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When I Was Dead

by hitagashi

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Something I wrote originally for a DM/BRS comic but turned into a Chack poem. Can be read without knowledge of the fandom though.

When I was dead
I lost my head
All on a summer's day.

Into my glory
The path was gory
But your heartbeat lit the way.

Through the forest of frost
And a sickness for a cost
I desired to see you stay.

When blood boils
And darkness foils
Tell me what you will say.

For a single smile
I'd walk a mile
I'd kill all enternity
To make you lovely.

I'd walk through daggers
And even stagger
To get to your doorstep
To make my word kept.

My world may decay
But now come what may
I will never hurry
To keep you from fury.

Tell me what ails you
And what I can I will do
And hold you close to me
For as long as we can be....

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