly, the world is not a perfect circle; some odd factor has glared out from the darkness rendering all of the rainbows and rose-tints useless.  And everyone is faced with the choice.  They can deal with their own malevolence, overcome it and surpass it, adapting to the ways and idiocies of the world.  Or they can let themselves be swept into the chaos; succumb to it and become one with it until it bleeds out of their tears.  And it is the latter of these people that I have chosen to eliminate.  Those who aren’t strong enough to resist are the bruises of the planet—merely weak points and nothing better—upon which eradication is completely necessary. 
                I came to this conclusion while standing on the roof of that storehouse.  I stared out at the screaming city across the river, watched its fake lights and street lamps buzz with no rhyme about them.  And it became clear to me what I was to do now that I was here; why there was a sword in my hand, what I would use it for.  But, I needed to plan.  I needed to rise up out of the dust and filth and become the realm’s judge.  With all the others upholding their nonexistent order and justice, I resolved to be the vigilante of Mearcol.  I would be the salvation.  I would be the peace-bringer.

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