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Legend of Zelda:Stones of Destiny (Past)

by ShadowKnil

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Series

Published on / 58 Chapter(s) / 0 Review(s)

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Link's quest for his histroy now begins with the search for the Guardian Stones. They will lead him to his destiny.

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Chapter 20, A-Banshee-Ment

At the end of the hallway, Link saw a huge ghost-like apparition floating on top of a large vase. " Welcome, Link. I am glad to see you found your way here to me and you are still alive. Now I can teach you a lesson for destroying my brothers, as they didn't deserve to die to the likes of your kind. Now die pathetic human." The figure said to Link. The figure also revealed its name to be Banshee. It started to shriek and Link had to cover his ears as the sound was deafening. The battle between the monster and Link was going to be the hardest for Link so far as this monster displayed no weaknesses to him. Then Link saw it, the vase was chipped in one part. He readied a couple of bombs and tossed them so that they would blow up and damage the spot even more. It worked because after ten hits the vase was history and the monster became more solid. Now Link's sword could damage the foul beast. One hit after another Link gave the monster until it fell with its final shriek. It bubbled and popped as it evaporated into the air. When all was said and done, Link had a whole lot of wounds to tend to because the monster had attacked him while it was vulnerable to his sword. Link quickly nursed his wounds and went to the heart container and grabbed it. He felt his body being revitalized as he was absorbing the heart container. He ran to the now familiar pedestal and grabbed the Stone. Then he made his way to the shining light and was transported back to the town of Cardon. Before Link could breathe the fresh air the spirit, which he saw before, started to speak to him. "Congratulations Hero you have proven to me that you are the Hero of Destiny. Now please take this glass bottle. Our very own blacksmith, Grisgold, crafted it. Now remember if you need any thing that can be crafted form metal, ore, or glass come to this town and go to the blacksmith building. It is the one that still stands and isn't charred or burned. I thought you might like to know that the next town is to the west of Desra. Don't go yet, though. I have another thing to give you, our town warp ring. The gem is diamond because diamond is transparent in a way, thus signifying a ghost town." He gave Link the items that he promised him, a finely crafted bottle and the diamond warp ring.
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